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Hoover MaxExtract 77

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Hoover MaxExtract 77 Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240The Hoover MaxExtract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240 is Hoover’s high-quality carpeting cleaner product. The item comes with just about all premium benefits that consumers need in an excellent household rug cleaner, and also is able of washing hard flooring as well. This overview deals with what exactly helps make this particular carpet cleaner a power to consider of.

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1066409SpinScrub Deep Cleaning – Customers get outstanding deep cleaning capability as a result of Hoover’s branded counter-rotating brushes technologies. From all Hoover SteamVacs (that is carpeting cleaning products), the Max Extract 77 FH50240 features the most innovative construction as well as amount of brushes. There is a total of SEVENTY SEVEN reverse revolving brushes arranged around eleven spin scrub heads and distributed over two lines.

The SpinScrub function makes it possible for you to select from some various cleanup settings, like ‘Power Scrub’,  ‘Gentle Scrub.’ or ‘Spill Pickup’, therefore you will not need to apply a ‘one size fits all’ technique to clean up your carpeting or hard floors.

1066409Pressurised Edge to Edge Cleanup Intended for Extra Cleaning Boost – The pressured cleanup function pumps a pressurised water jet upon rugs, eliminating the most challenging dirt. The Edge to Edge cleanup guarantees equal cleaning outcomes, also near to the edge of rugs. Other than this product (Max Extract 77), solely the Hoover Max Extract 60 possesses this particular function.

1066409MaxExtract DualV Nozzle System Offers Even Cleanup and Quick Drying. In case you desire your carpeting to be cleaned out as comprehensively and as rapidly as you can then you will be thankful for the Dual V Nozzle technology in this kind of carpet cleaner. Fundamentally this feature lets this device apply really high suction strength to draw out dirty waters out of rugs incredibly fast, making it possible for carpets to dry out a little bit more quickly as well as receive truly, truly, clean in addition.

1066409Dual Tank System Allows You Easy to Fill/ Re-fill Tanks – The ‘Smart Tanks’ technology built in the Hoover MaxExtract carpet cleaner signifies that you get independent tanks for clear and dirty water. Many consumers believe it is much more handy to work with a 2-tank system as compared with using a single tank that contains together clear and dirty waters. Customers have the ability to fill up as well as drain every tank independently, there’s no possibility to mix the clear and dirty water.

1066409Widepath Cleaning For Quicker Cleanup – This product possesses a broad cleaning path that is about 20 percent broader in comparison with an ordinary Hoover Steamvac. This feature enables more cleanup to be performed by every cleaning step.

1066409Hot Water Cleanup For Extra Action – The device operates well using hot water. The item doesn’t include a built-in water heater to generate vapor, simply similar to most other carpet cleaners on the market.

1066409CleanSurge For Intensely Trafficked Spots – Just one press of a control key is all that’s necessary to use added cleaning agent and washing strength to problematic areas, as well as intensively trafficked places of your carpeting. It is good to realize the fact that you can quickly concentrate your washing work exactly where you will receive the best profit from it!

1066409Automated Detergent Program/ Separate Cleaning Agent Compartment – You will find an individual compartment intended for filling cleaning agent. The appliance will automatically blend the detergent and clean water in the proper proportion for perfect clean-up benefits. The product guidance calls for the apply of Hoover washing liquid.

1066409Auto Rinsing Eliminates Detergent Remnant. The AutoRinse™ function on this kind of carpet washer indicates you can quickly put down cleaning agent while you are moving the machine ahead, and then the appliance automatically washes the very same spot with clean water while you are drawing the machine in reverse. This feature will save consumers having to keep in mind which spots were washed correctly and which were not.

1066409The AutoRinse™ function also spares cleaning period for the reason that consumers can just use a rinsing step instantly following a washing step without having to run a 2nd cleanup round applying the rinse only function. However, customers are going to have the alternative to performing extra rinsing circles using the Max Extract 77’s rinse only setting.

