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Take off garbage disposal

It’s a common thing when people return their disposals because they have problems with installation. I’ve met many people who were at the loss of complicated instructions and rejected the disposal just because it didn’t snap into a place instantly.

It is a good idea to call in a plumber who will make this job for you, but it will increase your spending. Moreover, for some men, the heads of family, who spent hours for nothing, it can be difficult to watch how a strange man installs this disposal in ten minutes.Garbage disposal removal

In fact, most manufacturers can’t describe the installation process clearly in their instructions. It seems that it is a hard proc
edure, and only professionals can do it right. I will show you that installation of a disposer is very simple DIY job. Just remember that you need to take safety precautions before you start working with your new waste disposal!

1066409Safety precautions

First and foremost, don’t forget about the power. Before you start the installation make sure that you completely turned off the electricity. Secondly, you should use only recommended tools. It is crucial if you are a newcomer in DIY job. Any experiments with unfamiliar appliances can lead to the emergency room.


Sometimes I have a deal with a return of disposals with completely crushed and broken components. It is essential to stay cool when you’re doing a job like this by yourself. I have one very important advice for you. If you see that you’re doing everything too fast and force your moves, you need a break. Drink a cup of tea or coffee, settle down and after that continue your job in good humor.

1066409The job at hand

You see that all my suggestions do not concern on the working process. I did it on purpose. I consider that it will be more efficient if you’ll hear necessary tips from someone who does this job constantly.

Here are two videos that will show you a gradual process of installation, replacing or removing a garbage disposer. I think it is useful material because you may stop it where you need and watch it so many times as you need.