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List of Hair Straightener Brands

The choice of proper hair straightener you’d like to purchase can be pretty overwhelming to narrow down, since there are too many companies producing these. Once you learn the features of each brand and their price spectrum, you will know what to expect, and everything will become much easier.

While sometimes it may be possible to find a great iron made by a mediocre brand, and a well-known brand seldom producing an iron of bad quality is equally true, in most cases there are certain tendencies that you can rely on. You can learn the quirks of most of hair straightener brands as well as their price range from this guide of ours.

Hair Straightener Brands

Babyliss Pro

Babyliss Pro

Once you visit a beauty supply store or a salon, the iron you are most likely to see is BabylissPro, which is one of the largest professional flat iron brands. There are many people devoted to this brand, but when it comes to their hair straighteners, it’s actually either hit or miss.

The features offered by them include titanium, tourmaline, wet-to-dry and some others, and the straighteners fall in the price range from $60 to $100+.



What seems like a step up from less expensive irons from the large stores, Conair hair straighteners are of the kind mostly found not in salons but rather in the drug stores. They can offer better options than the least expensive iron models, and in turn, cost a little bit more, falling in the price range of $40.

Despite the titles like “Infinity Pro” found in the reviews here, the Conair products are not professional grade but rather they still belong to the consumer grade. If you are going to straighten your hair every day, Conair iron is hardly something you will be able to keep forever. On the other hand, they should have a lot of happy customers judging by the amount of units they sell. Conair irons are doing well when used for casual stuff.

Hot Tools

Hot Tools

Hot Tools is what you should check out if you’re looking for an iron of entry-level range yet not of drug store quality. While not perfect, their tools are ok for straightening the hair occasionally, and they have a lot of variety to browse from. Almost every material and style are represented in their straighteners, which generally fall in the $30-$60 range.



HSI is an interesting manufacturer in the sense that it’s assortment combines the high-end (and very highly rated at that) irons with low-end irons that entirely miss the mark so to say. So while the other companies concentrate on producing either consumer irons or professional ones without overlapping, HSI is different.

But while the high-end irons by HSI come with prices higher than $100, they don’t quite have the staying power that you would expect. It’s probably better to try the $40-$80 straighteners that are mid-range, as their perks fit more with their price



Another type of flat iron you could encounter in a drug store would be something very similar to models produced by Remington. These are nowhere near the professional irons and probably wouldn’t be the ones you would be able to keep for years. But at least they offer a variety of features.

Time to time you can encounter irons by Remington that seem like a good choice for something outside of casual use. Aside of these rare cases the low price equals to the low quality, unfortunately. But since there must be a reason for Remington to sell so many irons successfully, they should be more or less ok if not intended for the professional use. In such case, you may find the appropriate iron by Remington.

Bio Ionic

Bio Ionic Logo_0

Bio-ionic produces some of the most revered and high-end hair straighteners. This also means that they are on the expensive side – since few companies (and Bio Ionic among them) offer irons of the price being almost up to $300. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend spending that much money on a hair straightener. In any case, this is the company you should go to in case you search for a high-end iron if you are willing to spend more than $100.



This manufacturer is one of the smaller contenders on the market and provides professional irons of entry level that seem to satisfy the needs of most people.

Since some of their irons have problems like parts failing, I suppose the quality is not there yet. Still if you are not planning to spend a big sum of money you can look at their production, which is mostly in the $60 range



This company (known as Izunami or Izutech) produces a range of hair straighteners that includes low-end ones, as well as entry level straighteners, with all the options in-between as well.

You can find a lot of enthusiastic reviews for their higher-end iron models. For example, the Ktx450 model can be easily called one of the best hair straighteners. The $60 range models, on the other hand, are something I wouldn’t invest into due to being somewhat unreliable.



The basic range of Rusk hair straighteners is from $40 and to $80 (although they have some professional irons above the $80 gap), so generally speaking this is a mid-level hair straighteners manufacturer. The straighteners themselves come in various colors and sizes and are mainly suited for professional clients.

While the reviewers typically don’t get too excited with Rusk production, there are a lot of devotees to the quality of their production.



This company was among the first ones to produce the irons with ceramic plates, receiving instant recognition of people and becoming the widely known hair straightener company it is today. CHI irons offer multiple features and variety of sizes and colors. They also are very lasting and can last for years.

Ever since producing their first iron for hair straightening, the company never stopped expanding and their models that used to cost $200 can be now purchased for only $50 if you know where to search.



An established company that produces hair straighteners of the professional class, Croc is mostly known by specializing in more unique iron shape compared to other companies. This shape makes their irons more comfortable to hold and easier to clamp. While cooling, their irons don’t stay closed yet they still work quite well for straightening. While they succeed in keeping your hair straight and come in a variety of sizes and materials, sometimes they may get a bit too hot – which is probably the only real complaint about Croc straighteners. This problem can be easily dealt with by watching the temperature. The price range is from 75$ to 100$ for more professional irons.

The rest of brands

Among the beauty companies, there are those that are represented on the flat irons market, yet they have produced only a few models. For example, Onei only makes one major kind of straightener, but it has some features that are unmatched by most of other hair straighteners and is overall impressive. ISA is another company that produces only a few types of irons intended to use with coarse/thick hair that’s usually hard to straighten. Their price range comes in over $100. U9, on the other hand, produces low-end irons and doesn’t have that much history to speak of.

In ant case, these are only several of the brands that managed to catch my attention as I was searching for a new hair straightener. Of course, you would be better off opting for a high-end iron even if that means spending a bit more of your money. Keeping your hair healthy is what’s important, so try to avoid frying your hair with inexpensive hair straighteners. But if you really know what kind of iron you’re getting I suppose you could be ok even with an iron of entry level.