1066409Squeegee Add-on Intended for Hard Floor Surfaces Cleanup – The appliance is included with a squeegee accessory ideal for washing hard surfaces.

1066409Excellent Hosepipe Length. Longer hose-pipe is practically at all times better whenever considering any carpet cleaner, and the Hoover MaxExtract 77 (FH50240) possesses 9 feet of cord to suit your needs – as a minimum having a wire of this size you will not come to feel constrained.

1066409High Power Cable Size – You will not find yourself tied up to a power wall plug with the 20-foot electric wire on this kind of carpet cleaner.

10664092 Year Guarantee – The Hoover MaxExtract 77 carpet cleaner is sold with a two-year guarantee, for a longer period compared to the regular 12 months guarantee that are available with many other products.

Hoover MaxExtract 77 Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240 Overview

Substantial Deep Cleanup Strength

The 77 brushes of the Hoover MaxExtract 77 Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240 make it possible for it to get truly deeply into the pile of your carpeting, removing so much soil as possible. Next when you put together that with the MaxExtract DualV nozzle concept, you obtain the level of cleaning, you would anticipate from a top brand such as Hoover. The Pressurised Edge to Edge cleaning function provides in yet one more extra enhance of cleaning strength.

Provided by the three-way actions of SpinScrub having 77 brushes (removing soil), Dual V (drawing water out equally for quick and equal drying), and Pressurized Edge to Edge cleaning (pressurised cleaning stream), the MaxExtract 77 FH50240 is ideal prepared to clean thoroughly out the most challenging stains and really smudged rugs when compared to every other Hoover carpet shampooer.

It is simple to claim just how good your carpet shampooer performs, yet the proof is actually in the outcomes, and this particular Hoover carpet cleaner provides incredible benefits by the truckload! It is not hard to find customers who are impressed by how obviously thoroughly clean and puffy their rugs have become, also in comparison to previous results applying professional grade rental equipment or cleanup performed by qualified carpet cleaners.

Big, Separate Water Tanks Which Are Simple To Work with

We truly valued the fact that this particular carpeting and hard floor cleaner includes two independent water tanks for clear and dirty waters. The tank volume for either the clear and also dirty tanks is about 1.14 gallons; that is usually larger sized as compared to the regular one-gallon tanks you’ll get in many other Hoover carpet washing machines. For consumers who enjoy spending less time, it signifies having more cleanup carried out with every filling and draining of tank routine. Be aware of the fact that the added water volume weigh down the device a bit more.

In case you have previously had to deal with a 1-tank carpet cleaner, you will realize just the amount of time you spend halting and beginning to drain the water tank. At least having the ‘Smart Tanks’ method you just have to bother about getting rid of the dirty waters as soon as the container is full, as well as filling the primary water/ cleaning agent tank if it is running very low. Furthermore, there’s much less mess needing to handle together clear and dirty waters in 1 tank.

The tanks are developed to be simple to take out and set back in position. When compared with the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge, the dirty water tank is a little bit simpler to access. The MaxExtract 77 benefits a more modern design.

Quick Drying Period

In order to speed your carpeting dry time, the carpet cleaner applies air heater to dry the rug a bit more as soon as it has completed taking out most of the water from the carpet. Apparently when you keep windows, as well as doors, opened to improve the natural drying out process, it is going to speed it up also.

Usefulness – Hard Carpet Stain, Hard Flooring, Automobiles, Furnishings

This particular carpet cleaner offers various cleaning settings, that signifies you can quickly adapt the cleaner to match your specific cleaning duties – which includes its capability to wash hard floors. The CleanSurge function is at the same time a right touch for the reason that whenever you run into a hard to clean spot – and you certainly will find one sometime – you can easily “zap” it using more cleaning agent in order to dispose it.

In case you are dealing with only cleaning up irritating liquid spillage, you can directly apply the spill pick-up function to draw in the spillage with no scrubbing it into the rug. As well as you have to clean a few more severe stains you will be pleased of the strength this carpet shampooer sets at your removal.

