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Do you have vinyl floors? Finding the best steam mop for vinyl floors can be a challenge with all of the different products on the market. That is why this article has been created to help guide you through your search. We will answer some common questions that people often ask about these products, and review several popular brands so you can find the perfect one for your needs!

Vinyl plank is a type of flooring that has a hard plastic or composite design, making it more durable than traditional wood floors. Vinyl planks are often used on kitchen and bathroom floors because they can be easily cleaned with just a quick wipe of a mop.

UV-resistant and water resistant, vinyl planks are made to stand up well in moist environments without buckling or warping like traditional wood floors would. Vinyl plank flooring is often paired with radiant heating for an efficient way to keep rooms warm that also looks great!

A steam mop is a special type of cleaning device that uses heated water to clean surfaces. The steam loosens dirt and other grime for an easy wipe or rinse, making it ideal for use on vinyl flooring!

Steam mops come with replaceable microfiber cloth pads which trap debris as the hot vapor from the machine comes in contact with the floor. As you move along, the sticky cloth collects dirt and grime until it is time to be laundered!

The best part about steam mop products is that they are very cost-effective compared to renting a professional steamer or having carpets professionally cleaned. Simply plug them in, fill them up with water, then begin cleaning. Within minutes your floors will look great again!

Many of these models can also function as regular vacuums so you don’t have to worry about remembering two different devices for jobs around the house!

Steam cleaners are often used on hardwood floors but work perfectly on vinyl plank flooring too because there won’t be any damage from heat or steam exposure thanks to this product’s cool-touch pads.

If you want to use it on other surfaces, we recommend using a handheld steamer for delicate and sensitive floors like hardwood or natural stone!

Best steam mops for vinyl floors reviewed

Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop

Super Absorbent Microfiber Mop

The microfiber floor mop is perfect for any surface in your home! Made of 4-layers of thick, plush, 100% polyester yarns to ensure quick and effective cleaning. The unique head swivels 360 degrees to reach every angle with ease. It also dries quickly ensuring it won’t leave streaks or build up residue on your floors just like a regular wet mop would do. This fast drying quality makes this product ideal for all surfaces because the dirt will not have time to stay damp if you are using this product often enough throughout the day.

The microfiber head is also extremely flexible and can bend into corners with ease. The flexibility of this product ensures that every angle in your home will be reached, but it’s not so thin you have to keep going over the same spot again and again like some other mops do. If you need something a bit more heavy-duty than our lightweight cotton yarn floor mop reviews, then we recommend giving the Super Absorbent Microfibre Mop a try! It’s one tough cleaner!!

  • Super absorbent
  • Durable and built to last
  • Works on all floor types
  • Not machine washable.
E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop

We are very pleased to present you with the E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop. This product is made up of 100% natural materials, including wood pulp and cotton. The manufacturer has crafted this mop using a sustainable approach focusing on an eco-friendly design while also providing outstanding performance!

This eco friendly solution will clean your floors without ever resorting to chemicals or other trace elements that may remain in our environment for years after use!! One of the best things about this steam mop is its ability to be machine washed over and over again!

This ensures you are always getting a deep, clean floor without having to worry about bacteria or residue build up. This product also allows for the use of renewable energy sources so that you can be sure your floors are being cleaned in an environmentally responsible manner!

  • 100% Natural materials used including wood pulp and cotton.
  • No chemicals ever!!
  • Machine washable over and over again ensuring no trace elements left on your floors after multiple uses.
  • Does not work vertically like some other mops do
Valuebox 360° Spin Mop

Valuebox 360° Spin Mop

This is a highly recommended steam mop for vinyl floors. It comes with an extra long power cord and the microfiber pad, which cleans any hard surface in your house including wood flooring, tile, marble, granite countertops and more. For a deeper clean you can add citrus cleaning solution to your water tank or use it without anything at all. The 360° Spin Mop spins out 99% of dirt from its wet microfibers so there’s no need to go over the same area again and again wasting time doing that!

Please note this product does not include grout brush attachment as seen on TV infomercial commercials but has been replaced by soft scrubber/bonnet head specially designed for cleaning vinyl flooring.

The 360° Spin Mop is guaranteed to heat up in less than 30 seconds without producing the unpleasant burning smell of other steam cleaners with metal heating elements which can be really dangerous! Valuebox steamer features a ceramic heater that does not pose any threat even if you touch it while still hot or accidentally drop it on your foot, unlike certain brands sold by shady sellers out there (don’t want to mention names).

Valuebox offers full refund within 60 days and 12 months warranty plus lifetime technical support, so feel free to contact them directly should you encounter any problems during this period. This product has been tested extensively by multiple users who all agree its excellent quality at an affordable price.

