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KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

The Kohler K-72218-VS Sensate is one of the high-end kitchen faucets that was manufactured completely touchless. Many consumers hesitate to buy this premium water tap because of price, but Kohler’s quality, exceptional performance and unique design are worthy of some extra bucks paid. So, let’s move to the faucet itself.

Kohler K-72218-VS Sensate touch free kitchen faucet review


Kohler K 72218 VS Sensate Faucet Design

The Kohler K 72218 is the most extraordinary touchless kitchen faucet you could ever find.  It features a stunning bell bottom shape that emphasizes the sprayer’s head. The tap is manufactured sleek and high with four finishes available: vibrant stainless, polished chrome with dark accentsvibrant stainless with dark accents and polished chrome.

The Kohler Sensate k 72218 vs is a bit wider than other similar models. Its spout is equipped with a nice LED light which shows the readiness for operation. Do not worry, you will not face any problems in case of electricity interruption as the faucet can also be controlled manually.



The Kohler Sensate touchless kitchen tap allows 1,8 gallons per minute. However, it is still water saving appliance with its automatic turn off system.

An advanced touch free technology prevents false activation when you make some manipulations too close to the faucet. Hands-free option is invaluable for busy cooks and can save your time significantly.

The Kohler K-72218-VS faucet turns on/off as soon as your hand(s) enters the activation area. The period of response is 20 milliseconds. The water temperature and flow is controlled manually meantime the mode can be adjusted with a special rubber button on the spray head.


Useful Features

  • Pull-down spray head – operates smoothly due to a swivelling ball joint;
  • Nylon hose – consists of braided nylon. Extremely resistant to tangling;
  • MasterClean Spray face – a flexible nozzle has a MasterClean Spray face which is resistant to lime deposits if the water is hard;
  • Ceramic cartridges – double ceramic valves promote long faucet life, ensuring no leaking or dripping;
  • DockNetic system – when the spray is not in use, a magnet keeps it secure in the spout and you shouldn’t worry about the hose drooping;
  • High-class finish – resists to corrosion, scratches, wear and tarnish.




The Kohler brand has been in business since 1873. It has a reputation of a reliable and honest manufacturer, creating premium plumbing of the most durable and robust materials. You would rarely have a need to replace some details in faucets made by Kohler. All the innards and finishing of the Kohler Sensate k 72218 is of the highest quality, including the touchless system.

The faucet has got 4,3 star rating on Amazon and 129 customer reviews. It is a top choice among the plumbing fixtures of the premium class. The highest grades were given for the innovation features.

Simple utilization

The reviewers emphasize that the cooking and dishwashing becomes easy with Kohler K 72218 VS. Its operation is trouble-free, the functions are user-friendly and maintenance is simple. Kohler developers simplified the kitchen faucet making it more efficient at the same time. Sensate technology is aimed to save time and make your life more convenient.


The Kohler Sensate 72218 will contribute to the safety and cleanliness of your kitchen space. Very often we try to cope with our kitchen duties in a hurry, with food or dishes in our hands. We touch the faucet with dirty hands running the risks of cross-contamination. The Sensate K-72218-VS Kohler faucet can be controlled without touching it, so you shouldn’t worry about germs and smeared appliances.

Easy installation

The Kohler Sensate touchless faucet k 72218 vs is very easy to install even for a layman. You do not need to buy any extra tools since everything is included. Also, no sealants are required – the flexible pipes are equipped with necessary compounds to prevent leaking. Just follow this manual to install the faucet properly.

It needs only one hole (just in case three-hole escutcheon is included). Besides, you have to power the faucet under your sink as it is mains-operated.


Ups & Downs


  • Perfect design and great quality;
  • Dual modes of the spray wand;
  • Reliable touchless system;
  • Does not require batteries;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Can be controlled manually.


  • High-priced model.



The Kohler K72218VS Sensate is definitely superb addition to your kitchen. This model is considered to be one of the best in the line-up of touchless plumbing equipment. Its price can seem to be high but all the features justify your expenses and make it a clever investment.