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Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T

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Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9TAs you start looking through this review, you immediately notice the word “Titanium”, but what does this word have in common with Bissell Steam Mop 94E9T? Some of you might think that this word is related and connected with power and energy of the device but in real it refers to its color. Apart from being of such an unusual color, it does the cleaning just perfect, which makes people’s lives smooth and more comfortable in terms of cleaning.

Prices can always be divided into low, average and high. But there are several appliances for almost the same price, and in this situation, one should know the distinctions among them, in order to opt for the best device for floor cleaning purposes.


Bissell Select Titanium 94E9T Review

The Bissell Steam Mop Select 94E9T – it is a stick steam mop, that was specially designed to clean hard floors, so if you need to clean a carpet it will simply not work. It also can’t be used for cleaning vertical surfaces be it a wall in the shower, windows or glass doors (only horizontal objects).

When buying this appliance and opening the box, you will see the next: two mop pads, handle, lower body, mop head and removable water tank.

It will not take hours to understand how to put these things together as it is very clear. Just join the 3 parts of the body together, fill the water tank with distilled water, insert it and after that you can attach the mop pad (there are 3 of them, use only one). 

The Bissel manufacturers state that this machine can be used on the following kind of floors:

  • ceramic
  • tiles
  • vinyl
  • laminated material
  • marble
  • stone
  • hardwood

Though the manufacturer says that it is quite safe to make use of the steam mop on all the above-mentioned surfaces, I still advise you to avoid using it on wood or laminate floors as it might make its color pale, which will destroy the floor and even your warranty will not cover it.

Types of mop heads and 3 pads

Choosing a steam mop, you should know beforehand what kind of mop head shape you want. It can be of two kinds: rectangular and triangular.

For example, the steam mop I own and use has a triangular head and the same head shape has the Bissell. The triangular head shape has its pros and cons. For instance, with its help it is not hard to reach almost any corner at my home, except the thing that it is a bit difficult to get it behind the toilet base. So what I have to do is to mop first on the one-half and then do the same on the other half. Perhaps if I had a rectangular head shape I wouldn’t have to do it as it would clean more area in a shorter time.

If you purchase the Bissell Steam Mop Select 94E9T you will be in the same situation as I’m. Your mop will get behind the toilet in the same way as mine. But if your toilet stands really close to the bathtub or cabinet/shower, of course, the mop will not be able to get in between; actually any mop won’t be able to do that. And here you should do it with hands.

While on bathroom subject, it should be underlined that if you have quite a big bathroom with a lot of square meters, you would better choose a rectangular mop rather than triangular.

It is very simple to use the Bissel mop head as it basically repeats your moves. For example, if you move your hand to clean around the furniture, the mop head will do the same by turning into the same side etc. Moreover, its shape lets it get into the smallest corners of the house.

The mop head is wide enough, which is, of course, a plus. Its path is 13.4 inches and that’s two inches wider than another steam mop my Hoover TwinTank.

On the bottom of the mop head, along the perimeter, there are 9 steam vents. Consequently, the steam goes out of the vents, passes through the mop, gets to the floor and makes it clean.

There are 2 additional mop pads that can be washed in the washing machine and after can be fixed to the mop head due to special rope and toggle system. This method is obviously not the best and looks a little old fashioned as a person should get on the floor to do all these actions. My preferable way to affix the pad to the mop head is with Velcro.

As we already know, the steam mop goes with 3 additional pads. The first and the main pad is of a white color and quite strong and tough, while the other 2 are white-grey as they have gray strips. The white pad is counted for everyday use whereas the 2 scrubbing pads are for cases when you should rub the dirt away, something like marks and spots on the floor.

Both pads are of a very high quality since they are made of microfiber with Microban Protection. It goes to show that whenever you use this appliance, you won’t have problems with bacteria as this technology, designed by manufacturers, helps to prevent it.

If you own a big house, let’s say about 800 square feet and you like to mop the floor at once, rather than divide the floor into parts and do it daily, you’ll need extra mop pads. Let me give you an example: I have 900 square feet of tiled floor and when I clean it, I usually use 2 mop pads to clean the floor perfectly, but as we know the Bissell offers only 1 mop pad of a daily use. But that’s not a big issue at all as you can buy additional mop pads online in many popular online stores.