  • Heats up in 30 seconds or less
  • No unpleasant burning smell when steaming
  • Full refund within 60 days plus 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support
  • None noted at the moment.
O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Mop

O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Mop

The O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Mop is an excellent product for cleaning vinyl floors. It comes with adjustable steam settings so you can adjust the amount of steam depending on your floor type and preference, two extra mop pads included in case one gets too dirty to use or if you want a fresh clean pad right away without having to wait since it takes time for them dry out after washing, as well as a measuring cup that lets you fill up water tank easily instead of using buckets which are hard to lift.

This unit also features swivel steering allowing greater control when mopping large areas such as those found around sinks and bathtubs where dirt gathers quickly from splashing during baths or showering which makes this item safe to use around the tub and tiles.

The O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Mop also features a large water tank, can be used on both hard floor surfaces as well as carpets since it doesn’t agitate the pile of your carpet which means you don’t have to buy two separate cleaning tools for different purposes, comes with adjustable handle allowing this unit to fit in any height user comfortably without having to bend over or strain yourself when using this product, lightweight design making it easy to transport from room to room if needed instead of carrying heavy buckets filled with hot steam, quick drying mops are highly absorbent so they pick up dirt quickly before sending into deep hiding within fibers leaving floors looking cleaner longer between moppings compared traditional mops, and finally this product is affordable so you don’t have to spend a fortune buying multiple cleaning tools for different purposes.

  • Swivel steering allowing great control when mopping large areas such as those near showers and sinks
  • Lightweight design making it easy to transport from room to room for quick cleaning during spills or messes
  • Large water tank so you don’t have to constantly refill the unit with more hot steam bringing convenience and saving time
  • Can be a but bulky if someone has limited space in their home.
Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1

Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1

If you’re looking for a cleaner that can do so much more than just clean your vinyl floor, then this is definitely the one to get. It’s not only designed as a steam mop but also comes with an option of using it as a handheld device which can be used on other surfaces such as carpets and upholstery giving those who want versatility in their cleaners something that they’ll really enjoy.

Comes with two different types of microfiber pads depending on what type of surface you need them for whether wood or laminate floors, swivel steering allowing greater control when mopping large areas where dirt tends to gather making it easier to keep track of the places you’ve already cleaned by over them multiple times without having to go back and re-clean them.

It’s lightweight so even for those who might not be the strongest will easily be able to carry it around while cleaning without worrying about getting tired too quickly, allowing you to get your floors clean much faster than other steam mops that tend to add a lot of weight onto their cleaners which can make things such as moving them from one location on the floor or picking them up when they’re full of water very difficult.

The microfiber pads are also machine washable making maintenance really easy compared to others where once dirt has been absorbed into the pad you either have to do spot-cleaning with another cleaner or manually remove all the grime by hand before throwing in the washing machine.

  • Can be used as a regular steam mop or handheld device
  • Lightweight making it easily portable and easy to use without worrying about getting tired too quickly
  • Comes with two different types of microfiber pads allowing you to clean hardwood, laminate floors on just one cleaner.
  • The cord is only 25 ft which might not be enough for bigger homes.
Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

If you’re looking for a cleaner that’s made to last and won’t need replacing in just a few months of using it then this is the one we recommend.

The cleaning microfiber pads themselves are also machine washable so when they get dirty or if dirt has been absorbed into them all you have to do is throw them in with your laundry when doing your next load, making everything much more convenient than others where once they’ve gotten too dirty by absorbing lots of grime onto their surface, you would either have to manually remove every bit of dirt before throwing them into the washing machine or use another type of pad altogether which increases costs without giving any added value.

It comes with two different of mop heads depending on the type of floor you have that need cleaning.

It comes with a grout brush and window squeegee that help to clean those hard-to-reach places where dirt tends to build up over time such as the crevices in between tiles or around edges on your countertops for example, making it just as convenient as any other full sized vacuum cleaners out there today without taking up too much space!

The unit is very lightweight at only about five pounds which makes moving from one location to another easy because nothing will be weighing down your arm forcing you to struggle when trying do things like lean under tables or chairs etc.

  • Very lightweight at only five pounds.
  • Easy to mop hard-to-reach corners or edges with the included grout cleaner and window squeegee.
  • None
BISSELL Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

BISSELL Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner

This is a hardwood floor steamer that has been designed with convenience in mind as it offers the same level of cleanliness and sanitation, if not more so than some full sized vacuum cleaners on the market today.

It comes equipped with a smart set digital control system which allows you to easily adjust between five different levels of steam depending on what kind of job needs doing without having to go through any complicated processes or settings!

The one-touch operation makes things even easier because now all you have to do is push down once anywhere along the handle for it to dispense out steam ready for cleaning purposes.

