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Paul Mitchell Pro tools Express Ion Smooth

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Paul Mitchell Protools Express IonThere are many different devices for handling your beauty. Your hair is not an exemption! Finding the best hair iron may seem a bit hard in the informational jungle of the internet. For sure, you could try a couple of different reviews from the manufacturer or get all the information about any hair straightener in one place! I’m here for you and ready to help with finding the most reliable, efficient, easy-to-use and professional in care hair handle device. The choice is yours!



prosThis durable hair iron is one of the most reliable products on the market. If you’re looking for a modern and progressive device to make your hair smooth and straight – Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth is a perfect choice for satisfying your fantasies! Unique negative ion technology and infrared heating solution are the most progressive decisions in the hair care field. The straighter has adjustable temperature control, hits up in seconds and ready to go! The LCD display can satisfy any user beginning from dummies and up to professional hairstylists. Perfect glide provided by ceramic plates with rounded, beveled edges. Dual voltage feature makes the ion iron work with any power range all over the world.


consDuring first uses, the hair iron emits some smell of fresh-made details. If you want to get a warranty, you only need to buy it in Paul Mitchell salons.

Who am I, and why you should choose my reviews?

I’m a professional hairstylist, who literally knows everything about hair care. I was a judge at hair styling competitions for a while and now ready to bring advanced knowledge in the market of styling industry.

I know all the information about almost any device after using them hundreds of times. You don’t need to do anything to find the perfect hair iron, just relax and enjoy I’m doing all the work for you.

Outlines of my review

Ok, now let’s quickly go through the content of the review on the Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth hair iron.

  • In the beginning, we will outline some of basic product options from the manufacturer. It’s necessary to judge the company for honesty with the end users.
  • After that, we will quickly compare the product specs with some real experience. We will underline some pros and cons to complete the story.
  • In the conclusion, I summarize everything we saw and will give my final product conclusion.

Sound’s good for me! So, shall we begin the process?

Specifications and the manufacturer promises:

prosLet me notice, how Paul Mitchell’s brand wants us to see this particular device like that:

prosUsable in any country of the planet Earth thanks to dual voltage option.

prosThe advanced LCD display, which is perfect for the beginners and a time-saving solution for professionals.

prosDigital adjustable temperature control allows to heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 60 seconds.

prosFive-second heat recovery time.

pros1.25 inch cushioned smooth plates made of ceramics featuring rounded beveled edges.

Negative ion feature and far-infrared function

consHere, the PM company trying to present the best features of the product. High quality and modern technologies take the prominent place in the product specs. Versatile and modern, easy-to-use and fast – that’s how they want us to see the product. However, we will not believe, until the real-life performance! To do that, let’s see what some customers think of this product after using it for a while!


Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion2Positive feedback about the Paul Mitchell Protools innovative product:

  • Is it the waste of time and money or a reliable, innovative product? Let’s find out! I’ve found the most interesting user comments on this Paul Mitchell hair iron!
  • Let’s check out some of the PROs:
  • My hair is very unruly. I’ve bought the PM Protools straightener and was really amazed by the result. My hairstyle is perfect. Hair stays straight and shiny over two days after the second use! I don’t need any touch ups anymore!!!
  • Freedom! From any kind of ringlets and curls. Once and for all. I’ve finally found the perfect hair straightener. Thank you, Paul Mitchell! We use it with my daughter, and it just overcomes all expectations! This ion iron is lightweight and powerful, heats up in the blink of an eye. I’ll recommend it to everybody!
  • Fantastic flash delivery! I got it delivered to my doorstep on the third day after the order! I live on the other side of a country, and surprised by the fact that it was shipped so early! Thanks for the service guys!
  • Simply outstanding beauty, ergonomic and really It’s digital as well, so you don’t need to do any stupid and complicated buttons manipulations. I also like simple temperature control. I wish it to have synchronization with my smartphone to do the job even faster! However, it glides through the hair perfectly, without any discomfort. No tugging or pulling anymore! You can experiment with different temperature settings. And the most important – no that “fried hair” smell!
  • My hair stylist went to Paul Mitchell’s hair irons from Chi. He gave me a tip to do the same, and you know what – I’m astonished! My hair is too deformed and oily, but I can deal within seconds with the help of this advanced device. It’s just a miracle, and I’m super satisfied that I’ve ordered it!
  • Without a doubt, this is the best hair iron ever made. I admire the different and easy-to-use display. It allows to save my setup and use it every time I style my hair. I can notice, that lower temperatures are perfect for all types of touch-ups. I use it almost every time, and it stays gentle with my hair! No damage – no complaints.
  • It worth the money you pay. I have it nearly a year, and it still works like the new one! My hair is wavy and thin, but the PM iron just eliminates all the curls! My hair stays refreshed and smooth during the whole I don’t need to wait until the next straightening thanks to low-temperature control! It can do everything you want by one glide!
  • I got it at the best price here.

Wow, that’s just insane! All the customers are just amazed by efficiency and comfort this Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth hair straightener offers.

But let’s see the other side of the medal.

Some unpleasant user reviews on the PM Protools product:

Now, we will look through the CONs:

consI’ve it delivered in a different box. It was crumpled! However, the device is alright, so I kept it.

consI left some new product smell on the hair after some uses. I was disappointed in it. But after some time it stopped. Probably, this is the manufacturer’s shortcoming. Whatsoever, I like how it works with my hair.

consI received the iron, and it didn’t work! I sent it back to get the replacement but have to wait over two weeks to have the working product. I have no complaints except this one! Working with the straightener is such a pleasure now!

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