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The best jewelry steam cleaner is a must-have for anyone who owns any type of fine jewelry. It can be used to clean and shine your jewelry, as well as remove tarnish from the metal so it will last longer. You can also use a steamer on other types of metal such as silverware or copper pots and pans. The following article will answer common questions about steam cleaners, including what they are, how they work, and which ones we recommend!

Most jewelry steam cleaners are hand-held metal containers with a plastic handle and interchangeable tips, usually made from aluminum or stainless steel for the container. The inside is heated to produce vapor by running water over an electric heating element or gas burner, which then fills the chamber until it escapes through holes in the tip as high-temperature (but not boiling) steam that cleans away dirt on contact without damaging your fine jewelry! Some models have more than one nozzle head so you can clean multiple items at once such as rings, earrings, necklaces etc., while others come with attachments like brushes and polishing cloths for shining up your jewels.

A jewelry steam cleaner uses superheated water vapor (steam) to remove dirt and oils from the surface of your fine jewelry. Most models work by heating up enough water so that it produces high-temperature, low-moisture steam until pressure forces the droplets out through tiny holes in one end of the chamber near its base. The force is strong enough to blast away even stubborn grime like gunk stuck on earring posts or residue left behind after wearing them for too long! Some steamer nozzle heads are made with materials like aluminum or stainless steel for faster heat transfer without transferring hot metal onto sensitive skin around your eyes. Not only will this reduce tarnish on the metal of your jewelry, but it will also keep silver cleaner longer so it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often.

Other models use a water filter that prevents minerals from entering the steam chamber and hardening inside over time with prolonged usage, which can clog up the holes in its nozzle head or cause them to rust if left uncleaned for too long! You should clean out any calcium deposits every few months at least by boiling vinegar in the steamer until they dissolve before running fresh water through afterwards. Some jewelers recommend using distilled white vinegar instead because tap water usually contains trace amounts of additives like fluoride or chlorine that can stay on your jewelry when you rinse it off after cleaning if not properly filtered beforehand.

Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners Reviewed

GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Personal Sized Steam Cleaner


GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Personal Sized Steam Cleaner

This model comes with a powerful 900-watt steamer that heats water very quickly and uses it to clean jewelry, clothes and other items without the need for dry cleaning chemicals or harsh detergents that can damage delicate fabrics like silk. It’s designed to be lightweight so you can carry around anywhere while traveling plus features an extra long power cord of about 15 feet which makes it easy to reach distant outlets if needed too!

Weighing less than two pounds; this device is one of the lightest on the market today but still packs some serious punch when used properly since its steam chamber is large enough to hold up to twenty ounces of water at once which means using just under half full every time since only purified water should be added inside when in use.

It’s also one of the few professional steam cleaners designed for travel with a built-in water tank plus it has lots of accessories to make sure you can clean almost anything at home or when traveling which includes both soft and hard brushes, an ear bud cleaner, nose trimmer and even more extras that come included! You’ll get excellent results too just by adding your favorite jewelry inside then allowing the steamer do all the work while leaving clothes looking like new after each wash without needing dry cleaning services ever again since this does such a good job on everything from silk blouses to suede shoes so keep reading below to find out why we rated this model as best value overall!

  • 900-watt steamer heats water quickly
  • Lightweight design is easy to carry around anywhere while traveling plus has a long 15 foot power cord that makes it ideal for distant outlets too!
  • Water capacity inside the tank is large enough to hold up to 20 ounces of water at once which allows you to clean multiple items without refilling often.
  • Includes lots of useful accessories like both soft and hard brushes, ear bud cleaner, nose trimmer and more extras.
  • Be careful when adding distilled or purified water only since tap or well water can cause mineral buildups from time to time if used repeatedly over extended periods.
GemOro UltrasSpa, Dual, Steam & Ultrasonic In One

GemOro UltrasSpa, Dual, Steam & Ultrasonic In One

This is a more affordable model that works well for most people without spending too much money on an expensive steamer. It’s designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use since it doesn’t have many controls or attachments but still provides great results by using either steam or ultrasonic vibrations in one device only! This saves you time when compared with other models which require separate devices plus comes with both soft and hard brushes included so you can clean almost anything at home including jewelry effortlessly even if the item requires extra attention.

It’s also one of the best steam cleaners for clothes thanks to its powerful 900-watt steamer that heats water quickly while using purified or distilled only so you don’t need to worry about mineral deposits from tap water building up overtime after extended use, which is a common issue with other models not made by this brand. This unit will last much longer than most since it includes an 18 month warranty plus has lots of great reviews online too! You can even get free shipping if purchase through Amazon today and receive your order within just two business days upon ordering before they run out again at such low prices, perfect for gifts around Christmas time!