There’s also no need to worry about whether anything gets left behind after using this cleaner thanks again due its specialized cleaning path which allows you to get into those tighter, more awkward spaces without having the use some special attachment.

The water tank is also quite impressive as it can hold enough water inside of its reservoir for up to 12 minutes worth of steaming time before needing a refill. This may not seem like much but this should be long enough for most types of jobs and with such an easy process involved in refilling this cleaner too there’s nothing stopping you from doing so whenever necessary!

  • Can clean even the toughest stains on hardwood floors;
  • Steam mops vinyl flooring well;
  • None.
Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry and Wet Mop

Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry and Wet Mop

This is a great steam mop for vinyl floors as it comes with dry and wet cloths that can be used interchangeably depending on the job at hand. All you have to do is slip one of these cloths onto your Swiffer sweeper cleaner and attach its head over the frame – no assembly required!

With this approach, you will not need any additional products or accessories in order to get started cleaning up those hardwood floors because everything necessary has been included right out of box.

The speed-scrub brush roll feature allows users like yourself to work deep down into grout lines while also getting rid of tougher stains. For more delicate flooring types such as laminate wood, tile or linoleum surfaces; the microfiber cloth is a better alternative as it has more than double the softness.

This mop also comes with reusable dry sweeping cloths that allow you to pick up messes and dirt without getting your hands dirty in the process, so you can literally do all of this while wearing your favorite pair of black-tie attire! If for some reason these pads become wet or damp after using them on floors then simply reattach them onto Swiffer sweeper heads in order to keep cleaning.

  • Comes with dry and wet cloths that can be used interchangeably
  • Microfiber cleaning pads are reusable
  • Price is higher than most steam mops on the market.
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor

The Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop is a decent choice for those looking to purchase a new steam cleaner. This product comes with two options – one that uses disposable pads and another reusable option.

While this may not be the best solution out there, it does have some good things going for it as well such as being lightweight (at less than five pounds) and its ability to moisten dry floors using only water thanks to its unique cleaning formula of surfactants and wetting agents.

It also features an easy-to-fill tank that allows you refill without having to worry about spilling liquids or wasting time on refills; something many other products like Shark steam mops lack in comparison. The Rubbermaid Reveal also comes with a two-year limited warranty.

The biggest downside is that this product does not come with any accessories, but it makes up for this shortcoming by providing you with the technology and performance of steam mop at an affordable price point – making it worth every penny.

  • Reusable option
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No accessories included.

How To Choose The Best Steam Mop for a Vinyl Floor

How Heavy You Can Handle

The weight of a steam mop can vary depending on the device used. Some models are heavier than others since they have more features available or larger tank capacities, but this doesn’t mean that customers should avoid these products altogether when shopping online!

Those who want something easier to carry around might consider buying an alternative model such as one with dual cleaning pads instead of single ones like some other devices offer so it’s lighter and easier to handle overall without having additional accessories attached most often.

A Suitable Tank Capacity

The size of the tank capacity is also important to consider before purchasing a steam mop. Some models have smaller tanks than others, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t as good for cleaning vinyl plank flooring because it just means you’ll need to refill them more often which can be done in several minutes depending on how much water is used per session!

A larger tank might take longer until completely empty so make sure not to wait too long after refilling your device if using these types regularly without having enough time available at any given moment since filling up takes around 30 seconds or less compared with other alternatives out there.

Cord Length

Cord length is another important factor to consider before purchasing a steam mop. In most cases, you can remove the cord from your device entirely so it doesn’t get in the way after being stored away which is beneficial for those who have plenty of space available at home compared with others living in smaller apartments or condos that require more compact products instead without having as much room between where they plan on using these devices and an electrical outlet nearby if possible!

For example, some models might offer around 20 feet (or less) while others go up to 30 feet (and even higher). This depends mostly on how often you think you’ll use yours overall since longer cords don’t always mean better performance even though this isn’t usually true when looking over the reviews left by customers who have bought this product before!

How Long It Is To Get Ready

It’s important to consider how long it takes for a steam mop to heat up before using. Some devices are faster than others, but this doesn’t mean that you should avoid buying these types altogether because there are simple fixes available without having to replace them entirely just yet!

Typically speaking, the time needed will be around 20-30 seconds or less which is more than enough time in most cases depending on how often you want to use your device overall compared with other alternatives out there since some features might not even work until reaching higher temperatures after turning it on first.

The Pad’s Material

The pad’s material is important to consider before purchasing a steam mop. Some models come with only one type of cleaning pad which can be great for those who want something they don’t have to change often, but others might require different types based on the flooring surface being cleaned most often.

For example, some models are compatible with microfiber pads while others need standard materials that aren’t as absorbent overall compared with other alternatives available without having these issues occur more frequently than not!

