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Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2 in 1 Steam Mop

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Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1Choosing the Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2 in 1 steam mop you have to think not only about its performance but also about the pros and cons of its job, as well as whether it is a plus or a minus to have a mop that offers two absolutely different functions.

Among all the reviews I have written and I have done more than dozens, this is the very first time when I’m writing about the steam mop which as a built –in. But it is not something new as the brand Black and Decker has other similar options where the mop is hand held but others are without the hand held unit.

Speaking about different options, which Black and Decker proposes if you read further you will find the prices and options of how to get much more features for you money.


So if we continue the review, the Black & Decker 2 in 1 Steam Mop is an electric mop with the settings of digital control and an ability to clean three different kinds of floors. Apart from that, with its help you can clean not only floors but also ovens, windows, cookers, kitchens and so on, as it has special attachments for those purposes.

If you buy this product, here are the things you will get along with it:

  • Steam mop, which comes in 3 pieces that are easily assembled
  • Two microfiber mop pads
  • Carpet glider – it is a special plastic ring, that glides the carpers in order to remove different smells. But remember, this carpet glider doesn’t clean the carpet.
  • Resting mat – is a substitute, where you can leave the mop while the machine is cooling down when the cleaning process is over or on the contrary when it is heating up.
  • Grout brush – was designed specially for cleaning the grout lines and should be assembled to the hand held unit.
  • Accessory bag – is a pouch where you can keep all the attachments, which you might need during the tidying up
  • Squeegee- is a supplement for the purpose to clean the windows.
  • Measuring cup – thanks to this cup, you can fill the water tank of the steam mop.
  • Detail brush – a special brush that enables you to clean all around the taps, and in hard to reach places such as: corners of the tub or shower as well as around and behind the toilet.

When you read different reviews or descriptions of this device, you can see that in some of them it is written that they offer two triangular pads but in real it is not exact and accurate. Because these 2 triangle pads should be used with an attachment named the mini pivot mop. And this attachment is not included in the Black & Decker 2 in 1 Steam Mop. (You will see more details about this issue in the PRICE section of this review.)


B&D steam mop manufacturers state that it is able to clean any kind of hard surfaces: ceramic, tiles, vinyl, laminated material, marble, stone, and hardwood. But they also did think a little further.

The B&D mop has settings for 3 different types of floors, but each of them spreads different amount and level of steam. Let’s take an example with the wood option – we choose the wood option and press the button and the mop will spread less steam as wood can absorb it and that can affect the quality of the floor after some time. And this characteristic is called Digital Smart Select Technology.

Almost all previous B&D mops have the same feature. The only distinctive difference is that you can do it by turning a dial on the front of the tank, which is located on the front of the handle. As the version is digital, you have to push the button, then the handle starts rotating and you see three options which are shown graphically (depending on the type of the floor). Then you choose the one you need and start working.

There is also a special carpet glider that helps to get rid of different smells and odors. Though remember, it does NOT have an ability to clean the carpet.

Mainly such steam mops are used for cleaning horizontal surfaces only such as floor and here the hand held attachment is, of course, a plus. This steam mop is just perfect for clearing fresh dirt and perhaps grout. But if you get an idea to clean something, let’s say vertical, such as windows or walls then this appliance can’t be used. As well as in cases if you need to scrub something. Here you can think of The Sienna Vibe steam mop. It is an exception from the rules but though it does clean the vertical surfaces, it is very heavy and uncomfortable to use.

But don’t worry, as any hard situation has a way out. In our case, we should just purchase another attachment or a stick mop with a separate hand held unit. And in this way, you will be able to do two ways of cleaning, both horizontal and vertical.


The first thing you should adapt to is to change the mop pads. When you just start the cleaning the pad is dry, but as you keep tidying up, it gets wetter and wetter. The reasons for that – firstly it absorbs the steam, which the machine produces, secondly it absorbs the liquids from the floor which you need to clean.

As soon as you see that the mop can’t absorb anymore, you should stop cleaning. Because if you keep going it might lead to steak right on the floor as well as leave little dirty puddles in a tiny holes of your floor. And here changing of the mop will save the situation and future condition of the floor. That’s why as soon as you face this problem – it is high time to change the pads and that will take you very little time but will save the floor.

That was an example of an emergency situation with the pad. But considering the situation where the pad isn’t that saturated, your floor will dry quickly without any problems. Firstly because the mop head in this model is bigger than its competitors and secondly its pads are bigger too, which is, of course, an advantage.

But at the same time for some people it might be a disadvantage as the mop head will not be able to reach small and tight areas like for example the space between the tub and toilet or kitchen cabinets and floor. So it is up to you if it is a pro or con. Its size is 12 inches wide and 5 inches deep. For an open space floor, it is just perfect but for corners and skirting boards it is already a question.

