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Laminate flooring is a popular and durable type of flooring that can be installed in any room in your house. It’s affordable, easy to maintain, and comes with warranties for various levels of damage caused by natural disasters or accidents. But there are some downsides too – like the fact that it’s difficult to clean! That’s why we’ve created this article on finding the best steam mop for laminate floors. Read on to find out more about how they work, what you should look for when shopping around, and even tips on how best to use them!

Steam mops are great tools to have in your home for many reasons. They’re useful on any floor type, and can tackle all sorts of problems including spills, stains, dust piles and even sticky messes such as chewing gum or candle wax! You simply fill them with water (most models use distilled) and plug them into an outlet. Then you just adjust the settings according to what kind of floors you’re dealing with – delicate surfaces like hardwoods need a lower setting than rugged tiles that might scratch easily. The steam then comes out through holes in their rectangular heads releasing bacteria-killing vapors along the way which will clean whatever is underneath it without leaving behind dangerous chemicals or residues from using chemical cleaners.

One of the main reasons to invest in a steam mop is because you don’t have to worry about using chemicals or cleaners on your floors. Although most laminate flooring manufacturers require that their products can be cleaned with water, it’s still not recommended for all types. That’s where having the best steam mop for laminate floors comes in handy! If you ever had problems getting stubborn spots out after mopping, then this might just fix them completely. Not only does it leave things sparkling clean without harsh fumes or residues that may damage the finish over time but also helps keep dirt at bay by killing bacteria and germs as they accumulate on surfaces – making daily cleaning easier than before.

Best Steam Mops for Laminate Floors Reviewed

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANW Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANW Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

This LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANW Steam Mop With a 12″ sweeping surface, eliminates the hard work of steam mopping with an ergonomic design and swivel-free use. The powerful direct injection steamer thaws stubborn messes almost instantaneously and has a wide cleaning head for faster cleaning!

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANW’s lightweight design (3.5 pounds without water) ensures an easy and pleasant experience without compromising any cleaning capabilities. Ergonomics is simple: just pushing forward and pulling backward motions with a L-shape handle insuring that you can clean your whole house easily. At only 1150 watts, this powerful high temperature steamer heats up in only 50 seconds.

The mop’s hyper-heated steam penetrates deep into the pores of your hard flooring to clean and sanitize, killing over 99% of germs without leaving any residue behind like traditional cleaners do! And with no chemicals added, you can rest assured that it’s environmentally friendly too – pieces are non-toxic which is perfect for homes with children or pets (especially since most accidents happen on floors). A 12″ sweeping surface ensures maximum coverage per pass while its swivel head design makes this unit a true cleaning machine when going around furniture legs or tight corners. The lightweight design also means not having to strain yourself just so you don’t have to stop early from fatigue either.

  • Very easy to assemble – only takes about 30 seconds
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design, ergonomic handle for better control
  • Powerful 1250 watts heats up in just 50 seconds
  • The power cord could be slightly longer.
Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe 1806C Steam Mop

Bissell 1806 PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop

The Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe 1806C Steam Mop is a great option for laminate flooring. This steam mop uses hot, pressurized steam to penetrate and remove tough messes while lifting away dirt with its built-in Easy Scrubber.

The dual tank system separates clean water from the dirty one so there’s no chance of mixing them up when filling it back up later on – this also reduces any chance of residue being left behind since you’re using two separate liquids instead of just one after another! The SmartSet digital control dial makes choosing your preferred setting super simple: select low or high depending on how intense you want your steam.

The PowerFresh Deluxe 1806C also includes a host of accessories that will make cleaning other surfaces easy: flip down the Easy Scrubber and you can clean grout and tough messes with ease, while flipping back up makes it ideal for use on delicate surfaces like hardwood or tile. The triangle shaped head helps edge into tight spaces so you won’t miss any spots!

This steam mop is designed to be lightweight enough for anyone to use – even those who suffer from arthritis or hand pain will find this product straightforward and simple-to-use. Additionally, many purchasers have been pleased by how long their unit’s water tank lasts between fills especially given its small size compared to others in its class.

  • Dual tank system reduces the chances of residues being left behind
  • Long lasting water reservoir
  • Digital control dial makes selecting settings simple
  • Triangle shaped head allows you to get into tight spaces with ease
  • Some purchasers have mentioned that their unit’s steam has disappeared after a few months of use, but this seems to be an isolated incident.
Light ‘N’ Easy 7688ANB All-In-One Steam Mop

Light ‘N’ Easy 7688ANW All-In-One Steam Mop

The Light ‘N’ Easy All-In-One Steam Mop is one of the best steam mops for laminate floors. This unit quickly, easily and safely removes 99.99% of most common household bacteria without using chemicals!

