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Delta 9192T-DST Kitchen faucet

The Delta 9192T-DST attracts customers attention with delicate curves and touch sensitive options. This pull-down contemporary-styled faucet has stainless steel finish and a number of Delta high-tech features. Its MagnaTite docking and Diamond Seal technology make this tap one of the most effective and user-friendly plumbing fixture on the market today. Another great advantage of this kitchen faucet is surprisingly competitive price.

Let’s take a closer look at this device.

Delta kitchen faucet 9192T-DST review


How Does Delta 9192 Work

The Delta 9192T DST tap combines perfect performance with sturdy design. Its stainless steel finish was specially processed to prevent fingerprints and corrosion. The faucet responds to every delicate touch anywhere on the spout or handle to turn the water on and off. The flow can be altered by a pull-down sprayer which has two modes. The 10-inch arch spout makes dishwashing hassle free especially if the sink is shallow.

The only drawback mentioned by the customers was the faucet being extra sensitive. It is turned on and off by a slightest unintentional touch.

It is important!

  • The Delta faucet 9192t requires two 6AA batteries which can serve up to 2 years. If 6C battery is inserted, the faucet will work up to five years. You can order optional A/C adapter separately.
  • The faucet can be used by disabled people if properly installed. Its 62-inch hose and a 180° swivelling high spout give a perfect reach.
  • The model requires 1-4 hole installation.



Touch2O® Technology

More and more people are fond of touch sensitive devices today. And a kitchen is a place where this technology fits the best. Delta 9192DST is equipped with Touch2O system. This feature keeps your faucet clean when your hands are dirty or occupied with something.

TempSense™ LED Indicator And Battery Technology

The faucet Delta 9192T is equipped with digital features to make your kitchen more comfortable. It has TempSense Led Indicator system to measure the water temperature. This feature shows temperature changes with red, magenta and blue light. TempSense gives more security to the consumers as it is possible to measure water before putting hands in it.

MagnaTite® Docking System and Diamond Seal Tech

The MagnaTite Docking is a very efficient characteristic which conserves water. There is a powerful magnet integrated, which attaches the spray head back to place. The sprayer is kept firmly in its place and doesn’t droop in.

The water delivery system consists of a diamond inserted valve that ensures the durability. It also prevents seal wear and provides a trouble proof operation to the faucet life.

Touch-Clean® Spray With Multi-Flow Option

A spray head has soft and rubber holes offering an easy lime and calcium removal by a soft sponge or a brush. The flow rate is comparably low – 1.5 gpm, but it seems rather powerful.

The Multi-Flow™ system allows to choose water density – stream or spray for different kitchen purposes. An optional escutcheon gives a stylish look to the sink area.



9192T-DST water faucet looks completely extraordinary. This beautiful style was inspired by the marine theme. It gives a contemporary look to the kitchen space and matches modern sophisticated interior. The smooth stainless steel finish looks luxurious and attractive.

Also Delta faucet 9192t is available in Brilliance Champagne BronzeVenetian BronzeArctic Stainless Steel and simple Chrome finish.



Delta 9192 t dst durability is the main reason why the faucet doesn’t get 5 stars on Amazon. The reviewers notice that a counterweight which secures a sprayer under the sink loses its maneuverability over time due to a plastic coating on a joint.

Another drawback is electrical wiring and batteries, which cause sensitivity loss in 5-10 months. Of course everything can be replaced and a warranty covers all these cases.



The Delta is one of the best companies in the USA in terms of customer service. The 9192t-dst Delta faucet is secured for 5 years. This is a rather long period of time given that it covers issues connected with electronics. If you face a problem within a warranty Delta will replace or repair it.


  • Wide swivelling;
  • Two-mode sprayer;
  • Touch sensitive system;
  • User-friendliness;
  • MagnaTite and Diamond Seal technologies;
  • Perfect design;
  • Included soap dispenser.


  • Electrical wires may need replacement;
  • Unstable touch sensitive system.


Final Thought

Delta 9192T-DST is a clever choice for household owners looking to improve their kitchen space and make the dishwashing routine less tiring. The faucet is highly functional and operates well. The design of this model blends in seamlessly in a modern style making it a great pick for almost any interior.