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Continuous feed or batch feed garbage disposal?

Choosing and later purchasing the right garbage disposal may take a lot of time for searching, reading reviews, comparing all possible models etc. Especially for these purposes you should go to the most obvious buying considerations and that will let you make a decision much faster.

One of the main differences is whether to choose continuous batch disposer or batch feed. Many people consider that there is not that much difference, but believe me, there is a huge one. That’s why to decide this you should know its both pros and cons. This useful information along with some data will be written lower.

Continuous feed VS Batch feed

Continuous feed disposer

Continuous models are used by feeding in waste after being started. They start their work due to one of these options: usual outlet on the wall or an accessory that is called “air switch – button” (not electrical). As it is clear from the name, continuous feed disposer is capable of continuously feeding in the garbage until you are done.


1066409the biggest advantage is, of course, the ability to grind a lot of waste without any stops or breaks. No need to wait till the chamber is full.

1066409Very easily operated machine – turn the cold water, switch the disposer, drop all kitchen debris in the drain hole in a sink and job will be done in minutes

1066409Being very clean isn’t a con, that’s why some people prefer to cook right near with the sink to not make the table, for example, dirty. And it is really a good way out – as all the wastes will be grinded without any difficulties.

1066409The price – almost the first factor people pay attention to when buying kitchen appliances and disposers aren’t an exception. Continuous feed are cheaper then batch feed garbage disposals. That is the reason why there are more continuous feed ones rather than batch feed disposers.

Of course, its advantages can impress everyone but there are also a few disadvantages which should be taken into account.


w256h2561339252558DeleteRedthey are more dangerous than batch feed disposers. It is possible to turn it on while reaching into the drain.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedIf some hard object falls: spoon, ring, silverware, the machine keeps operating as it is continuous and you will not have a chance to turn it off at that same second. This situation may lead to breakages of the device.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedOnly cold water is advisable when doing this kind of job (manufacturers say and write it in the manual). That’s why at the end of the month you will most probably receive a bill.

Batch feed disposer

Batch feed garbage disposals speak for itself. In simple words it means that you will have to put wastes in the camber and the machine will grind it into batches. Operates in almost the same way as the continuous feed but there is no switch to start it. It is turned on by installing and turning the drain plug, which makes this unit less dangerous.


1066409safety is its first and most important feature. It can’t work without drain plug and no items can get inside while it is in the working process.

1066409The ability to grind only small amount of wastes

1066409When buying garbage disposal with the batch feed you always get such accessories as stopper or cover. This means that nothing will trap into the sink hole without you noticing it.

1066409Moving further to the disadvantages of the batch feed garbage disposals, they include the following:


w256h2561339252558DeleteRedsuitable and able to grind only small amounts of wastes. If you have big amounts, you will have to divide into parts, which means it will take you longer to get rid of them.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedKeeping wastes in the chamber isn’t advisable, even not allowed for the sake of your health. After some time, this waste will start rotting, building up different dangerous bacteria, insects etc.