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Delta 980T-SSSD-DST Pilar Kitchen Faucet

Delta has been manufacturing reliable kitchen appliances for nearly half a century and there are products especially loved by customers. The Delta 980T-SSD-DST Pilar is among them. This tap is an ideal water conserving solution due to a number of innovative technologies. Delta plumbing equipment always has perfect quality and user-friendly features. The Delta 980 model was made to make kitchen chores a pleasure. Every customer is fascinated with the faucet’s design and finishes, which are corrosion and tarnish resistant.

Delta 980T-SSSD-DST kitchen faucet review


If you are fond of cooking and spend much time in the kitchen, the Delta 980tsssddst is definitely your pick. You will save both time and water due to the touch function available. The consumers usually wonder they’ve been managing without this faucet before.

The only aspect you should take into account is that the 980t Delta will not probably match a small kitchen. If you have a cabinet over your sink, a 14-inch spout may be too high for it.

The Delta 980t is a pull-down model with a 360 degree swivelling spout, which adds flexibility and comfort to all kitchen affairs. A single handle is very easy to use. Left and right position controls water temperature, whereas up and down adjusts flow rate. A 54-inch pull-down hose gives your freedom in all your manipulations outside the sink.

The Delta 980 is also equipped with a soap dispenser, completing design of this faucet. Such addition helps to maintain all kitchen surfaces clean enhancing usability at the same time.

Special features

Smart design

The Delta 980 finishes never discolour and will look like new even after decades of use. There are three finishes available: chrome, stainless steel and magnificent venetian bronze.

Touch sensor system

The Touch2O sensor technology is the punch line of the Delta Pilar. The water flow is activated by touching the top of the spout. There is no need in extra effort, especially if your fingers are not clean. You can touch the sensor with your wrist or even elbow, keeping you faucet clean and free from germs. This option also conserves water, completing an efficient flow rate of 2,2 gpm.

MagnaTite technology

The Delta 980 T is equipped with a MagnaTite docking system. The spray wand slips back into the spout due to a powerful magnet. Therefore your sink is always neat and the hose will never be damaged because of drooping.

A button on the sprayer head changes the water flow pattern from stream to the spray. The function works smoothly and delivers a direct dense stream.

Delta’s Diamond sealing

The Delta’s know-how is a Diamond Seal Technology, which presents an electronic cartridge with a diamond plating for a longer lifespan. The system was tested and has proven its efficiency against leaking and wears. The valve can last up to 5 million of cycling sets.

This technology keeps the water from contacts with potential metal particles, giving your family healthy clean water. Moreover, the handle limit makes it easy to adjust the range of handle motion to prevent you from scalds.

Easy Installation

The customers report, that the hardest thing in installation of this faucet is removing their old one. Mounting the Delta 980T Pilar is a simple task. First you should connect the electric box with batteries and then install everything according to the manual step by step. There is also a video on the Delta’s official website showing all the stages of installation.

Warranty & Repair

The company provides a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchasers of the Delta 980t-sssd-dst. The manufacturer offers an efficient service to their customers reacting to the complaints immediately. The guarantee covers all the defects in workmanship and material. Delta’s warranty is considered to be the most reliable in the market today.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Trouble-free touch sensors;
  • Perfect design and durable finishes;
  • LED indicators monitoring battery life;
  • Effective MagnaTite system;
  • Diamond sealing;
  • Different flow modes;
  • Comfortable soap dispenser;
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • Some reviewers consider touch system hard to use.


The Delta 980T is strongly recommended by all the reviewers. The faucet gives a style and comfort to every kitchen, conserving water and time. The touch system, powerful magnet technology and diamond sealing are the points to choose this model for. Simple installation and a lifetime warranty prove a care of manufacturer for its customers.