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Hair straighteners are a great way to get the perfect look, but it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your hair type. In this article you will learn about all types of flat irons and what they do best so that you can find the right one for your needs. We have also included reviews of five popular brands so that you can see what’s out there before making a decision.

A good flat iron for thick hair should be able to get the job done. The best flat irons offer a range of temperature settings and can heat up quickly, allowing you to do less damage to your hair while still achieving the results that you want.

The features and benefits available with each product vary depending on which one it is, but we have found five products that stand out from all of the rest in their category. All of these items will leave your hair looking shiny and smooth without causing any unnecessary damage. Of course, there are many other high-quality straighteners on the market so this list isn’t exhaustive by any means! making a decision about what item to buy.

Best Flat Irons for Coarse Hair reviewed

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

This model is one of the best flat irons for coarse hair since it has many beneficial features like nano titanium coated plates which emit negative ions making your locks silky smooth, durable and frizz free. Its ultra thin design makes straightening short tresses fast and efficient while providing consistent heat around all circumference of each strand – this way you will achieve sleek results in much lesser time than usual! It also comes with an adjustable digital display to ensure that every section receives enough heat without overheating or damaging your hair.

The temperature can be adjusted from 80 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit so even if you have fine thin strands it would work perfectly by being able to style both very curly as well as longer lengths with ease. It has a swivel cord so it won’t get tangled when moving around and also comes with an auto shut off feature which automatically turns the unit off after 60 minutes of not being used – this is great in case you forget to turn it off before leaving your home!

Its heat resistant carrying pouch protects your flat iron from any damage while its dual voltage allows travelling without having to worry about electrical outlets wherever you go!

  • Nano titanium plates
  • Adjustable temperature settings with digital display
  • Ultra thin for quick straightening of very short tresses
  • Lacks an auto shut off feature
RUSK Heat Freak Professional Straightener

RUSK Heat Freak Professional Straightener

Another top pick for best flat iron for thick coarse hair is the Rusk Heat Freak as it has a unique design of two plates with curved edges which provide great control and comfort during styling. It’s perfect if you have very short to medium tresses since its wide surface area will be able to straighten your locks quickly and efficiently without needing any passes over certain sections!

It comes with an adjustable temperature range between 200-450 degrees Fahrenheit, but only on one side – this means that there won’t be any asymmetrical sleekness in case one section takes more heat than another (common issue when using traditional irons). It’s a great tool for those who like to experiment with different hairstyles and want an all-in-one device that can tame coarse hair as well as create soft, beach waves.

The only downside is the weight of this iron – it weighs about one pound so you will have trouble holding it if your arms are not strong enough!

  • Two plates with curved edges
  • Can handle very short as well as long hair
  • Only one side can be adjusted for temperature.
ghd Platinum + Flat Iron

ghd Platinum + Flat Iron

The best flat iron for thick coarse hair is the ghd Platinum, which comes with an innovative dual-zone technology that provides high heat on one side of the plates and leaves other half cool so you are able to straighten your tresses without making them super-sensitive. This is the best flat iron for thick coarse hair because it has 30% wider plates to straighten more strands at once, while its ceramic surface ensures smooth gliding on your fine locks without catching or breaking them.

It also comes with a protective glove that allows you to style your tresses in just ten seconds and offers eight temperature settings so that you can create any look from silky curls through glamorous up-dos all the way down to super sleek styles. If ghd Platinum is not available, ghd Gold Professional Performance Hair Straightener remains one of the top options as well due its advanced features which include an ability to control temperature between 100˚C – 200 ˚C (212 F – 392F) and a constant heat of 185˚C (365 F).

These features make it possible for you to style your thick coarse hair in just a few passes. For extra safety, this flat iron has an auto-shut off feature which turns the device off after sixty minutes and comes with two years warranty valid anywhere in the world.

