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Best way to clean cloth car seats

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clean cloth car seatsRemoving the stains from cloth car seats has always been a hardship for car owners, because, unlike the leather seats, they can’t be simply wiped off with a hand cloth. One needs to put lots of efforts and use cleaning solutions that are meant for cloth products only. No wonder, more and more people are searching for an affordable and a reliable way to get rid of stains.

If you fought with the dirt on the seats before, you should probably know the chances of removing the stubborn stains. The sooner you start cleaning them, the higher success rate will be. The reasons of obtaining those “insignias” can be different. But usually they result from the following:

  • Chocolate, mustard and ketchup stains on the backseats that your kids leave after themselves. There may be pen marks as well.
  • Some people prefer taking pets with them in a car. The stains they leave may spread a very unpleasant smell.
  • If the car had a previous owner, there are guaranteed traces of its long-time use. Such stains cause additional difficulties as you have no idea about their origin and the time they’ve been there.

Should we remind that the dirt inside your car may become a source of germs and bacteria? It’s not just a matter of aesthetics but a question of health as well. Eliminating those stains becomes a huge priority.

The way to remove the stains and odors

Even if there are no stains at all, we recommend your car seats to be cleaned and taken care of regularly. The fewer microbes, allergens or dust get in contact with your skin, the higher chances to stay healthy. And the clean air you breathe, without odors, will be an additional bonus to the inner environment.

The best way to clean the cloth seats’ stains off is to use a car upholstery cleaner. This device is specially designed for cleaning a cloth surface. Though, you may also use the properly formulated carpet cleaners. They successfully deal with cloth seats’ dirt too.

Both types of cleaners are suitable for keeping your car interior clean in a long run. Use the unit every time you see the upholstery needs refreshment. An excellent looking car with a fresh air inside will make you enjoy every single moment of the ride.

Some of the car owners prefer to use a self-made solution to eliminate the stains. We encourage the desire to avoid extra spends, but, the practice shows, it doesn’t always work efficiently. The cleaners have a particular formula for every type of surface and make the cleaning process much faster. If you use the wrong solution it may result in a white soapy patch that is not easy to remove. And there is also a risk to fade the color. That’s why it is more reliable and safe to use a professional tool. We wouldn’t recommend our customers to do the experiments. Especially those, that care about the reselling value of their vehicle.

Recommended cleaning machine for car seats of cloth

Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner 3624



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