  • Powerful steamer heats water quickly and uses purified or distilled only.
  • Can be used as a steam cleaner for clothes too since it includes two different cleaning attachments plus 18 month warranty.
  • Doesn’t include many extra features like other models such as jewelry storage bag, travel case or digital control panel which is why this model has nearly half the price of others on the market today!
Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner For Home Use Gemoro Personal Steamer Black

Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner For Home Use Gemoro Personal Steamer Black

One of the most expensive models on the market today, this steamer is perfect for home use since it has a large water reservoir and provides hours of cleaning power with just one filling. It can also be used to clean clothes too so you don’t have to purchase yet another device at all! This model features an adjustable steam control knob along with a retractable hose that makes using this unit even easier during your next jewelry or clothing steaming session whether in front of your bathroom mirror while getting ready every morning before work or outside when hanging up freshly cleaned laundry without fear of dropping everything onto the ground below due to poor visibility from fogged up windows near your outdoor kitchen space where people tend hang out more often these days after running their errands instead of just going straight home to relax after a long day at work.

This steamer is made from high-quality materials that are meant to last for years and isn’t as bulky or heavy as some other models on the market today making it easier than ever before to bring this device with you when traveling too without worrying about taking up all of your luggage space like those large garment steamers do since these can be quite cumbersome especially if you’re trying to pack light which many people prefer nowadays instead of overpacking their suitcases even though they may already own several because there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only find out that everything doesn’t fit inside due to all of the extra baggage and having no choice but leave half behind in order avoid exorbitant excess baggage fees.

  • Reaches temperatures of up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit in just seconds
  • Perfect for home use or travel when you need a reliable steamer solution on the go
  • Includes adjustable steam control knob along with retractable hose that makes using this unit easier than ever before
  • Expensive compared to other models available today although still affordable enough for most people who want their money’s worth and then some!
X-Tronic Commercial Jewelry Steam Cleaner Machine

X-Tronic Commercial Jewelry Steam Cleaner Machine

If you’re looking for a commercial jewelry steam cleaner machine that is capable of tackling the toughest stains and dirt, this model from X-Tronic might be perfect for your needs. This model uses ordinary tap water as its source of heating which means it’s ideal to use around children or if cleanliness isn’t really your thing since these things can get pretty gross even after cleaning them out several times over with harsh chemicals like bleach which aren’t exactly safe either especially when not properly diluted before application like most people don’t bother doing today regardless because they just want results fast without having to put much effort into their daily chores then look no further than this steamer solution right here!

This unit has been designed using quality materials such as stainless steel making it capable of resisting corrosion and other forms of rust. The materials used make it very easy to clean as well so you won’t have to use harsh chemicals ever again which might be a problem for those who don’t know how to properly maintain their cleaning equipment because if not cleaned out regularly, these steam cleaners can develop mold or mildew over time since they’re water tank based units that produce the necessary heat through the boiling process where tap water is converted into its gaseous state before being released from the nozzle upon pressing down on its trigger causing oxidation in whatever surface area it comes into contact with such as metals or stones but this particular model makes all that effort obsolete by allowing access inside the machine’s boiler chamber so users will always be able to keep it clean without too much hassle.

  • Boiler chamber is easily accessible for cleaning purposes which can be done without too much hassle.
  • Resists corrosion and other forms of rust.
  • None.
GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa

GemOro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa

Another model that worth mentioning is this unit from GemOro which has been designed using quality materials such as stainless steel and a combination of aluminum with brass for its heating element. This steamer can be used on all types of jewelry including those made out of pearls, opals, gemstones or even gold without damaging them in any way since it’s capable of getting rid of dirt and grime but also very gentle enough to not affect the stones at all. All you have to do is fill up its water tank then turn it on before putting your items inside after which you just wait until they’re fully cleaned. It’s important to note that this particular steam cleaner doesn’t produce hot steam so there won’t be any risk of burning or scorching your jewelry.

All in all, this unit is definitely one to consider since it’s able of delivering professional results without costing too much money which makes it perfect for beginners but also experienced users who don’t want to spend a fortune on something that they’ll use once in a while. On top of everything else, the fact that there are no chemicals involved will leave you worry free knowing that your items won’t be damaged by any harsh substances whatsoever so this might just be what you need if safety and quality matter most when shopping around.

