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Delta Windemere 21996LF Kitchen Faucet

Delta company has always presented stunning faucet designs with exceptional features. The Delta 21996LF is not less fascinating. Its elegant but still simple lines compliment the timeless style of traditional decor. The model features two handles, an insulated sprayer and high gooseneck spout.

Delta Windemere 21996LF kitchen faucet review

The Delta 21996lf provides an ergonomic solution which will definitely stand the test of time. The side sprayer is an other great addition to this kitchen faucet which needs 4-hole installation, but still allows easy set-up on most kitchen sinks. It is pretty simple to fulfil dishwashing chores with the Windemere 21996 lf as its construction was manufactured user-friendly and durable.

There are 3 finishes available: polished chrome, oil bronze and stainless steel.


What Differs Delta 21996 LF

Design is the primary advantage of the 21996LF Delta Windemere model. The high spout peak rises 11 inches above the sink, making an accent on sink area and giving enough space even for largest pots. The flow rate of 1,8 gpm conserves up to 20% of water being at the same time very powerful.

The only issue with this faucet is that it can be installed onto 1 inch thick decks. If you have a thicker deck, you should purchase an extension kit.

Draw your attention on the destictive model features below:

  • Meets all low-lead standards and Disabilities Act;
  • Swivels 360°;
  • Has 1,8 gpm water-efficient flow;
  • All-brass body construction;
  • Light plastic sprayer with a perfect reach;
  • Limited lifetime warranty coverage by Delta.


What Customers Say

The Delta 21996LF is really outstanding faucet. It has almost 250 positive reviews and a 4,3 star rating on Amazon. The majority of consumers are satisfied with operation features and appreciate an extremely easy setup. One user reported that his old faucet was much more difficult to remove than the new one to install. It took just half an hour to have all the things done although the reviewer had a zero plumbing experience.

The majority of buyers admire the design of the 21996lf (ss/ob) models. They like the possibility to place large dishes and pots into the sink and to wash them without any restraints. Another user admitted that the overall outlook of his kitchen was greatly improved with this faucet. The kitchen room became more distinct and original.

The most interesting fact is that there are no negative comments yet. The reviewers consider this faucet the best one for a surprisingly affordable price.



Q.: Is the faucet’s construction solid brass or plastic?

A.: The 21996LF-SS-OB body is made of metal.

Q.: Is it accepted to use a swivel aerator with this faucet?

A.: Regrattably no, the model is not suitable for aerators.

Q.: Can it be set-up without the sprayer?

A.: Yes, it can be installed without a sprayer. You have to cap off the connection beneath the faucet. Depending on the code of the faucet you may need ½ inch threaded cap or the RP60295.

Q.: Can I install the faucet without a bottom plate?

Unfortunately, the 21996LF-SS can’t be set-up without the base plate. You can take into consideration such models as 2480-RB-DST or 2256-RB-DST which are also two-handled and available in Venetian Bronze finishing.


Q.: What model details are made of plastic?

A.: The Delta 21996LF insulated spray is manufactured of a durable plastic.


Final Thought

If you have limited budget but still wish to have a reliable and stylish faucet – the Delta 21996LF is surely the best one. The easiness of setup, ergonomics and durability – these are the main features which make this water tap a “must have” for your kitchen!