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Kohler Memoirs Two Piece Toilet review

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Kohler K-3933-RA-0 Memoirs toilet review

If you are fond of traditional style and need a toilet, which corresponds to the design of your bathroom and you also want to save some funds getting a high-quality fixture then you should pay more attention to Kohler Memoirs. You will get two in one! This pure classic style keeps old and ever alive traditions, which will create an atmosphere of elegance and good taste to your bathroom. A reasonable price and easy installation even for the two-piece construction is one more plus of this model. Just $320 and it is yours if you buy at Amazon!



The Kohler Memoirs Two Piece Toilet Review

Characteristics of the Kohler Memoirs

AquaPiston flushing technology is the first thing to talk about in this model. The main principle of its work is a usage of gravity, which movies the water and does the biggest part of washing job. In the fixtures with this technology much less work is needed to keep it in order because water makes a rather intensive flow with the pressure of two pounds and doesn’t let a lot of suck on waste accumulate.

Here are other attractive characteristics of this toilet to dwell on them:

You can save space installing this fixture thanks to the round front bowl;

Its trapway is large and glazed, makes up 2 1/8 inches; still no other trapway exceeded it;

Implementation of Kohler’s Class Five technology saves you from springing a leak on the user and of plugging up.

This fixture saves water and works properly with just 1.28 gallons per flush while the government standard for it today is 1.6. Thus, being an average household owner you save about 20% of water if you use the toilet every day a normal way, and it is a considerable economy!

The reason to buy the Kohler Memoirs

Kohler Memoirs is a good toilet with many attractive traits, but main of them are its functionality and shape. With this toilet you can be sure that it will function properly for a long time and its design will also give satisfaction to your eye. There are two minor shortcomings: it works pretty loudly being a modern fixture and it doesn’t side with the wall tightly. But in general, it is a reliable toilet, which will work for you and will keep you fascinated with it for a long time.

In our opinion, there is still one feature of the toilet, which could be redesigned and it is its bowl. It is round and has a tendency to hold the waste particles stuck despite a quality flushing mechanism. So it will require some more cleaning procedures. Nevertheless, its design compensates this small shortcoming and makes your experience with the toilet very pleasant.