This product has a removable water tank that allows you to fill it right in your kitchen sink – no more running back and forth with heavy containers just so you can clean your floor! The adjustable handle makes this steamer easy to store or transport with its ability to fold down up when not in use.

Purchasers have been impressed by how well the swiveled head moves around corners, edges, under furniture legs etc., allowing them to get into all sorts of spaces they couldn’t get to before.

Best suited for rooms up to 300 sq ft, the Light ‘N’ Easy unit comes with an array of accessories including a bonus microfiber mop pad that can be washed and reused! Also included are two extra cleaning pads which attach easily to the telescoping pole that extends from 32″ – 44″.

  • Removable water tank for easy refilling
  • Swiveled head cleans under furniture legs and around corners
  • Microfiber mop pad included as a bonus
  • Some users report that it doesn’t clean stains very well
Shark Genius S5003D Pocket System Steam Mop

Shark Genius S5003D Pocket System Steam Mop

The Shark Genius S500 is one of the best steam mops for laminate floors.

This unit features a removable handheld steamer that allows you to clean hard-to-reach places like windows, showers and ceilings! Easily remove dirt in crevices with its pivoting triangle head which has preprogrammed microfiber pads for various floor surfaces (wood & tile/stone; carpet; high pile). The triangular shape fits into tight spaces like under cabinets, furniture legs etc..

Another fantastic feature on this model is it’s ability to do double duty as an ironing board by simply attaching your regular household iron directly onto the cleaning pad – no need to buy any special attachments or accessories! Simply plug in the machine, fill up the water reservoir, and start steaming away.

This model is lightweight at less than ten pounds so it’s easy to carry from room-to-room. This unit includes a carpet glider for your convenience – simply attach the included slide onto either side of your steam mop cleaner head and glide over carpets! We always recommend you use distilled water when using with tap or faucet water will cause mineral buildups that can affect performance overtime if not properly maintained per manufacturer instructions.

  • Removable hand-held steamer for cleaning hard to reach places
  • Carpet glider included
  • Price is a bit high compared with other units on the market.
McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner is the best selling steam mop of all time. That being said, it’s certainly not perfect. It has a few design flaws that can be frustrating for certain users but its number one feature is very strong—it cleans really well! The first thing you need to know about this machine is that it requires no chemicals or detergents to clean your floors properly. This saves on costs and irritates pets less because they cannot smell any nasty scented cleaner in their living environment. Just attach the unit’s microfiber cloth pad (included) flip down the proper handle mechanism, pump some water into its tank with an included measuring cup, turn up the heat, and steam away. The McCulloch MC1275 has an excellent variety of applications that makes it perfect for just about any flooring surface in your house or apartment.

Its downsides are the lack of a hose to clean crevices around toilets and other hard-to-reach areas as well as its weight which can be cumbersome for petite individuals with weak upper body strength (it weighs 11 pounds). On the plus side, you do not need chemicals so there’s no strong odors left behind after cleaning—which is nice considering some pets have sensitive noses!

  • No chemicals required—just add water and clean!
  • Reliable steam power and cleaning ability.
  • No included hose to reach hard-to-reach areas like crevices around toilets, etc.
Bissell PowerFresh 2075A Slim Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh 2075A Slim Steam Mop

The Bissell PowerFresh 2075A Slim Steam Mop is a well-rounded steam mop that gets the job done without any frills or added features. The design is straightforward and very easy to understand—simply fill its tank with water, plug it in, turn on the heat, wait for two minutes until full temperature has been reached then start mopping! Its cleaning ability performs just as advertised although if you have pets who track mud into your home you may need to clean up after them more often than usual because this unit’s cloth pad isn’t quite large enough to be able to hold a ton of dirty water at once before needing a refill.

It definitely requires some elbow grease applying pressure onto tougher spots with the hard plastic head of the mop, so if you have carpets in your home it may be better to opt for a unit that comes with softer wheels. The cord is also on the short end at only 20-feet long (although this is somewhat standard for most steam cleaners), and an indicator light will let you know when its tank has run dry which can sometimes take quite some time before happening depending on how much cleaning you’ve done already without refilling since each refill lasts about 15 minutes or less.

All things considered though this isn’t one of Bissell’s top models, but their lower cost units tend to cut back more on features than quality compared to what they offer within higher priced lines.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble and use ​
  • Short power cord
Secura 10-in-1 Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

Secura 10-in-1 Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

The Secura S1800 is a ten-in-one steam mop that cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes your floors using only water. Its heating element heats up in under one minute to produce both dry and steamy vapor for cleaning; the latter removes heavier dirt while the former dries almost immediately after you’re done mopping. An indicator light will let you know when it has reached full temperature (indicated by three consecutive beeps) which takes about 120 seconds, but if its tank runs out of water before this point then it won’t heat up again.