  • Dual-zone technology
  • Wide plates
  • Glove for convenience
  • None
LumaBella Cool Mist Straightener

LumaBella Cool Mist Straightener

The best flat iron for coarse curly hair is the LumaBella Cool Mist Straightener which has a number of features that make it stand out from other products intended to straighten fine or medium locks. Firstly, this device comes with an adjustable temperature control between 240 ˚F and 410 ˚F (115 C – 210C), meaning you can set it up to suit your needs if you want to use cool settings on thick frizzy curls or higher heat on coarser strands.

Secondly, its ceramic plates are infused with far-infrared technology which emits negative ions so as to reduce static electricity build-up while locking in moisture at the same time. This makes them ideal for styling all types of thick nappy coils that are hard to tame. Furthermore, the plates themselves have a curved edge that allows for quick straightening on all hair lengths and they can go from roots to tips in just one pass so you’ll never need more than 30 seconds per section of your head.

Finally making it perfect is its ergonomic design which makes holding this device easy even if you’re using longer locks or bigger sections of hair; plus with an extra-long swivel cord measuring at nine feet in length there’s no reason not to be able to style your entire mane without having switch outlets!

  • Can be used on all types of thick or coarse strands
  • Temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs
  • Made with ceramic plates infused with far infrared technology which emits negative ions, reducing static electricity build up while locking in moisture at the same time.
  • Plates are curved allowing for quick straightening from roots to tips.  Long swivel cord.
  • Has only one temperature setting so people who need high heat should look elsewhere!
HSI Professional Glider

HSI Professional Glider

While there are many high quality flat irons on the market, if you’re looking for a straightener that is cheap and does not sacrifice quality then we highly recommend checking out the HSI Professional Glider . This product has been hailed as one of the best hair straighteners at its price point because it can be used to achieve sleek looks or bouncy curls with just a switch of its digital controls.

Firstly, this device heats up rapidly reaching temperatures between 265 ˚F and 450 ˚F (130 C – 230C) within 60 seconds so even those people who own coarse locks won’t have to wait too long before they get their style underway. Secondly, it comes equipped with ceramic plates infused with tourmaline which help to deliver even heat distribution. This means that the HSI Professional Glider straightens coarse hair without causing any damage or making it look frizzy and fried, unlike many other irons on the market today which have been known to do just this under similar circumstances.

What’s more, as a safety feature you can lock in your desired temperature using one of three different keypads which come included with this device so if you’re going away you don’t need to worry about anyone else trying out your flat iron and potentially burning themselves!

  • Heats up quickly
  • Can be used for other hair styles (i.e curls) with the simple push of a button
  • Three different heat settings depending on your coarse hair type
  • May not have all desired features available in high end straighteners but considering its price point, it is definitely worth buying if you are looking to save money!
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Ion Smooth +

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Ion Smooth +

When it comes to finding the best flat iron for coarse natural hair, many people look towards Paul Mitchell’s Pro Tools Ion Smooth + Flat-Iron as their first port of call. This is because this device has been known to be one of the most consistent options available on today’s market that can help you achieve sleek styles without any frizz or flyaways which are common issues with other irons when dealing with thick coarse locks.

What makes this straightener really stand out however is not just its ability to tame even some of the curliest and coarsest manes but also because it comes equipped with a triple threat temperature control system . So if your hair feels dry after being heated up, simply switch over to low heat mode. If you want to give your locks a more gentle touch, switch over into the low-heat mode and use ionic technology for an ultra sleek look.

What many people do not realize is that Paul Mitchell’s Pro Tools Ion Smooth + Flat Iron actually has two separate plates which can be used independently of one another making it really flexible when it comes to what kind of styles you want to create with this device – whether they are tight curls or loose waves.

  • Has two separate plates which can be used independently of one another
  • Ionic technology works to create super sleek hair without any frizz or flyaways
  • Has a triple threat temperature control system that allows you to use low heat for gentle styles and the high setting when dealing with coarse locks.
  • None!

