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Hoover MaxExtract Dual V

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Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412-900Among various models of carpet cleaners, Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412900 is distinguished for its popularity and desirability. What has made Hoover carpet steam cleaners so attractive among users is their level of efficiency in the tasks of carpet cleaning. Particularly, Max Extract Dual V F7412900 cleaners catch user’s attention by their established effectiveness in carpet cleaning, cutting-edge design, and exceptional usability. Now, we are going to review its major characteristics, as well as the way these special features turn the process of cleaning into an effortless and high-performance activity.

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Characteristics & Advantages

Counter Rotating Brushing – owing to 6 counter spinning brushheads, the MaxExtract Dual V F7412900 model is especially effective in the task of cleaning carpets. Unlike the traditional system using uni-directional rotating brushes, this Hoover cleaner is endowed with a patented technology Hoover SpinScrub allowing to gather and get rid of the dirt and stains much more efficiently. The best confirmation of the impressive power of this technology is a dramatic number of user reviews reporting astonishing effectiveness excelling that of commercial grade carpet cleaners.

Different Brush Speeds. You may choose among three speeds, in which the counter-rotating brushes move: moderate, splinter picking, or intensive scrubbing. This choice enables the user to pick the most suitable scrubbing mode, which is essential if you do not want your carpet to wear out in the result of needless scrubbing intensity.

High-Energy. The horsepower of this carpet cleaner equals to 12 amp. This level of power is comparable to the one of commercial grade carpet cleaners you can see at supermarkets, even though it does not fall into this category of cleaners.

Widepath. 5brushheads is what you get in traditional Hoover SteamVacs. But in the case of Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner, an additional brushhead allows the machine to cover a 20% bigger area. For a user, this results in higher speed and effectiveness of cleaning since the cleaner handles a wider carpet area with no change in the number of cleaning moves.

Edge Cleaning Bristles. One of the most difficult stages in carpet cleaning is dealing with the edges (near furniture or walls, for instance). Nevertheless, thanks to the refined design of the bristles, this task turns into a successful and pleasant experience.

Hot Water Usage. This cleaner’s water tank allows taking hot water, which considerably raises the overall effectiveness of cleaning.

Isolated Clean and Dirty Water Tanks. Unlike more common models using one water tank with a middle divider, here you will find two completely separate water tanks that prevent dirty water mixing with the clean water. Thus, the problem of gradual water muddying is perfectly solved.

Isolated Detergent Compartment & Rinse-Only Function. This carpet cleaner includes a separate compartment for detergents. Among the users, this is quite a popular design element, for it gives the choice between the detergent carpet washing and rinse-only cleaning. The latter mode is often used not only to save detergent during the current cleaning session, but also to leave the unspent detergent for the next session.

8 Ft. Hose & Portable Tool. With the help of an eight-foot hose and a portable tool, the task of cleaning hard-to-access spaces like stairs and upholstery finally becomes manageable.

1-Year Guarantee. This carpet cleaner comes with a one-year guarantee from Hoover. Throughout the years, Hoover has earned a reputation of a manufacturer keeping its guarantee liabilities at the highest level expected. According to the numerous customer reviews, Hoover responsibly provides help and advice in cases of any problems with their cleaners.

Magnificent Cleanness of Your Carpets

When it comes to accomplishing its main function of cleaning, Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412-900 demonstrates outstanding success. The fascination of users can be seen in numerous customer reviews. You can come across such comments as “functions perfectly”, “the best carpet shampooer I’ve ever used”, “awesome machine”, “amazed by this cleaner”.

Even more, this carpet cleaner is reported to surprise users by making even old stains disappear. The list of stains it can successfully remove fascinates: coffee, juice, pet stains and even vomit – everything you usually have a hard time dealing with. No surprise this carpet cleaner has earned its place among the top 5 cleaners at Carpet Cleaning Machines reviews page.

Heated Air Function for Fast Drying

One more attractive feature of Hoover MaxExtract F7412900 is fast drying time. This function uses the heated air, which flows directly onto the surface of the wet carpet thus shortening its drying time. Thanks to the combination of an especially effective water suction function and heated air drying, you can expect to enjoy a totally clean and dry carpet in just a few hours after the cleaning session.

