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Grohe Bridgeford 33870

The Grohe 33870 version by Bridgeford combines not only the latest and most advanced features and technologies but also style and beautiful appearance. This is a pull-down model that is well bought by the customers and appreciated for its high quality and variety of options.

Grohe Bridgeford 33 870 with dual pull-out spray head


Grohe Bridgeford 33 870 Pull-Out Faucet With Dual Spray Head

Amazing design

When reading additional information about this model, don’t be surprised that its second name is the Bridgeford. It is still the same model. The company has been on the market for a long time and, therefore, knows what the consumer needs. Perhaps that’s the reason why it is full of interesting features which will be described later. But even its basic design is superb.

The first and foremost its feature is the ceramic cartridge that is called SilkMove. In simple words, these are 2 discs that are slide past one another to let the person change the water from cold to hot or vice versa. Due to this feature there will never be any leaks which are in fact one of the biggest problems of any kitchen faucet. With the Bridgeford, you will never experience it. It will remain in its great shape for a long time as well as demonstrate excellent job for many years.

Another its pro is the dual-flow rate that will clean even the dirtiest pan. Apart from that this feature enables a person to fill pots, sinks etc in seconds that is especially needed and welcomed by professionals like chefs or simply by people who are in a hurry. This dual flow rate can be set to 2.2 GPM or a true gush at 2.5 GPM.

These are the main treasures that are hidden inside and can’t be seen. Coming closer to its outside, one sees a handle that can take different positioning and is capable of turning 360 degrees. Of course, 360 degrees can be done only in case if the handle doesn’t come in contact with the wall. Though nowadays that’s exactly the fashion to attach the faucet next to the wall.


Flexible spray head

Personally for me there are no issues concerning the spray wand, yet for some people there is. The problem for them is that the trigger should be held for some time to keep it at spray, because if you let it go it will revert to the wrong stream.

Again it is a matter of taste where the majority of people like this style of the spray wand. From the one hand, it is very convenient to have an adjusted faucet and not do it all the time manually. Whereas some people like doing it with hands. Therefore, it is a personal choice based on comfort and taste.

The pull-down version is also very loved and adored by customers. And the reason for that is very simple. The wand bulk is not big yet not small. It is something in the middle that suits everyone.

The Grohe’s SpeedClean anti-time feature will never let your faucet get clogged. Clogging is also one of the widespread problems of faucets. When clogged the water flow is reduced and it means that it needs some cleaning. The Bridgeford Grohe 33870 has special nozzles that minimize all the build-up particles coming from the hard water. Yet some simple maintenance is, of course, needed – wiping with a hand will keep away all the buildup.

The length of the hose is also surprisingly long –the whole 56” inches. Moreover, it is steel braided whereas the majority of other manufacturers use vinyl tubing. Vinyl tubing is not bad, it is pretty standard these days. Yet hoses made of vinyl tubing are not that flexible and firm comparing with the steel ones. It is clear that the steel hose is heavier, though it lasts longer and, therefore, is more durable and reliable. The weight isn’t an issue here at all.



The Grohe 33870 model is one of the easiest to install. This is because of a 1 hole installation feature. Any person will cope with it without any difficulties and moreover a plumber. There is simply no need to measure something or line up the things. The most important here to get the right balance of all the qualitative parts and the job will be done.

Sometimes faucets might be a little heavy and here an assistant would be a great idea, for example, to help holding the unit etc. Some kitchen faucets have an extremely short hose and here an assistant can also help.

Speaking about the Grohe that will never happen due to the QuickFix Plus installation technology. Everyone thanks to this technology will be capable of installing this faucet in less than 30 minutes.



To conclude all the above-mentioned information and data, one can say that this particular model won’t be liked by absolutely every person and none of the models by any brand will. And it is clear as people select everything according to their own criteria and preferences. The Bridgeford 33870 isn’t the cheapest model. Though having it, means having quality, excellent performance, and multiple features for many years. For those who are especially interested in Victorian style – this model is just a must-have.

The manufacturers have one more very similar model that is called Bridgeford 33870E. It was created and designed for the purpose to conserve water. Its flow rate is 1.5 GPM. The versions are the following:

–    chrome 33870 00E;

–    brushed nickel 33870ZBE;

–    oil rubbed bronze 33870 ENE.