Some experts recommend using two individual cotton cloths or special cleaning head refills instead depending on how long you plan on keeping your device until replacing it entirely over time after wearing out several products in total by exposing them too much during regular use.

Which Accessories Coming With It

The accessories included with the steam mop are also important to consider before purchasing one. Some might come with more than others, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t avoid buying these types altogether because they can be beneficial for cleaning your flooring surface!

For example, some models include a grout brush or small squeegee for surfaces like tile and marble along with an adaptable head which is great if you plan on using yours often compared with other alternatives available without having to purchase additional products separately over time in most cases depending on how long it takes until needing replacements instead of keeping them around longer than necessary overall.

Included Warranty

Included warranty is important to consider before purchasing a steam mop. Some models come with only 30 days while others offer up to two years or more depending on how often you plan on using yours in general compared with other alternatives out there which might not even work properly until the included warranty runs out after a few months!

This doesn’t mean that some won’t last for several months without needing repairs at all, but it’s still something worth mentioning when thinking over your options carefully beforehand since this could save money and time overall instead of having issues occur more frequently than they should such as receiving faulty products entirely if kept around longer than necessary during regular use.

Benefits of Using a Steam Mop on Vinyl Floors

It Doesn’t Require Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners can be effective at getting rid of dirt and grime, but they can also damage your floors. They often leave a sticky residue that attracts more dust to the floor over time.

Steam mops don’t rely on harsh chemicals for cleaning, making them a much safer option! Just add water and you’re good to go. Plus it has an easy-to-fill removable tank so you’ll always have clean steam supply when needed!

With many models using microfiber pads or interchangeable cloths, there is no need for heavy scrubbing either since the heated vapor will loosen even set in stains before removing them from your vinyl planks completely with just one pass of the machine across the surface area!

The Surfaces Get Drying Quickly

Cleaning vinyl floors can be a quick and easy process with the help of a steam mop.

They don’t take long to dry, so you won’t have to wait around after cleaning up spills or messes for your flooring to completely dry out! Some models even come with fans that speed up this drying time significantly!

This feature is particularly useful if you own pets since it will reduce chances of accidents from becoming stains on wet surfaces. It also helps protect against mold growth by removing excess moisture in the room as well.

Many users note how fast they can get their home back into tip-top shape using these products due to the fact that there is no need for mopping or rinsing before hand like with traditional mops!

It Saves Your Valuable Time

Steam mop products are great time savers!

Since there is no need to scrub or wipe down surfaces before using, you’ll be able to get the job done in half of the usual time it takes with other cleaning methods.

These models also eliminate common mistakes like over-mopping and spreading dirt around instead of collecting it because all that’s needed for them to work is an easy swipe across any surface area without having to go back for another pass after already removing debris on first contact.

Many users report how this helps cut their overall cleaning routine in half since they don’t have as many areas needing attention compared to other devices used regularly. This makes these appliances extremely useful when dealing with stubborn stains or spills quickly so nothing goes to waste and can be dealt with immediately!


How does a steam mop for vinyl plank floors work?

Steam cleaners, such as the Shark Genius and Bissell Symphony are able to do wonders when it comes to removing dirt from hard surfaces. These machines use heat along with water vapors in order to release grime, dust, spots or stains on your floor.

Steam cleaners also allow you to maintain cleanliness without having any chemicals added into the equation – meaning that if someone has an allergy they will be safe around this product without worrying about irritation. While using these types of products may not always remove 100% of all contaminants present at first try; most people who have used them can agree that they provide good results over time after several uses.

How do I use my steam mop for vinyl plank floors?

Steam cleaners are easy to operate and they do not require much effort on your part. All you need is to simply fill up the tank with clean water, plug it in, wait until it warms up (which takes about three minutes) and start mopping over your floor.

Most of these machines will come with an instruction manual so make sure that you read through them first before attempting to operate one – this way there won’t be any mistakes or accidents along the way. Be sure to follow all instructions provided by manufacturers as well since no two products work exactly alike despite having similar layouts.

What makes a good best steam mop for vinyl planks?

Some of the most important features to check for when looking into steam cleaners are water tank size, ease-of-use and how long it takes before you can start using the product.

If possible, try finding one that comes with additional accessories such as multiple mop heads or scrub brushes so that you’ll be able to use them on other types of surfaces without having to purchase separate ones. Also look out for warranties since this will help protect your investment in case something breaks down along the way.


Which steam mop for vinyl floors is best for you? When it comes to the quality of your home, finding a trustworthy and reliable company can be difficult. We’ve compiled all the information you need about steam mops in one place so that when buying time arises, you know what features are most important before making any decisions. Read on below to find out which steam mop for vinyl flooring will be best suited for your needs!