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How to Deal with the Coffee Stains on a Carpet

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CCoffee Stains on a Carpetarpets are the marvelous decorations of every house or flat. Homeowners proudly represent them to their friends, placing the carpets in a room where they usually take guests. It is, of course, a right move in terms of logic and aesthetics. Some may say why buying it if not showing to others. But sometimes spilling drinks on your favorite decoration may turn to be a huge disappointment if not to say trial. Did you have a chance to deal with coffee stains on a carpet? Usually, those things stay for good if not cleaned properly. Today we are going to provide some tips about how to remove things like coffee stains.

Coffee Stains on a Carpet

Using a natural stain remover

At first look, the coffee stain may seem threatening. But actually, it is easy to get rid of if you use the right products to combat the matter. Things like baking soda, a mild detergent, and a spray bottle will help a lot. The process will be much easier if you start dealing with the wet spot. Pour some detergent and try cleaning the carpet gently. Do not rub the fiber, this move can only do the job harder. Spray some water from the bottle on top of the area you were cleaning and dry it with paper towels. Add some baking soda to absorb the moisture and let it stay there for a couple of minutes. Take a vacuum cleaner after that and remove the remnants of soda.

If there’s still some coffee on the carpet, use a combination of water and vinegar in equal parts. Clean the area once again and dry it.

For the coffee spills that have already dried up, we recommend using a commercial stain remover. A product should be chosen on the basis of your carpet’s fiber. Some of the cleaners have a formula that helps to eliminate the coffee stains.

Some specific procedures for various types of fibers

When it comes to coffee stains on the natural fabrics, the first thing you should do is to spray some cold water on the area. Dry the spot with the paper towels. This method will help with the freshly spilled stains.

Olefin and nylon carpets are easier to deal because these fabrics are highly stain resistant. Just absorb the moisture from the carpet but try to prevent it from trapping inside the fibers. It may cause the mold growth.

Polyester carpets require the use of water and white vinegar in equal parts. Spray the mixture on the carpet and get rid of the stain with the help of a sponge. Dry it then with paper towels.

Always test the cleaning solution!

All cleaning solutions with no exceptions should be checked on some secondary spots before being used on the carpets! That’s the major rule one should keep in mind.

Test it on the small patch of a carpet, watch for any change in color or fiber structure, if you see any of these activities, look for another cleaning solution.

A couple of additional tips

The following steps are taken when you need to eliminate an old stain:

  • Spray some water to soften the stain
  • Sprinkle salt on top of the area

Salt will draw the coffee out of the carpet, fading the color of the stain

  • Gather the salt with vacuum cleaner
  • Remove the remaining stain with a specialized cleaning solution

The lemon juice can also help a lot. The vitamin C makes the dark stains look lighter. Some experts may also recommend pouring beer on the affected area, it can draw the coffee out of the carpet. Just absorb the moisture with a towel or cloth. Even if you are short of time, you can leave this work for another day or two with the variety of cleaning solutions on the market. They all easily deal with the dried stains and are mostly non-toxic. Consider the methods we described in this articles to be a good alternative for the commercial products.

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