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Infiniti by Conair YOU Root Boost

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prosAdvantages: Budget friendly nevertheless high-quality product. Gets hot extremely fast and grows up to powerful salon temperature ranges with no any hair harm as well as that “I just styled my hair” burning odor. It raises your lifeless roots and brings that desired volume and shape to your flat, dull hair. Enhanced hair contact and also “deeper to the root” access due to an innovative plate concept. Ideal for styling of all lengths and hair types.

consDisadvantages: You can not apply it for stylistic crimping because it is a mini crimper for root enhancing.

Infiniti by Conair YOU Root BoostSelecting the ideal, flat iron, crimper or what else to tame your frizzy, curly, wild, thick or just unmanageable hair can turn out to be more of an ache than you expected.

Browsing one flat iron review following the other looks to last forever, and you frequently end up not understanding a great deal more but being a hell of a lot more lost about everything.

I have a great info for you. You have finally completed your nonstop search for quality details.


Infiniti by Conair YOU Root Boost Review

Sure, I am speaking, but why would you pay attention?

I am speaking from many years of practice. As a hairdresser, and also a former judge in the hairstyling contests I believe my qualifications are in order. I am a happy owner of a “not so simple to handle” hair too, so I understand completely well where you are coming from.

Writing all kinds of blog articles about these issues and ratings is just one method of sharing what I have discovered over the years.

Thus, if you are following an expert, sincere and unprejudiced writing, you are welcome.

When it concerns Infinity series by Conair, I have carried out an Infinity Pro Conair overview and a review of Conair Infinity Pro hair straightener. I am on a roll at this point, so why not keep going.

Let me present you the basics around my researching method real fast:

  • We will begin by getting some essential product specs straight from the company
  • Following stop are the experience and opinions of the consumers who, in fact, had their hair between these plates
  • At last, I will complete my judgment and say to you what I think regarding this entire matter

Device specification (or: What the company claimed about its item)

Well, let us look at what we are up against at this point:

  • Exclusively designed slim plates for deeper reach, further to the rootInfiniti by Conair YOU Root Boost-1
  • Easy-add volume using unique, innovative function for root lifting
  • Ideal fit for layered and also shorter hair styles
  • Better hair contact made possible by floating plate technological innovation
  • Suit for styling of all lengths and hair types

Alright, that is some quite exciting stuff there. Let us observe how it holds up in opposition to what the real customers have to point out about it.

Positives (Enjoyable consumer experiences)

We will kick issues off with some beautiful things users contributed to us:

prosMy hair is straight and neck length. I just can’t stand when it sits all smooth on my head, so it is a great thing how this crimper supplies it with a little boost. I enjoy the fact that it continues well into the following day with no extra touch ups except when you shampoo naturally. It is also very simple to work with. I am no specialist with a curling iron or something, yet I feel like a real professional while making use of this lovely little trinket. Awesome!

prosMy new hair stylist applied this hair product on my hair in his parlor, and he got me all fascinated. My dull and lifeless hair always required a lot of different solutions for a proper boost and hold. The effects were incredible, and I had to turn Amazon simply inside-out till I found it. It is super simple to apply, and my hair has an ideal shape to it till I shampoo it again. I adore it!

prosIt took me the eternity to do my whole hair previously. Using this little thing, it is all done in about 15 min. It gets hot super quickly, and it grows to a pretty intensive temperature so only a couple of seconds is all your portioned strand will require. The Second heat level is just hot sufficient for an ideal look and no harm or that terrible burnt odor

prosMy God! I finally have got a whole head of hair! No more flat and lifeless hair for myself! I apply my “Fuller richer hair” aerosol prior to I begin with the crimper, and the effects are out of this world

prosMy hair is very dense and difficult to handle but in some way this crimper manages it, even at the minimum heat setting. The item heats up very quickly; it is user-friendly, and it allows you get back the command over your hair

prosThe most efficient flat iron I have ever had from this company, and they have got my loyalty forever. At the moment, I have one more Conair Infiniti Tourmaline ceramic styling iron along with this mini one. My hair is extremely flat and thin, and I’ve tried all the things to bring a little volume to it. This styler is a real miracle! Backcombing my hair is this kind of a pain, and it is challenging for the hair also. It is the more hair friendly solution, and it minimizes the required time in 50 %

prosMy hair is extremely thin and straight, and there were moments when I would have murdered to get some little amount of volume. This crimper provides a fantastic boost to my roots, and that is the area the boost is the most necessary. I can not think about going while not this small magic wand. By the way, I discovered it on YouTube and purchased it from Amazon. Excellent shipping service and superb customer assistance.

Negatives (not so beautiful consumer experiences)

Time to face the music:

  • It is aт excellent crimper, yet my difficult to curl hair is simply not possible to curl. It looks fantastic for around 9 – 10 hrs and then it is back to natural. But that is enough anyhow when compared with my earlier experiences. Thus, my hair is theoretical to fault, not the crimper
  • Apparently I got lost and purchased the wrong product. It is not exactly what I was looking for
  • I required this crimper for certain stylistic crimping, and soon after I discovered it is only for root enhancing. My oversight

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