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Clean Diarrhea From Carpet

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Cleaning Carpets from Pet Poop

If you have a pet, then you are, undoubtedly, familiar with the trouble of washing carpets from poop or urine, especially because these stains have a terrible odor. But, believe me, or not, this issue can be solved with minimal effort. Just follow a few simple steps from bellow and you will be able to deal with pet poop like a pro.

There are two types of poop stains a pet can leave. If your beloved animal poops with solid excrements, then the cleaning process is much easier and not as nerve-racking. But there are cases when pets leave liquid poop. Such messes may cause lots of troubles if not cleaned before they set. They also can be very smelly. If you want to be able to deal with such disasters efficiently and quickly, keep reading this article. We will give you two algorithms of actions for both solid and liquid-poop situations.

Rule #1 

It is important to start to remove stains as soon as they were created. The longer the poop remains on the floor covering, the more difficult it is to wash.

Rule #2

Never rub the carpet with the dry brush. You will only get the dirt deeper into the texture of your floor covering. Always use some formula.

Rule #3

Check the tag before using any cleaning formula. There are carpets that require dry cleaning only. You should newer wash such carpets. They should be cleaned by professional machines

Steps in Cleaning Pet Poop

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  1. Eliminate the Solid Parts

Remove any solid parts, which are on the carpet, and throw them in the garbage or flush in a toilet. You can do that with your hands, but don’t forget to put on rubber gloves or at least some plastic ones! You can also use some paper for this purpose. For solid poo, any paper is suitable. You can even get a page from an old magazine. A plastic bag can be also used for poop removal. Just cover your hand with it and take the excrements with the other side. Remove all the large pieces and enwrap them in the bag. Throw the bag into a trash can. Do not throw it into the toilet! Don’t forget to clean out your trash can so that the unpleasant smell could not spread. Rub the stain with paper towels to collect smaller particles. If the excrements are too gluey, you should use wet paper towels.

  1. Clean All Marks

After the main particles are removed from the carpet’s surface, you can start washing the fibers. Mix warm water, cleaning formula and laundry soap in the ratio of 2 to 1 and 1. Pour some mixture on a towel and clean everything that is left from the poop. Rug the carpet gently and try not to spoil its fibers, especially if they are made of real wool.

If you see that some dirt is still left in the carpet fibers, use the OxiClean. Spray it on the spot and don’t touch for about 5 minutes. Then softly rub the dirty area with a sponge from the edges and toward to the center. Remove detergent with a dry rag or sponge. Repeat this process until the carpet is totally clean. Then vacuum the stain zone to make sure that no parts of dirt were left between the fibers.

If the area you’ve cleaned is the place where your pet pooped more than once, you may need to clean the carpet pad as well.

  1. Disinfect and Deodorize

So, you’ve washed the carpet and may think that if the stain is gone, there is nothing else to be done. However, an essential part comes after poop cleaning. You should be aware that not every cleaning formula can protect you from bacteria. That is why you should disinfect the cleaned area. To prevent similar situations in future, you need to eliminate the smell from the carpet completely. If you don’t do it, your pet may think that the area where it pooped once is a right place to do it again. You can use a purchased enzyme cleaner or a homemade detergent. A cup of water with 1ts of white vinegar will do just fine.

Cleaning Liquid Poop

  1. Get rid of the Liquid

Remove excess liquid with a cloth or paper towel. To do that you must put paper towels or cloth over the whole dirty area and wait till they soak up the liquid. Then carefully take them and throw into the trash can. Remember that you cannot scrub the carpet because it will make the mess only bigger.

  1. Apply the Formula

When you have removed the entire watery poop, you can spray the cleaning formula for carpets and leave it for about five minutes to work. Clean the stain and detergent remains with a wet towel. The carpet cleaning formulas usually fight the small as well, so you do not need to struggle with it.

  1. Vacuum and Disinfect the Stain Zone

When the cleaned area is dry, vacuum it and spray with some disinfector.