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Philips Sonicare Airfloss HX8211/02

Philips Sonicare HX8211/02 Airfloss rechargeable electric flosserAirfloss is the finest and simplest to apply water flosser by Philips. It works by using microburst technologies that can thoroughly clean entire oral cavity in just half a minute. Perhaps it is not as great as Waterpik concerning effectiveness, yet it provides a better consumer experience and it is ideal for traveling. Sonicare HX8211/02 Aifloss is a fascinating flosser provided by Philips. It’s probably the most enjoyable to use teeth devices worldwide and it helps make flossing as simple as it can get. Its microburst system works by using bursts of pressurised air and also tiny droplets of water (or mouthwash) to rinse away tooth plaque and germs between your teeth and also the gum line quickly and properly.



Philips Sonicare HX8211/02 Airfloss Review


  • Quite simple to work with (1-button operation)
  • Eliminates up to 5 times more tooth plaque compared to manual toothbrushing only
  • Delicate to gums (enhances their overall health in less than two weeks of frequent use)
  • Trustworthy corporation (Philips is among the finest manufacturers for oral hygiene solutions worldwide)
  • Particularly advised for consumers with brackets, implants, orthodontics as well as veneers
  • Transportable and handy model
  • A lot less messy as compared to Waterpik
  • Quick (auto-burst function washes whole oral cavity in only half a minute)
  • Lithium batteries (holds up to two weeks with a one charge)


  • Does not live up to effectiveness specifications by Waterpik
  • Over average cost


In case you’re one of those consumers that don’t like to floss since it is simply too monotonous and time-consuming, then you definitely have to consider of purchasing a suitable water flosser that is really fun to make use of and results in a incredible feeling of freshness following each usage. Having over two hundred positive opinions on, Philips Sonicare Airfloss basically may well be the perfect one for you.

How will it function?

Sonicare Airfloss works by using pressurised air and tiny droplets of water (or maybe mouthwash) for eliminating plaque as well as germs. The flow of pressurized air and fluid rushes at the speed of around 45 mls per hr, yet it’s far more delicate as it would seem. This trademarked microburst technological innovation is clinically tested to clear away up to 5 times more oral plaque on hard-to-reach zones between your teeth compared to any manual toothbrush.

Aitfloss is on the list of simplest to apply and quickest water flossers available. Using its auto-burst function, cleanup of entire oral cavity takes just half a minute. Just hold down 1 button and then Airfloss will instantly burst air and water droplets every single second. As soon as consumers get adjusted to this method, flossing will become enjoyable and quick.

Waterpik versus Airfloss evaluation

If we do a comparison of the two models, we cannot definitely point out which product is better. Each of those is top rated dental care solution brand, and the two have been around for over thirty years. Waterpik is more recognized for the water flossers yet Philips is taking over the electric toothbrush industry.

If we check out all the statistics and characteristics in writing, Waterpik has to be an apparent winner. More various options, more recommendations better efficiency. Nevertheless, Airfloss possesses some significant benefits that just cannot be ignored.

Airfloss is handier for traveling and provides better customer experience. It does not make use of as much liquid as Waterpik, which is a great deal messier plus you cannot take it all over when traveling except if you take an additional bag during the trip.


Sonicare Airfloss is a simple and enjoyable to apply dental device. Even though it does not live up to Waterpik specifications in effectiveness, it is easily transportable and a lot more fun to make use of. This is what tends to make it one of the greatest alternate options to Waterpik as well as number 1 selection of numerous consumers that choose easiness of usage and mobility more than supreme effectiveness.