Describing the mop head – its shape is very thin and sleek, and that will give you an access to reach under the fridge or cabinets etc. Also, it is the shortest mop head I have ever seen.


What technology is better? The one where the head is able to turn or the one which doesn’t have this function? Of course, it is more comfortable to have a steam mop with the mop head which can swivel as it makes it easier to manipulate the device during the process. And I just love this function. Speaking about B&D 2 in 1 it has this function but it works a bit differently. Usually, the mop swivels at the base of the head but in Black and Decker 2 in 1 the handle turns from one side to another inside the base.

That’s the cause why some other reviewers complained about this issue, that in some way it is difficult to manipulate and control the device. And at some point I agree too. Because looking at this video, the person is definitely experiencing this problem. If you look at the mop head carefully and accurately you will see that at times it gets away from her and doesn’t move in a straightforward line as she tries to direct it to the sliding glass door.

So in case of buying B&D 2 in 1, you should be ready to such response of the mop head. But I’m sure, though it sounds like a minor con, it will not take much of your time to get used to it and become a pro.


Comparing with other steam mops which heat the water in 30 seconds, the Black & Decker BDH1850Sm 2 in 1 does it in only 15. The water tank is visible, so you will always know how much water there is and if you need to add some or not. Also, it is built-in into a hand held unit. It is not portable and you can’t detach it, but you can always remove the hand held unit if makes it easier for you to pour the water on the surface.

Unfortunately, the water tank can hold only 10.1 ounces of water and for this steam mop it is very low mark/rate. That’s why you will have to fill it a few times during the mopping. But this tank has one amazing feature though it is not very useful. The water reservoir when it is heating shows a red glow, whereas when the mop is ready to work it shows the blue glow. Such little cool features are nice and for some people play a big role..

For example, let’s imagine the situation where you are giving a big party on some occasion. You have prepared everything: food, candles, music, drinks. Everyone is enjoying and chilling, but suddenly one of the guests spills his wine. And here, like a super hero, you take your BLACK and DECKER 2 in1 and start cleaning whereas the guests are thinking that you are making a light show instead of tidying up.

One more big plus is its power – it has 1500 watts which is a good average sign.

It takes 1.5 minutes for sanitation. It might seem a bit long but pay attention that when working with the wood floor, less steam comes out which is good for the floor as it saves it from getting wet because of much steam like in some others models.


One more huge plus goes to BLACK and DECKER 2 in 1 as it has a super function for selecting different buttons for different types of floors. This technology is called – Digital SmartSelect Technology. And it is really an enormous advantage as nobody wants to ruin their expensive floors with steam.

These buttons are located on the handle, which makes them easy to reach. Whether you are right handed or left it will be convenient for you to start the device as you will have to only push the button with your thumb.  Whereas in other competitor models they are placed in some strange places which are even hard and uncomfortable to reach.

In case if you have any hard to remove spots on the surface, you can always use the steam burst button, which will help to release more steam to clean dirty floors. It will be very easy to press this button as it is also on the handle of the steam mop.

The scale of steam is also controlled by the floor settings. When you press an option for tile or stone floors, then you will get 50 percent more steam for the next 10 seconds but when you are on the wood setting  –  the burst will be soft and smooth and will last for 10 seconds too. I do believe that B&D 2 in 1 manufacturers designed this technology especially for the people’s desire to save their floors. They simply made the steam mops safer for different types of surfaces.

On the removable hand held unit you will be able to find a turn-on and off button. If you want to start the heating you have to press the button or nothing will work even if it is plugged in. And remember that you will see a blue light/glow as soon as the mop is ready to be used.

There is a trigger for the hand held but no trigger for the mop which is again a plus. If you start making the position of a mop handle horizontal, then the steam will start coming out at the setting that you have selected due to Digital SmartSelect Technology. But once you put the handle into a normal vertical position everything will come to its places – the steam will stop bursting but be careful as it will still be hot and ready to go as you recline the handle. To turn on and off the heating process, you should always use the button.


If you need to attach the hand held unit then it should be done to the front of the mop and of course while mopping process it should be on its place. Also, the hand held unit controls the water flow of the tank and power of the turn on and off switch as both these functions are built-in into it.

The hand held can be removed thanks to push and release button as well as put back into place with the help of a simple click.

When you remove the hand held, all the hose will be attached to it.

One more thing which you can adjust to a hand held unit is the so-called nozzle, which shoots concentrated steam or  mist and if you can’t reach some places in the bathroom or kitchen, then this option will definitely assist you. You can even control the flow of the steam, it can be strong and not. For that, you will have to turn the ring around the nozzle.