This carpet and floor cleaner device package additionally comes with a furniture tool as well as a motorized spin-scrub tool that will make it possible for cleanup upholstery, stairways and also automobiles.

Factors to Watch Out For

In Comparison To Some other Hoover Carpet Cleaners

Features ALL High-Quality Benefits. The Hoover MaxExtract 77 Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240 is the leading high-end Hoover carpet cleaner product in comparison with every other Hoover carpet cleaners. High quality characteristics such as washing hard flooring, auto rinsing, rinse only cleanup, pressurised jet cleanup for hard stains, possessing a separate tank for detergent as well as Clean Surge – all contained in this item. This device is most appropriate for customers searching to get rid of the most challenging stains and /or somebody who enjoys the advantage of all premium characteristics.

Includes Motorized Handtool. The bundle additionally comes with a driven spin scrub hand tool, a helpful add-on that is included in numerous however not every Hoover cleaners.

Bigger Tank Volume. The Hoover MaxExtract 77 Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240 furthermore possesses a larger tank capacity close to 1.14 gallons, in comparison with the standard one-gallon tank in the majority of Hoover carpet cleaners.

In Comparison with Hoover Max Extract 60. When compared, the Hoover Max Extract 60 FH50220 is quite close in characteristics to this product model, but without having the hard floors cleaning function. Having or not the hard flooring cleaning option, numerous consumers however choose the Max Extract 77 for the reason that the Max Extract 60 at the same time doesn’t include AutoRinse, CleanSurge and the driven Spinscrub hand tool add-on. The Max Extract 60 will cost you around $60 to $70 less.

Hard Floors Cleaning Okay Yet Not Impressive

Reward regarding the cleaner’s power to deal with clean rugs is good and remarkable. The responses from customers concerning its capability to clean up the hard floor are considerably more muffled. No doubt, there are people who enjoy how simple it appeared to wash their hard flooring using this cleaner, dragging the gunk out. Independently, other consumers claimed that the device gets immoderately noisy while other people state that it’s difficult to work with.

Customers that are looking for an excellent carpet and hard floors combo cleaner device may wish to take a look at the Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner F7452900PC also. Consumer satisfaction opinions concerning the hard floors washing benefits of the Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain are higher. The primary distinction is that the Hoover MaxExtract All Terrain doesn’t include the pressurised jet cleaning and CleanSurge function, that signifies its general cleaning strength is a little bit lower.


In case you have never applied a carpet cleaner previously then you will possibly be amazed by how weighty they can be if filled with water and washing liquid. With that being mentioned once you build a “flow” while applying the unit you will most likely not even realize right after the first several uses.

The Hoover MaxExtract 77 may at first appear as a bit weightier as compared to the Hoover SteamVac with CleanSurge or Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer. Nevertheless, it’s still less heavy in comparison with Bissell’s home upright cleaners, which commonly weigh about 25 lbs and more.

The MaxExtract 77 device alone weighs 22.5 pounds when compared with the 20 pounds of the Hoover SteamVac with CleanSurge. It likewise has a big water tank, that if loaded with water, will mean more weight. One consumer mentioned it will come to feel like you have had a work out after the cleanup is completed.

Hoover Brand Detergent

In accordance to Hoover, to prevent any long-term troubles with this machine, they highly recommend users to apply Hoover brand washing liquid. You will come across numerous carpet cleaner liquids available that state they are suited for usage in any carpet cleaner, however in case you desire the most efficient outcomes from the Hoover MaxExtract 77, the simplest method will be to restrict it to work with with Hoover’s own cleaning agent solutions. The best Hoover cleaning liquids selected by Hoover MaxExtract 77 purchasers are:

Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus Carpet & Upholstery Detergent

Hoover 2X FloorMate Tile and Grout Plus Hard Floor Cleaning Solution

Hoover Platinum Collection Professional Strength Carpet and Upholstery

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