In fact, this feature is extremely important since long drying time is one of the biggest pains experienced by carpet cleaner users. Even the professional models left their users waiting for at least a day for a carpet to get dry. In the case of Hoover MaxExtract F7412900, you are offered a substantially shorter drying time in comparison with other carpet cleaners.

Excellent Usability and Design

High usability is one of the most prominent features of Hoover MaxExtract F7412900. Numerous users habe appreciated the ease and speed of starting the cleaner. The simplicity of operations became possible thanks to the the intuitive design of the user controls.

One more feature of Max Extract Dual V F7412-900 well-liked by the users is the size of its water tanks, with 1 gallon being generous for this category of cleaners. The reasons for the users to be that much satisfied are clear: the water tanks are small enough not to burden the cleaner’s weight and mobility, and still big enough to hold the sufficient amount of water and relieve the user from the necessity to refill the tank numerous times.

In Comparison with Other Top Rated Hoover Models

The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V F7412-900 model is characterized by a number of benefits when compared to other top-of-the-range Hoover carpet cleaners.


plusWidepath. In comparison with Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge F5914-900or the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150, this carpet cleaner covers 120% of cleaning surface in the same time, which means 120% quicker cleaning.

plusIsolated Detergent Compartment & Rinse-Only Function. Owing to the presence of a separate compartment for detergent and rinse-only mode, the Max Extract Dual V machine not only offers easier rinsing if necessary but also reasonable detergent usage.


w256h2561339252558DeleteRedHigher price. This model will cost you around $30-40 more than Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge F5914-900, an alternative enjoying the highest popularity among users. Nevertheless, the difference in pricing is justified – it allows using two premium functions: extra widepath and rinse-only

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedWeight. With a weight of 27 lbs, this carpet cleaner beats other Hoover models in weight category, with the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge F5914-900 weighing only 20 lbs and HooverMaxExtract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep Cleaner FH50220 scoring 22 lbs.

If you would like to compare such carpet cleaner models as Hoover MaxExtract Dual V, Hoover SteamVac, Clean Surge, MaxExtract 60 PressurePro, Power Scrub Deluxe, and Bissell Pro Heat 2x in a side-by-side mode, use our specially designed Compare Carpet Cleaning Machines chart.

Moreover, the cleaner we are now reviewing also has an upgraded variation endowed with such additional functions as hard floor cleaning used for sealed hardwood floors or even ceramic tiles. For more detailed information about the model, go to Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer F7452900PC page.

Tips to Consider and Keep in Mind

If you do desire to become a user of this carpet cleaner, you will benefit from using the following tips:

  1. Make use from reading the quick guide as well as the manual. Despite the strong desire to try out your new carpet cleaner the moment you unpack it, what will prove to be the real time saver is reading the manuals. They will help to quickly figure out all the tiniest and yet important details of making the machine fulfil its cleaning functions in the most efficient way.
  2. Be accurate when putting the lids, tanks, and other components in place. Improper or imprecise placing of the tanks and other details leads to high chances of leakages, as some users have reported. Besides, careless alignment of the components can become the reason of deterioration in suction and overall cleaning power as well.
  3. Clear the water tanks after finishing the cleaning. Leaving even a seemingly small amount of water in the tank leads to premature outwearing of the components. The extreme risk is run when leaving the dirty water with detergent in the tank. Besides, when the tanks and leads are not aligned properly, you might also face the unpleasant problem of leakages.
  4. Benefit from using the branded Hoover detergents. It is worthwhile to think over using a special detergent perfectly fitting your new Hoover cleaner, for instance, Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Detergent. As it has been repeatedly stated by the satisfied users, branded Hoover detergents do their job in the best way expected thus considerably saving the user’s time. The efficiency of these detergents is well demonstrated in the numerous customer reviews. What is more, you can choose the detergent depending on the kind of cleaning you need: Hoover Platinum Pet Detergent for heavy cleaning or Hoover Clean Plus 2X for regular usage.

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