  • Very affordable
  • Can be used on a variety of jewelry including those made out of gems, pearls or even gold without damaging them in any way
  • Doesn’t produce hot steam so there’s no risk of burning your items thanks to the absence of very high temperatures.
  • It doesn’t have an automatic shut off feature which means that you’ll need to turn it off manually once your pieces are done being cleaned.
Deluxe Steam Dragon Jewelry Steam Cleaner w Gun

Deluxe Steam Dragon Jewelry Steam Cleaner w Gun

This steam cleaner uses a combination of stainless steel and aluminum with brass for its heating element which means that you won’t have to worry about it rusting or corroding over time. It has the ability to kill up to 99% of bacteria using nothing but water so there’s no need to use any harsh chemicals, making this one safe for anyone who wants their jewelry sparkling clean without running any risks. The good thing is that even though it can get rid of dirt, oils and other residue from your items thanks to its powerful system where superheated pressurized steam penetrates deep into all those nooks and crannies; it will never damage gems, pearls or diamonds because they’re exposed only long in order not affect them at all.

The water tank is larger than most models which means that you won’t have to refill it over and over again when steaming several pieces at once, something that’s a very convenient feature for people who wear a lot of jewelry or just want everything sparkling clean in one go because this will save you time and effort. It heats up very quickly so there’s no need to wait around before getting started on your cleaning session while the indicator light lets you know when its ready to use without any problems whatsoever.

  • It comes with a large tank
  • Heats up quickly
  • Kills bacteria using only water
  • It doesn’t have any temperature control settings.
GemOro 0375 Spa Slate Gray Steam Jewelry Cleaner Machine

GemOro 0375 Spa Slate Gray Steam Jewelry Cleaner Machine

It’s true that GemOro 0375 Spa Slate Gray Steam Jewelry Cleaner Machine is a lot more expensive than most models but it does come with tons of features and the quality is definitely worth every penny. The first thing you’ll notice about this steam cleaner machine is its design because, unlike many others which are pretty bulky, heavy and difficult to move around from one spot to another; this one comes in a nice compact size so you can keep it anywhere without any problems whatsoever.

The good news for people who want everything sparkling clean as if they were brand new without spending hours scrubbing at them or using harsh chemicals packed full of horrible fumes that might irritate their skin or even damage some gemstones isn’t just how versatile this device is but also how quick it works. You can clean all your jewelry in less than ten minutes without any effort on your part and without worrying about anything because this steam cleaner machine comes with multiple security features to prevent overheating or the like (it even has an automatic shut-off feature for example).

  • It comes with a ton of accessories and attachments which make it perfect for cleaning everything from necklaces to earrings, watches, bracelets etc.
  • It’s very versatile because you can use it on different types of materials including any metal without the risk of damaging them in any way (it even cleans wood!).
  • You’ll get an incredible amount of steam that will literally melt away all dirt and grime within minutes leaving your jewelry sparkling clean as if they were new again!
  • None.
Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel 2 3-Gallon, Made in Italy

Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel 2 3-Gallon, Made in Italy

If you are looking for a steam cleaner machine that’s versatile, reliable and built to last then the Reliable 5000CJ Stainless-Steel is definitely something worth considering. The first thing you’ll notice about this model is its build quality which combines durability with elegance in one compact unit plus it also boasts an impressive size allowing you to clean all your jewelry at once without having to constantly refill or worry about running out of water soon after.

It comes with tons of useful features including scratch resistant nylon brushes so when used properly they won’t cause any damage nor will they leave behind scratches on surfaces etc., two extension wands (one long & one short) for added reach along with many other accessories making it incredibly easy to use even by people who have never used a steam cleaner before. It also comes with a full one year warranty and is backed by the company’s friendly customer service so no matter what happens you know that your purchase is safe – just in case of any problems or concerns.

  • Reliable, durable & built to last
  • Comes with tons of accessories and useful features plus a one year warranty
  • Water capacity could be bigger (may require constant refilling)
GemOro 1 Pint Brilliant Spa Steam Jewelry Sanitizer

GemOro 1 Pint Brilliant Spa Steam Jewelry Sanitizer

Another top pick is the GemOro Steam Spa which comes with a one pint water tank that will last you around 45 minutes without having to refill – perfect if you’re looking for something small, lightweight yet efficient enough to handle all your steaming needs on a daily basis plus it has an adjustable steam control knob so no matter what kind of surfaces or items are being cleaned you’ll be able to adjust the intensity accordingly.  

When compared to other models in its price range this machine does not require any assembly nor do they come disassembled either meaning there’s absolutely nothing hard about getting started straight away after taking it out of the box. It also offers great value for money while at the same time generating more than enough steam to clean multiple pieces of jewelry at once.

