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Problems solved: clogging, leaking and simply not working garbage disposal

There are many qualitative, useful and modern disposers on the market. They are present in almost every home. All of them have lots of advantages and therefore people purchase them.

But there are situations when something stops working. And in such cases, don’t even think to give up as repairing your super-cool garbage disposal may take only a few minutes or even less. Take a look and the following issues that consumers face, maybe they will help you now if you experience the same or in the future.

Clogging, leaking and simply not working garbage disposal

Unclogging process

Clogging and leaking are two main problems that happen with disposers. The reasons for clogging can be different starting from the idea that every person can accidently drop something and finishing with the point that the chamber should never be overloaded with wastes. When you decide to grind the wastes, don’t forget to ALWAYS turn the COLD water on. The strong flow of cold water will let the wastes/garbage go through the blades and pipes without difficulties and also cold water will keep the unit in a cool condition.

Apart from this you have to know which things you should NEVER put in the disposal:

1066409fibrous foods, coffee grounds

1066409eggshells, potato skin, bones

1066409rubber, metal, glass


When this problem happens with your “grinding wastes helper”, don’t worry or panic and don’t rush to call the plumber to fix it for you. Watch this video and you will see that this issue can be solved by following 7 simple steps. Moreover, you will save your money:

Leaking issue

Leaking is a very serious problem. It doesn’t happen often, that’s why not everyone knows how to cope with it without a plumber. The reasons for leaking can be the following:

  • the gasket between the garbage disposal connector in the sink
  • it could be between the locking ring from the disposer to the connector
  • it could be the drain coming from the dishwasher
  • the unit hasn’t been installed in the right way
  • pipes connection

As soon as you face this situation you start looking through and rereading the reviews searching for the answer. There would not be any problem for me to describe the process of repairing, but I’m sure that visual effect is much better and therefore I advise you to watch this video (it will 10 percent help you either now or in the future):

Garbage disposal doesn’t turn on? we know the way out

When your disposer doesn’t work, the factors for this can vary. Let’s look at the most widespread ones:

proscheck the plug. Take the plug out and replant it into another one or the same. On the outlet/socket can be two plugs – one can be what is called “hot” plug and it is on all the time and another can be attached to the switch on top and it can be turned on and off the power

proscheck the power in the kitchen, it may go off without you mentioning it especially during the day when you don’t use the light.

prosSome item can be down the disposal and it, of course, stops the unit from working

prosCheck the reset buttons (made for safety). Press them and see the result.

These are the possible factors which don’t let your disposer work and consequently cause you problems and stress. In order to fix it, follow the instructions in the following video.

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