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Conair Mini YOU Style Ceramic Styler

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prosAdvantages: You can take this compact straightener with you traveling everywhere. It is so lightweight that you can put it in your purse to use to correct your hairstyle quickly. Fast to reach necessary temperature enough to make your hair professionally designed. Any frizz disappears, and the hair becomes even and shiny like silk after application. Glides easily. Convenient to use in any country thanks to the dual voltage trait. It is provided with a stylish pouch which is thermal-resistant.

consDisadvantages: Impossible to control the temperature. Small size makes it convenient for transportation but not so handy to use. You will need more time to finish your hairdressing.

Do you want everybody to delight your straight and shining hair?

conair-miniproTo choose the right model of hair flat iron is not easy, but when you want all your special requirements to be satisfied the task becomes even more complicated. The more informed you are, the easier you make a right decision and the more you will be satisfied with your buy. So, here I am to provide you with necessary facts.

In my reviews, I try my best to give as much useful information as possible in a short description. Who has time to sink in the ocean of words and details, which only perplex your mind?

So I work on making my reviews of hair tools precise, impartial and informative. My auditory wait me to be honest, and I am not going to tally them up now and always.



Why I am so competent about Conair hair straighteners?

You, I have worked for many years as a hair stylist and for some time I judged competitions on hair design. So it would be hard to remain ignorant about all hair tools, which are used in the industry. My blogs is just desire to share my experience with people and help them to economize when they want to busy something of good quality.

So, reading this you can be sure that every recommendation I give is from a qualified specialist and master of his profession.

What you will find here

This is a brief list of points, which I will illuminate below:

We begin from general description of the product features and become familiar with what they want to surprise us

Later we compare and weight positive and negative remarks of customers to see how this outstanding product is tested in conditions of real life

In the end, I summarize everything and express my opinion about the product

It is not complicated and works well.

So, let’s start.

Some basic features of the Conair hair straightener

Ok, it is time to look through general info about this flat iron

  • To make your hair shining, smooth and remove frizz this company uses ceramic technology, which also eliminates hot spots
  • The plates glide smoothly and leave your hair even and silky shining
  • Moves perfectly
  • Heats intensively and you can style your hair salon like
  • Power on indicator
  • Everything looks nice, but what customers say about the product? Are all promised features work properly?

Positive comments of the customers

So, let’s start from advantages:

prosI delight this flat iron, this is just a miracle. The first miracle occurred when I discovered its dual voltage function after I did not find it in the user guide book. I purchased it to tame my thick and rather long hair which reaches my shoulder because when I am abroad I need to style them quickly. The flat iron glides smoothly, no tugging or pulling occur. My hair look and feel silky after it. I also apply it to ends of my hair to make them curly because the straightener is small.

prosThis is an amazing straightener! It is especially handy when you are on a trip. You can put it and the cord in the heatproof pouch. It is lightweight and takes just a little room. It helps a lot though I have thick hair. It really made me happy. I am glad that I bought it.

prosAs soon as my old hair straightener was broken I started to look which model to buy and read many reviews on the topic. Finally, I was sure that his little toy is what I need. My hair looks much better with it doesn’t cost much. I can take it with me everywhere because it is handy for traveling. I keep it in the purse and don’t feel its weight at all. Great purchase!

prosThis little thing can produce a high temperature, which gives professional salon-like results. This is what I have been looking for, and I sincerely advise it to everybody.

prosMy hair doesn’t obey me, and I have to straighten it every day. My hair is naturally curly. In foggy weather, it becomes a mess. I keep this flat iron in the purse in the special lovely thermal proof case and like it very much because it heats up very fast. I can take it out for a touch-up and then put back in the case and forget about it. It is not heavy at all. This is the best straightener I bought.

prosIt arrived very fast, and I am happy about its shipping. If to summarize its small size, high quality and performance then I can bravely say that it is my favorite flat iron.

prosBeing a single mother, I don’t have much time to make my hair. But as a woman I want to be on the level and look well. I find this hair iron just perfect because it is handy, I can carry it with me in a diaper bag or my purse, it doesn’t tangle or pull the hair. This is my portable stylist, and I would not change it for anything else.

You see, customers are just happy with it getting their hair silky smooth and straight.

Negative comments of the customers

And now disadvantages:

consWith bigger models I manage to style my hair faster. Compact and transportable design of this hair iron gives it many points and probably I can compromise and choose it.

consHey, where is heat control feature?

consDual voltage option is a great thing, but you still need to buy a plug adapter. If you travel abroad, you can have a problem. So take care about it beforehand.