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Philips Sonicare Essence 5300

Philips Sonicare Essence power toothbrushIf you are not going to spend a fortune on such a hygiene item as a toothbrush and at the same time get all benefits from it, your choice is Sonicare Essence 5300. You can enjoy its functions for the price with a considerable discount while your mind is satisfied with the thought that you made a great buy.This survey is about Sonicare Essence 5300, a bit old fashioned but still useful toothbrush from models of Sonicare. It is well equipped with productive features necessary to support neatness and hygiene in your mouth. This brush is guaranteed to reach with its bristle the most distant and complicated parts of your mouth thanks to the authentic angled design and progressive sonic technology. Continue to read this review to become familiar with all details of this full review.



Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 Review

Main traits of Sonicare Essence 5300

My tradition is to post a good video of the product, which illustrates its functions for the customer, so you could see what it is in general and then start reading the core of the survey. I haven’t managed to find a good quality video for this product up to now, but still basic features of Sonicare Essence 5300are clearly seen there. As always there will be a full record of detailed features and its exhaustive description.

Sonicare Essence 5300 Survey

Potent but soft technology from Sonic. Outstanding might of 31 thousand pulsations in a minute is controlled and ruled by the advanced Sonicare technology created to keep your mouth and all organs inside it clean and neat. These frequent motions rinse narrow spaces between teeth and along gum and teeth line making your mouth much cleaner than it could be when you use just a manual toothbrush.

Careful and Handy. Bristles of the Sonicare Essence 5300 are contoured and designed specially as well as angle neck of the brush to repeat lines of the teeth to provide you with a thorough brushing not leave any surface unclean.

The ergonomically designed angle of the toothbrush brings the bristles directly to the narrow cervices and caves between the teeth cleaning them neatly. The bristles themselves are very mild, gentle, and their tops are rounded, they softly massage the gums and remove dental plaque from the teeth.

Easy Touch. Your brushing will be the easiest you have ever experienced. It is the Sonic technology, which made it possible. You should not apply heavy pressure when you brush, it works itself as a magic wand. You just direct it where you need it magic touch make everything clean.

Start with Ease. When you try something new, it takes time your body and mind to accustom to it. The same is about an electric toothbrush. Developers of Sonicare took this peculiarity into consideration and created the feature of habit-forming, insensitivity of vibration increases gradually from low to full power during first 12 usages. A good feature!

Smart Timer. Dentists advise cleaning teeth during two minutes. With Sonicare you will easily follow this recommendation and added a small timer, which shows you that the time you brushed is enough. This attractive trait releases your mind from the thought: “When necessary two minutes are over?” and makes everything automatic giving you also cleaner mouth!

Powerful  Battery. After you have charged the battery for 24 hours, the brush will serve you as long as two weeks if you use it two times a day during two minutes each time. When the battery is getting low, you will be informed about it by a small indicator. It is a very handy toothbrush for travels, meaning this Sonicare added a nice travel case to the set.

A Sonicare Essence 5300 Survey

I begin this survey of Sonicare Essence 5300 from summarizing some Amazon customers testimonials and their opinions about the product in general. Taking whole all 1,300 surveys I can conclude that the toothbrush is undoubtedly very popular. But what strikes is the number of positive remarks, over 1,050 of clients rated it between four and five stars. This number definitely prevails over the number of customers who rated it between three and four stars. It goes without saying that this toothbrush is incredibly popular among Amazon customers.

Authentic sonic technology and gives more pleasure to the customers while they clean their teeth than toothbrushes, which use rotation technology. The last can be disliked by some customers. Comfort given by the sonic technology consists in less pressure, which you apply while cleaning your teeth and gums while the result remains the same – clean and shining teeth.

Another point which is worth to mention here is the fact that your brushing will be comfortable but also that you get breathtaking feeling of dentist clean teeth which you can experience again and again after usage of Sonicare Essence 5300. Customers were touched with this cleaning power of Sonicare Essence 5300 and we also in this review confirm that it exceeds one of other traditional and habitual brushes.

Even the sun has its spots, and this delightful toothbrush is not deprived of shortcomings. In particular, it is a bit outdated. There are several other Sonicare models with more fashionable and modern design, for example, Flexcare. According to some clients, Flexcare has a better exterior and will last longer. Nevertheless, those who care about saving money should take into consideration that Flexcare costs much more than Essence 5300 and if you want to invest in the first be ready to pay more.

Basing my conclusions on testimonials of many customers and numerous reviews I can state that Sonicare Essence 5300 is a great buy. But, as I said before, it is outdated, and its term of service won’t be as long as one of more advanced models and surely its technologies are not the latest. In case you are looking for a perfect and budget toothbrush probably this is exactly what you have been looking for! Discover the best play to buy the Sonicare Essence 5300.

It goes without saying that there is no better place to make purchases than Amazon. At the site you’ll get excellent customer support service and polices, budget shipping, and periodical discount campaigns.

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