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Ion Smooth +

The CHI Pro G series has been one of the most popular choices in hair straighteners for years and this is because they have a great reputation when it comes to creating styles that are not only sleek and shiny but also frizz-free. Now their latest model, the Ceramic Tourmaline Ion’s Straightener , takes everything you trust about this brand and turns it up to eleven by offering an innovative range of features such as ionic technology which makes even coarse locks much easier to manage – especially if they’re thick.

This fantastic device uses ceramic plates infused with tourmaline which means that every strand becomes smooth without any need for additional styling products or tools. You can use either low heat settings or high heat settings but what’s best is that even the highest temperature won’t damage your hair.

The CHI Pro G series has been one of the most popular choices in hair straighteners for years and this is because they have a great reputation when it comes to creating styles that are not only sleek and shiny but also frizz-free. Now their latest model, the ionic ceramic plates infused with tourmaline , takes everything you trust about this brand and turns it up to eleven by offering an innovative range of features such as ionic technology which makes even coarse locks much easier to manage – especially if they’re thick.

  • Ceramic plates infused with tourmaline
  • Ionic technology to reduce drying time and frizz
  • Wide range of heat settings
  • None

How to Pick the Top Flat Iron For Thick Coarse Hair

  • Hair Type

Flat irons can be used on any hair type, but they are especially beneficial for people with thick or coarse hair. These types of hair may not respond well to chemical treatments like dyeing or perming so flat irons allow you to safely straighten your tresses without using harsh chemicals. So if you have very thick coarse hair, a straightening iron is an excellent treatment that leaves your locks silky smooth while also making them more manageable. Below we will give some tips about how to choose best flat iron for thick coarse hair as well as reviews of top products currently available in this category – keep reading!

  • Plate Material

The material of the plate is one of the most important considerations when choosing a flat iron. The best plates are made from ceramics, titanium or tourmaline as they heat up quickly and evenly without damaging your hair’s cuticle. If you have thick coarse hair with lots of natural volume you should be looking for ceramic irons that can achieve high temperatures (450-500 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to keep it straightened for longer periods of time.

On the other hand if you want to use lower temperatures on your fine thin hair there are many models available with floating plates which allow adjusting their position according to different lengths and thicknesses so that it would not only flatten but also curl short strands at certain areas.

  • Length and Width of the Plates

When choosing a flat iron you should take into account its length and width as it will determine the amount of hair that can be straightened with one pass. If your tresses are very thick or long, look for models with larger plates to reduce the number of times required to make full passes on every section.

In case if you prefer styling shorter strands of fine thin hair, choose smaller sized irons which allow making precise curls on short lengths without leaving any frizzy ends behind – this is perfect for updos and other special occasion hairstyles!

  • Extra Features

If you have thick coarse hair, we recommend choosing a model with tourmaline plates and ionic technology since these features will help keep the moisture in your locks while straightening them. Tourmaline is an excellent material that emits negative ions when heated up which helps seal the scales of every strand making it smooth and silky to touch without adding any frizzy volume or flyaways – this way your style lasts longer than usual!

The second really beneficial feature for people with unruly thick hair is having a digital display on their flat iron as they allow adjusting temperature in small increments (usually from 80-450 degrees Fahrenheit) so you can make sure not only that each section receives consistent heat but also prevents overprocessing.

  • Temperature Settings

Choosing the best flat iron for thick coarse hair means looking for one that can achieve high temperatures (450-500 degrees Fahrenheit) so your locks are perfectly straightened in just one pass. This is especially important if you have very curly or unruly strands as they usually require higher temperatures to keep them sleek and silky smooth without any frizzy volume.

On the other hand, people with fine thin hair should be choosing models which allow adjusting temperature according to their needs – this way smaller plates will not only straighten short lengths but also curl longer ones at certain areas if necessary!

  • Heat Protection Products

If you are looking for best flat iron for thick coarse hair, it is important to remember that they can damage your locks due to direct exposure of high temperatures so using heat protection products before and after styling is essential. Applying a leave-in conditioner with silicone will provide the smoothness you seek while also protecting your tresses from being damaged by high temperatures – this way split ends and frizzy flyaways become a thing of past!