It has a triangular swivel head that enables you to maneuver around furniture, tight corners and other obstacles with ease. This steam mop is also designed ergonomically for convenient storage; it stands upright on its own so there’s no need to lean it against walls or wedged in between cabinets if not being used. There are two included microfiber pads – one for dry mopping and another specially made for wet mopping – which can be easily removed once they get dirty by pulling them off the machine without having to touch any dirt yourself. Both of these accessories have grooves specifically cut out so as not to let any water drip onto your floor while wiping up messes more efficiently than regular cotton cleaning clothes would do.

  • Produces steam in under one minute
  • Ten tools in one package including handheld steamer and grout tool for tile floors
  • Swiveling head enables you to get into hard-to-reach areas
  • None
BISSELL PowerEdge 20781 Lift-Off Steam Mop

BISSELL PowerEdge 20781 Lift-Off Steam Mop

It’s the most affordable steam mop on our list (it costs less than $75) but don’t let that fool you; this is one of the best steam cleaners for laminate floors. It has a V-shaped head which makes it easier to clean dirt off edges, corners and tight spaces with just one swipe.

The BISSELL PowerEdge is especially designed with rubber blades that work like squeegees, making sure all excess water gets pushed into its tank so there’s no dripping or puddles left behind when you’re done mopping your floor. This means not only will your hardwood floors stay in top condition longer because they won’t be exposed to moisture for too long but also implies faster dry times, which is always great.

This model comes with a 12-ounce water tank (enough to clean for 40 minutes straight) and has an easy lift off dirt container that lets you empty it without any trouble at all. When buying the PowerEdge 20781 Lift-Off Steam Mop make sure to check if your package includes two microfiber pads & one triangle mop pad . This steam cleaner also uses regular tap water instead of distilled or demineralized like most other models on our list; this means no expensive replacement costs in the long run either.

  • Best price/value ratio on our list
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • V shaped head pushes dirt easily into the tank
  • Rubber blades work like squeegees, collecting excess moisture in its tank for no dripping or puddles left behind when you’re done mopping your floor
  • There are reports of some users finding it hard to put together initially. It’s also quite noisy while running but that can be expected from any machine with a motor inside.

How To Choose The Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

Cord length

You will need to consider how long the cord is on your steam mop. If you can’t reach all areas of a room without having to move furniture around, then getting one with a relatively short cord could be an issue – especially if there are multiple rooms where it needs cleaning!

If you have issues with laminate flooring that require extra attention or know you’ll want easy access to problem spots more than once, look for something which has at least 20-30 feet of power cable so they’re not restricted by length. Some even come with hoses attached so these places don’t need unplugging and moving out of the way in order to get into hard-to-reach corners or other small spaces like under cabinets.

Head size

This is another important factor to consider when it comes to the best steam mop for laminate floors. Some models have a larger head which can allow you get into tight spaces without too much hassle, while others are more compact – but this might not be something that’s always true of all steamer mops!

If there are areas where grout lines tend to collect dirt or other bits of debris regularly (like near floor registers), then having a smaller surface area could make less work in cleaning them up by hand. This also means it takes longer since the whole thing has to be done over again with each pass instead of being able to pick everything off after removing dust and debri on first go-around.

Heat Settings

The best steam mop for laminate floors will have adjustable heat settings. If you’re dealing with stubborn spots that are caked in grime or other heavy messes, then being able to dial up the temperature is a must since it’ll be tougher to get them clean otherwise.

Most models come with at least two different levels of heat so they can handle more delicate flooring surfaces like hardwood, tile and others without getting damaged – even if these areas tend to collect dirt much easier than laminates do!

Pad Material

You’ll want to get a steam mop that has removable and washable microfiber pads. If you don’t, then it’s going to be tough getting them clean enough so they’re hygienic for use again instead of just spreading nastiness around without actually cleaning anything at all.

If there are any high-traffic areas where the flooring is heavily soiled or tends to have more dust particles settling on top easier than usual (near doorways, wall outlets etc.), extra thick pads which hold plenty of water with each pass might need replacing less often – but look out for this since some models come with thinner ones regardless!

Reservoir capacity

Some steam mop models have tanks with smaller capacities, which means they might need to be refilled more often. This isn’t all bad since the water itself is also heated up before being released onto floors but it’s something important to keep in mind when deciding what kind of model will work best for you!

If there are multiple rooms or areas that require cleaning regularly then getting a machine with bigger capacity reservoirs can save time and not having to refill them as much – just make sure you’re dealing with enough remaining “run-time” so that each room gets done within one session without needing any extra pauses along the way.