But there is one thing I don’t like about B&D 2 in 1 – the fact that you should always hold the trigger down if you want to use isn’t the best variant. So basically with one hand you have to hold the trigger down and with the other try to attach accessories. Which hand to choose for these actions? Weaker hand to hold the trigger and stronger to work on attachments? This is not a very convenient situation. The only way out can be to try and do it with somebody, work in a pair.


I have already mentioned a super cool nozzle function, but apart from that there are some other attachments which can be of a great use. For example a few brushes and cleaning attachments. All these are included into the price of Black and Decker 2 in 1. But unfortunately, there are no instructions in the manual of how to use these attachments correctly. You will only see pictures of how to attach them and remove.

Speaking about the hand held, it comes as a separate unit too. So something should be said about it in the manual and I decided to check it.  But found no instructions of its usage. If you remember, there is a special attachment for windows called squeegee, and it needs instructions the most.

Coming up to the cleaning pieces of the attachments – they are all heavy, for example, the bristles for the brushes are made of thick foam. It is not a big disadvantage as it keeps them from scratching soft surfaces like counters, bathroom fixtures and a number of other appliances.

Cleaning Solutions

Don’t use any cleaning solution like powder or chemicals. The only thing you can use is water.


Height: ? – you will not find the correct height anywhere as all sources say different measurements, that’s why this information is faulty everywhere. Some product listings say its height is only 20 inches, whereas others say it is 35 inches. It’s certainly not 20 inches because it would be too small. The height is between 36 and 48 inches.

Width: approx. 12 inches

Depth: approx 5 inches

Weight 6.4 pounds

Power cord: 25 feet long – above average for this kind of steam mop.

It looks like the steam mop can stand by itself but at the same time it is can wobble and fall, so you should always be ready to catch it or lean it onto the wall for example. When you are dome with the cleaning and want to hide/store it, lean the device into the corner to prevent any tipping.

Also when finished you can put the mop on the cooling mat in the box, or on the contrary when the heating process starts you can also leave the mop there. If it is time to refill the water tank, again you can just put the mop on the mat and not worry about it while you are getting the water.

The cord is of a good length, so if you don’t want it to bother you while cleaning you can wrap it on the standard hooks as well as doing the same when you store the machine.


  • heats in 15 seconds
  • dries the surfaces fast
  • removable and separate hand held unit
  • different kinds of attachments
  • SmartSelect Technology
  • Thin mop which can get under any chink
  • Big mop head and pads are able to cover big surfaces
  • Pretty long power cord


  • little problems with heating; as it was mentioned by some reviewers, it didn’t heat enough.
  • Difficult to control the swivel head
  • Mop pads can come off easily
  • Some foam attachment will have to be replaced in some time
  • The attachment for window cleaning is not perfect
  • Can fall if not looked after or leaned into something.


As soon as you know that you want to have the Black and Decker 2 in 1, you should think of the best places to purchase it as well the best deal which you can make for your money.

As we already know the B&D 2 in 1 proposes a separate hand held, for buying which you will have to pay additional money.

But what would you get if you bought the mop and hand held separately?

The only advantage of buying these things together is that when doing the mopping, the hand held gets carted with me. But for me personally that’s not very convenient. So most probably I would do different things with the mop and absolutely other cleaning stuff with the hand held.

Because keeping them together, means that every time I clean, I will have to carry and move around extra weight, which is the weight of a hand held. It is not a big problem because its weight isn’t that big actually (I compared).

But there are other important factors which might make sense to somebody:

–    Buying the hand held separately from the mop you will get more attachments, such as the triangular mop head, which suits the steam mop, as well as hand, held unit

–    The model BDH1760SM has a bigger tank size by 5.5 ounces (so it is 15.6 against 10.1)

–    But the BDH1760SM doesn’t come with carpet glider function.

All in all the result is – I will gladly pay extra 60 dollars to get additional attachments. For me, the Black and Decker 2 in 1 is a better option.


Looking at the ratings on Amazon, I found out that it needs more marketing background or perhaps just more reviews and comments as it is really a good deal and option.

There are so called Vine members on Amazon. These are top-ranked reviewers who get free items and in return they have to write a review. This is a Vine Program.

Also manufacturers do the same, by offering the product to some good reviewers through the Vine program. It will help them to raise the sales of their product as potential consumers read reviews and make positive decisions.


There will always be things which you like and dislike and you can’t do anything about it. And it concerns steam mops too.  As for me, I love and enjoy using my steam mop but the location of on and off button just irritated me, but with the time I got used to it.

In every steam mop, you will be able to find things which will seem like a disadvantage at the beginning and the Black and Decker 2 in1 isn’t an exception. Also, you will need some practice with the swivel design as well as be ready to refill the water tank constantly. But for example, the power cord length is just great, you can even wrap it around your hand.

I think if you don’t want to spend lots of money, you can buy this steam mop along with the hand held unit and in this way you will have 2 in 1 Black and Decker.

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