You may also want to use thermal spray or serum if your hair tends to burn easily as these products have protective components which coat each strand preventing them from becoming dehydrated and overprocessed.

Benefits of flat iron for thick coarse hair

Straightens and smoothes hair

A good flat iron will help straighten your hair without having to use any harsh chemicals or other damaging treatments. This helps save some time and money while still giving you the look that you want!

Another benefit of these products is their ability to smooth out frizz so that your locks are more manageable than they were before. There’s nothing worse than trying to tame unruly tendrils, so this can be a great feature if it works well with your particular texture of hair .

Different types of straighteners offer different capabilities but all should leave your strands looking sleek and beautiful! While not everyone has thick coarse hair , many people would like their tresses to be smoother for various reasons including appearances at work, maintaining healthy locks over time etc.

Doesn't cause damage like traditional irons can

Traditional irons can cause damage to your hair over time because they pull at the strands and keep them straight. This causes a lot of tension on each strand which eventually leads to breakage .

If you want long, healthy locks then this type of iron is definitely not for you! A flat iron shouldn’t have as much tugging action so that it doesn’t harm your locks in any way. But remember that some do more than others so don’t assume based on price or brand alone! There are many other factors involved including what’s available from the technology level etc.

Longer lasting than other types of straighteners depending on the brand you choose to buy

Straighteners are often made with materials that help them last longer over time. Some brands use tourmaline which helps to distribute heat evenly so that it doesn’t damage your hair .

There are also titanium straighteners for sale if you want something more durable than both ceramic and the aforementioned material. Titanium is known to provide even heating, whether in plates or barrel form , without causing too much friction on each strand of hair . This means less split ends and breakage over time for beautiful locks!

Comes with a range of heat settings for all hair types

In order to have a straightener that doesn’t cause damage, it needs to work with the level of heat that your hair strands need. If you use a flat iron on thick coarse hair at high temperatures then you’ll end up frying them, but if you don’t get something hot enough then it won’t make much of a difference in the appearance or texture of your locks .

Can reduce frizz and flyaways that are common to thick coarse strands

Some people with thick coarse hair struggle to manage it because of how frizzy and unruly their strands can be. The right flat iron for this type is one that reduces flyaways as well as having a heating element that won’t change your locks too much over time .

Won't catch or pull on your locks, causing unnecessary damage

While some people like the tugging motion of a traditional iron, many others do not. A flat iron will glide through your hair without catching or pulling which means that you won’t have to worry about it causing any damage in this way!

These are just some of the benefits associated with using flat irons for thick coarse hair . Choosing one isn’t always easy but when you know what differentiates them from other types then it’s easier to find something appropriate and helpful at the same time. Do be sure to factor in everything mentioned here so that you can get exactly what works well for your unique locks!


Is it necessary to clean a flat iron and how often should I do that?

Flat irons can be cleaned at any time with a wipe or damp cloth and it’s always best to do that before you store them away. If they’re left with old hair products on them then this will cause damage which could lead to an uneven finish when styling begins – especially if the product is thick coarse hair.

Is this flat iron good for curly hair?

Many professional flat irons are designed to work on all types of hair but it’s always best to check the product manual before using one. There should be a heat setting which can be used for thick coarse hair because this is often the trickiest type to deal with when styling – especially if you have tightly-coiled curls.

Do I need to use a protective glove with this product?

Some flat irons come with a protective glove which has to be worn while styling but others are safe enough without them. If you do get one then it’s important that your hair is completely dry before using the device – otherwise there may be accidents when they’re plugged in because of wet hands or fingers touching metal parts.


Picking the right flat iron for your hair type is important because it can make a huge difference in how you feel about your hair. If you have thick coarse hair, there are some things to consider before buying a new flat iron and we want to help! The best choice will depend on what features matter most to you, but our list of top picks should send you off with enough information so that you know which one might be the perfect fit. For more tips and tricks on styling your locks or straightening them without any fuss, check out our quick guide below. Now go find yourself an awesome flat iron!