Steam output

The steam mop itself should have an output of at least 15-20 grams per minute. This is based on one pass over a 1000 sq ft space, so if there are any areas that get heavily trafficked more than others (like doorways), then you’ll need something with extra power behind it to clean up faster!

This ensures floors won’t be left dripping wet after each use but they also don’t take forever trying to dry off either – especially for rooms where this takes even longer because the sun isn’t shining in or other parts of the house which tend not to receive as much natural light.

Tank Capacity

Steam mops which have bigger tanks last longer. It’s simple as that! If the reservoir can hold more water then it’ll take less time to heat up and you won’t need to refill them as often since they don’t deplete their supply nearly as quickly.

Some models use smaller reservoirs but compensate with larger ones for those who want a long run-time without any extra hassle – this is why it’s important not just looking at how much steam gets produced, but also how much stays in the machine before having to release it onto floors (which might require refilling).

Heating time

Steam mops should be heated up within 30 seconds or less to make sure you’re not wasting any time. This is especially important for those who want to go through an entire house without having to stop and wait around too often, instead of spending the whole day cleaning!

Most high-end models heat up in one minute or even less since they have more powerful heating elements (twice as much wattage), but cheaper ones might take longer so it’s something else worth considering if speed tops your list of priorities above everything else.

Tools and Attachments

Some steam mops come with different tools like scrubbing brushes, squeegees and even extension wands which make it easier to clean tight spaces or areas where dirt seems to linger.

This might not be a concern for some but if you have any room corners, baseboards or other nooks/crannies that are tough to reach then having several options available makes them much more useful!

Tip on How to Clean Laminate Floors with a steam mop

Clean laminate floors with a steam mop. First use the brush to dust debris from the floor, then attach one of the cleaning pads and fill it up with water. Turn on your machine and wait for it to heat up before putting down its head onto the flooring in front of you. Then simply move back-and-forth across that area, changing out each pad when they become too dirty or fall apart/rip!

For any major stains or areas that seem extra soiled then using an enzymatic cleaner (or something similar) first will help break them down more easily – just make sure not to do this prior if you’re going through a series of treatments since only one should be used at once otherwise there’s no point in doing it.

The final step is to use a microfiber cloth (or paper towels) to absorb any remaining moisture – this will make sure there are no puddles or slippery surfaces which can cause anyone who walks on them afterwards to fall over, making all the hard work you put into cleaning up floors again wasted!

Benefits of Using The Best Mop For Laminate Floors

Using the best mop for laminate floors is the best thing you can do right now. But why it is, and how it will benefit you? Here are some insights into that

  • The microfiber mops will be able to remove almost 99.99% of dirt and grime, so you can get rid of all your cleaning needs with one purchase!
  • Using a steam mop is the best way to get rid of any stains on your floor and bring it back with its original color.
  • Normally, the laminate floor tends to get scratched when soap is used for cleaning. You can eliminate these marks with a gentle pressurized mop cleaner!
  • A steam mop is the perfect choice for laminate floors, as it can clean them more thoroughly than any other method.
  • A steam mop is a great way to make your home cleaning easier. You can use it on any floor type, and with all those features you won’t have any trouble getting the job done in no time!


How do I know if my laminate flooring is safe for a steam mop?

Most laminate floors are designed to be water-resistant and some even come with warranties against moisture damage. Check your warranty before you start using a steam cleaner on it, though!

Can I use distilled or demineralized water in the tank of any steam mop?

Yes, but only if that’s recommended by its manufacturer. There’s no real benefit from using distilled/demineralized over regular tap water unless stated otherwise so save yourself some money and buy extra pads instead! You can also consider buying one of our best vacuum cleaners for pet hair .

Are all microfiber pads compatible with all steam mops?

No, unfortunately that’s not the case. Most manufacturers make their own microfiber pads and while some models may be able to use a generic pad from another manufacturer it isn’t recommended because you’re never sure how well they’ll fit on your floor cleaner or if there will be any issues when using them.

How often should I clean my mop head/pad?

While this depends mostly on how dirty your floors get in general, most experts recommend cleaning after every couple of uses is enough unless you’ve been mopping up something particularly greasy or sticky . In that case, give both the pad and the V-shaped head a good scrub before placing them back on your steam mop.


The best steam mops for laminate floors can make your flooring look like new again. They are often very easy to use and don’t require any special tools or chemicals, making them a great option for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. If you want the best results from your investment in a beautiful wood floor that will last years longer than other types of floors, then it is worth investing in the right equipment and learning how to clean laminate correctly so as not to damage its finish. We have compiled reviews on some of the most popular models available today which might help you find just what you need!