The GemOro is also eco-friendly as it operates on only 45 watts meaning you’ll be able to save a lot on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by using this steamer daily without having the need for any bulky commercial grade equipment. It’s very lightweight which makes it perfect for travel purposes or if you’re simply looking for something that won’t take up too much space in the house but still just as efficient, reliable and easy-to-use.

  • One pint water tank that lasts around 45 minutes
  • Adjustable steam control knob for different kinds of surfaces and items being cleaned
  • Lightweight, easy to use and comes at a great price!
  • Not dishwasher safe

How To Choose The Best Jewelery Steam Cleaner

Portable or Stand-alone

As mentioned before, portable devices like this one make it easier to clean your jewelry and other items while traveling. However, if you don’t want the hassle of carrying around a device with you everywhere then choosing a traditional cleaner that can be used as both will save lots of space in luggage instead!

Number of Pieces to Clean at Once

The larger the chamber size is on your best jewelry steam cleaner; the less often you’ll have to refill it which means cleaning more pieces without interruption over time too. It’s also worth noting that handheld versions are limited by their water capacity so they’re designed for single use only unless refilled between each unit unlike salon types where multiple hands may come in handy during peak hours instead.

Attachments and Accessories Included

Every model comes with different accessories to help you extend its reach when cleaning multiple items, so be sure to check out the package closely before buying since this is one of those features that can’t be added or changed after purchase unless it’s your lucky day!

Accessories for Multiple Uses Besides Jewelry Cleaning?

This type makes an excellent carpet cleaner too but only if diluted first so don’t use full strength on delicate fabrics like silk because it’ll leave a burn mark behind even though you didn’t feel any heat at all during use which isn’t ideal either especially over time. It also works great as a plant sprayer by adding water mixed with dishwashing liquid inside then spraying it on greenery in your garden to kill bugs like aphids, spider mites and other harmful insects that can damage leaves without causing any harm when used properly.

Water Capacity (Reservoir Volume)

Since this is one of the main factors for determining how often you’ll have to refill the steamer while using it; look carefully at both before making a purchase decision since handheld types are limited by their smaller water capacity which means refilling them more often than salon size cleaners or industrial steamers with larger reservoirs!

Jewelry Steam Cleaner Types and their uses
  • Handheld

A handheld device that can be used to remove tarnish from gold and silver jewelry, as well as the inside of your car if diluted with water first. It’s portable size makes it easy to bring along while traveling or visiting relatives over the holidays too!

The best way to protect against these types of damage is by using a jewellery steam cleaner before they happen instead because not only does this make removing dirt, grime, dust and other particles easier without any scrubbing needed but also prevents residue left behind after wearing costume jewelery for months or years until its surface starts showing signs like dullness and rust spots instead of sparkling like new .

  • Professional Salon

A large size steamer that’s often used for cleaning carpets, upholstery and restoring wood furniture without harsh chemicals. The professional salon type can also be used to steam clean jewelry but requires more time than the handheld device mentioned before due to its larger chamber size since it holds more water! This is why you’ll need an extra pair of hands if trying this yourself unless you’re only dealing with a couple items at once instead of dozens or hundreds like in some commercial settings where they may use multiple units side by side during peak hours according to industry standards .

  • Industrial Size

Industrial size steam cleaners are designed to be used in manufacturing plants or other large commercial settings where they often deal with hundreds of units at once. These devices feature an extra-large chamber that’s capable of holding more water than the salon type mentioned before, which makes it easier to clean jewelry without having to refill it constantly like this one does due to its smaller reservoir volume. It also has various attachments that can help you extend its reach when cleaning multiple items quickly such as furniture pieces that require a little elbow grease instead of just pressing a button and letting your machine do all the work by itself!

Benefits of a Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Removes dirt, oil and other grime from your jewelry on contact

People often neglect to clean their fine jewelry because it can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Steam cleaners solve this problem by blasting away the dirt and oil on contact without damaging your metal so you don’t have to scrub or rub at all. The water vapor penetrates deep into each crevice while cleaning, which makes them more effective than dry wipes that only leave behind residue stuck in its surface instead of dissolving it like steam does! This is also why steaming should never be used on pearls unless they’re wet because any leftover grime could become baked inside when exposed to high heat for too long. Some models even come with attachments such as brushes and polishing cloths that make shining up diamonds afterwards quick and easy!

Can be used to clean anything made of metal like silverware or pots & pans

Not only does a jewelry steam cleaner make it safer and easier to clean your fine jewelry, but it can also be used on other metal items around the house! With some models that have more than one nozzle head you can clean rings, earrings, necklaces etc. all at once with just a single device. Some come with attachments like brushes or polishing cloths for cleaning silverware and pots & pans too so this makes them even better value for money compared to buying separate tools from home appliances stores! This is especially useful if you want an accessory capable of replacing many different ones in your kitchen simultaneously rather than having multiple devices cluttering up valuable counter space.

