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Garbage disposal splash guards

Garbage disposal accessories

Having bought a garbage disposal, people think that nothing else is needed in advance. And this idea is clear and understandable as the unit itself will make the entire job. But as you know, all kitchen appliances have a big variety of accessories, which help to do the job better, faster and demonstrate incredible results.

As we are speaking about garbage disposals, it is already not a secret that manufacturers offer additional accessories to the main device. And now let’s check which of them are the best and available on the market.

1066409Splash guards

Such an accessory as a splash guard serves as a protection from getting wet when the garbage disposal is used. It is placed in the throat of the garbage disposal and is designed especially to keep water from splashing back up or from the materials you are grinding from popping out at the disposal. In this way, the unwanted item will not fall into your garbage disposal and at the same time splash guard disposal will keep the unit from clogging and let water flow freely. One more its feature is to reduce the sound in case if you have a deep sink.

This accessory is made of a durable rubber (it will not wear out even after half a year), and also it has a universal design that fits all standard garbage disposals.


The stopper is an excellent accessory manufactured for two reasons:

  • to allow water, small objects and food pieces to flow through it
  •  to prevent silver accessories (rings etc) from slipping down

The stopper is really an excellent “invention” for those, who hate sticking their hands into the garbage disposal and search for pieces that don’t let the water flow freely. If some big particles happen to get there and don’t go to a drain, then simply lift the stopper up to drain or throw them away.

It is perfect for those people, who drop things frequently.

It is very easy to replace it as you will not need any tools and moreover you will not have to remove the garbage disposal. Nevertheless, you will not have to do that action often as the stopper accessory is made of rubber construction that is extremely durable.

When searching for this particular accessory you may also come across such word combination as “disposer flange”. You should know that it is the same as the stopper.

 1066409Dishwasher connectors

There are two sides of this accessory: for old dishwashers and new. In case of having a new one, it doesn’t make any sense to buy as it might be just wasting of money. But nevertheless some people purchase it thinking that it would be a great idea to have safety in case if something happens. But for new or fairly new dishwashers it is not needed at all. Advisable to use for old dishwashers only.

Note**sometimes dishwasher connectors might lead to clogging. Therefore you food particles should always be drained.

1066409Sink top switch

This is an especially designed button for those, who experience problems with mobility or whose kitchen isn’t very comfortable. It is activated by a simple touch and gives a convenience to the kitchen. It is pretty stylish and mounts to the countertop easily. Apart from all that, it is capable of working with absolutely any garbage disposal. This accessory comes in different colors, that’s why it will suit any décor.

This button uses air pressure to activate the power module, located under the sink. Then the switch sends air down the tube and in this way makes the disposer work.