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InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist garbage disposal

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InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist

People who have placed septic tanks in their houses are responsible and take care of the environment. Even so, if you’re one of those people, you can be upset because there are items you are not able to do, unlike people who use a common waste system. I understand how many problems you face every day. For example, you should carefully pick correct detergents and check the kind of waste you throw into the system. But today I would like to concentrate on another topic.

On my website, there are many reviews about diverse waste disposers. I like this topic, and I try to provide maximum useful information about these units.

So, in this review I’ll tell you about a garbage disposal that is convenient for a septic tank. I worked hard, but I’ve found it! It is the InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist that has plenty of advantages you’ll find in this article.

InSinkErator Evolution Review

1066409It is convenient for any waste type

Maybe you didn’t use a garbage disposer before because you couldn’t find an appropriate model for a septic tank. Or maybe you were afraid of limitations. I’m sure this garbage disposer will please you and change your opinion.

Many other models of waste disposals usually tend to squeeze and clog. This unit doesn’t have these problems because of a two-stage grinding system. Garbage you put there takes on a fluid consistency and easily passes through a septic tank. For better understanding, I want to explain this process more detailed. This garbage disposal uses a GrindShear ring and a Tri-Action lug system. This combination ensures that food you through will be ground up successfully.

In addition to your waste disposer, a manufacturer will give you a Bio-Charge enzyme treatment for free. This system produces thousands of the bacterium that contain enzymes each time you switch on a disposal. This process provides an intensified breakdown of the food you through.

I think most housewives will appreciate a wonderful citrus aroma that stops all unpleasant odors associated with disposal units.

I can notice only one disadvantage of this device. The Bio-Charger is bulky, and it is suitable at most for houses that have a lot of space under a sink.

1066409The noise level

As for me, the noise level can be a serious issue. Luckily, the manufacturer made all necessary arrangements and equipped this unit so well that you won’t face with this problem. This disposer works extra quiet. You may even forget that it is still working.

Let me tell you, how a vendor has reached these great results. He had used modern technologies to isolate the motor. There is also an anti-vibration sink mount and a tail-pipe in a set. Moreover, you may use a sink baffle if needed. According to all these characteristics, I can conclude that this waste disposal is so quiet that you can continue your conversation while crushing a waste.

1066409Simple installation

There is one problem people frequently face after purchasing a new garbage disposer. It is hard and complicated installation. Fortunately, InSinkErator is known as a responsible manufacturer that takes care about a comfort of their clients. So, the disposers they produce are easy enough to use.

Therefore, the Evolution Septic Assist is convenient and effortless to install. It has a special Quick Lock sink mount. If you have another disposal, you should just take it off and place the new one.