Extends the life of costume jewelery by removing residue left behind after wearing it for too long

Many people don’t clean their fine jewelry because it’s a time-consuming and laborious process that they’re not willing to go through! Even if you take the extra effort of using wet wipes, there is still residue stuck in its surface after wearing costume jewelery for extended periods of time. This builds up over months or even years until the metal starts showing signs of tarnish like dullness and rust spots instead of sparkling like when new. The steam cleaner removes this grime on contact without any scrubbing needed so your pieces always look their best no matter how long you’ve worn them for while making it last longer too! You may also want to check out our article about cleaning diamond rings with steaming machines.

Removes tarnish from gold and silver for a brighter shine

Gold and silver are both precious metals that can lose their luster after being worn for long periods of time. This is because they react to the sulfur in your sweat when you wear them, which causes a thin layer of tarnish to form on the surface over months or years until it starts looking dull instead of shiny! You don’t have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars at home appliance stores just to get jewellery steam cleaners for this purpose since they’re also capable of restoring these types too by removing any residue left behind from wearing them without damaging its metal alloy unlike harsh chemicals found in some traditional cleaning solutions!

Steam can also be used to remove water marks on wood furniture, as well as clean the inside of your car if diluted with water first

Steam cleaners aren’t just limited to the home and can be used in a variety of other situations too. For example, they’re great for removing water marks on wood furniture without any harsh chemicals needed since these work by dissolving grime with heat instead! They also make it easy to steam clean carpets or even car interiors when diluted with water first so you don’t damage sensitive upholstery like leather seats or leave behind residue like how air fresheners do. This is especially useful if your vehicle has been exposed to things that dirtied its interior over time such as being around smokers which often leaves behind an unpleasant smell.

Portable size makes it easy to bring along while traveling or visiting relatives over the holidays

Many people only use the best jewelry steam cleaner at home and keep it stored away for months or years without using it! This is because they’re bulky since traditional cleaners are often designed to be used as stand-alone devices instead of being portable like this one. Even if you don’t think you’ll need a jewellery steamer, having an extra gadget around just in case can save you lots of hassle especially when traveling by plane which prohibits many liquids from entering its cabin baggage according to TSA rules . It’s also great for visiting relatives during holidays where things may get dirty unexpectedly such as carpets or upholstery on furniture that didn’t exist before!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Switch to a Jewelry Steam Cleaner?

A jewelry steam cleaner is a great investment for people that wear and own different kinds of gemstone or precious metals such as gold, silver, pearl and so on.

By steaming your pieces you’ll be able to keep them clean at all times which will not only make them look more appealing but it will also improve their overall lifespan by preventing any damage from occurring due to chemical reactions with the air .

Another reason why owning a jewelry steam cleaner is a good idea has got do with removing allergens present in our homes – most notably cat dander , dust mites , pet hair/dandruff, bacteria et cetera. Steaming can help remove up to 97% of these particles which means getting rid off allergies altogether!

Will a Jewelry Steam Cleaner Clean the Jewelry?

Yes, a jewelry steam cleaner will clean your items just as well if not better than any other method.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for something small and compact that can fit into the palm of your hand or prefer something in particular because there are models suitable for every budget on the market – it all comes down to what you need it for and the amount of steaming you’ll be doing on a daily basis.

Are Jewelry Steam Cleaners Harmful to the Health of Expensive Jewelry?

This mainly depends on the model you have purchased and if it is safe to use when in contact with certain gemstones or metals.

In most cases, even though a steamer might come with instructions that say not to get your items wet there’s no need for concern since they are all perfectly harmless especially when compared to dry cleaning methods such as brushing (which can often lead into chipping/scratching) et cetera.   Just make sure you read up about any particular product before using it to see whether or not it’s suitable for different kinds of jewelry materials – also double check which accessories will be needed depending on what kind of surface needs cleaning (i.e.: brushes).

Is it Chemical Free?

Yes, most steam cleaners are chemical free meaning they won’t leave any residue on the precious metals and gemstones you might be steaming (if it is compatible with your chosen model).

Can I Use Jewelry Steam Cleaners for Other Purposes?

Yes, a jewelry steam cleaner can be used for many purposes other than just cleaning items such as clothes/linens and so on.


When you’ve got a lot of jewelry to clean, it can be time-consuming and tedious. But with the right tools in your arsenal, cleaning is easy peasy! To help figure out which type of steamer will work best for you—whether that means size or features like an on/off switch—we’ve put together this handy guide. Which one are you considering?