The Bissell Steam Mop Select 94E9T does quite a good job even in the corners of skirt boards but if we take into consideration rugs or carpets, unfortunately, it can’t do its job as perfect we might want it.

Steam and water tank

Speaking about advantages of a water-tank, first of all, it can hold 17 ounces, second – made of visible blue plastic and third – it is removable. Furthermore it is easy to reach the twist on cap but in case if you accidentally lose it, it will be easy to replace it with the new one by just visiting the Bissell site and paying 2 dollars for it.

For filling the water tank, you don’t need to use any cups or bottles because it is just right for any water tap.

This device has a power of 1500 watts which is normal for the steam mops of this price level.

Speaking frankly I have read dozens of reviews before writing my own and I can say that the majority of the comments are good. Therefore, it has a good reputation with good cleaning features and enough amount of steam.

One more piece of news, which makes this steam mop different from others, is that there is no filter, but it is up to you if it is positive or negative news.

From the positive side – you will not have to spend additional money for filters. But on the negative side – hard water, and one day it may lead to clogging of the vents. But at the same time the Bissell proposed a section on their site where they offer to remove any clogging etc. Also in order to prevent all the possible clogging you should use clean or distilled water to not worry about any problems.

As a result, you will not spend money on filters but distilled water. You should just choose which option is more comfortable for you. Because in any case if you don’t use clean water but use the water from a usual tap it might lead to a cloudy residue which will be left on the floors.

If you see this complaint in one of the reviews, that will not surprise you and plus you already know how to fight with this problem.

One more problem which you might face is that the steam mop stops to produce steam after a little while. But this little problem is also very easy to solve by just cleaning the vent as it was mentioned above in the instructions.


The mop handle is very easy to use as it is curved at the top and as if it was done especially for your hand. It also has a convenient size to hold, whether it is a man’s or woman’s hand. It will be comfortable for everyone. The handle looks and feels strong and tough though it is made of plastic of a black color. When you start tidying up, you should just push on the trigger, which is under the handle, with your point finger. Comfortable, isn’t it?

When you need the steam to go out, you should press the trigger, which is called “steam on demand button” and then wait a bit while it will release the steam. But as for me it is a little unclear and seems to be uncomfortable. I guess the point they want to make is that –  it will be much better if you press this button, then make a few passes on the floor and only after that press the button again.

Nevertheless, it is a good a way to control the quantity of produced steam. And in some cases you will not have a desire to use steam much on some particular floors. And moreover you’d better always not use too much steam as it is actually bad for floors, as they become wet every time you clean them and to become dry it will take more time than you perhaps sometimes need. As for the hand, you should also be careful if you don’t want to have any tension or little pain in your hand after cleaning.

By plugging the steam mop it starts working and by unplugging it – it stops, there are no turn-on and turn-off buttons. When the Bissell Steam Select Titanium 94E9T does its work, the indicator light shows it and this button works only when the device is in a working process. As soon as you unplug it, the indicator light turns off automatically too. There is also no indicator for you to understand when the mop is ready to use, you just have to wait for another 30 seconds after which you can start the job.

Of course buttons do play some role in choosing the right steam mop. And when it comes to me I also had an idea that the absence of some buttons isn’t an advantage. As, for example, some other models can start the work faster than in 30 seconds but with this model you will not understand it. But nevertheless I realized that it is just a few seconds we are talking about, which really don’t play a big role and I was just too rigorous and scrupulous in an attempt to propose you the best steam mop.

The other plus of this mop is its quietness. When cleaning, you will hear the steam coming out but it is so quite that if you watch TV or listen to the radio, you will not even hear it. Comparing it with a vacuum cleaner, it is 100% much quieter.


There are only two attachments which go with this kind of mop – 2 mops pads. No carpet glider and no cool down tray are provided. As there is not special place where you can put the mop, in order not to keep it on the floor, you will have to have your own perhaps little tray or any kind of alternative to protect the floors.


You can’t use any kind of powders or chemicals when using The Titanium 94E9T as it uses water only. But of course if you want to have a nice smell in the house after cleaning, you can buy demineralized water with different scents such as lemon, spring breeze or eucalyptus.

Dimensions & Storage

Height: 45.25 inches

Width: 13.4 inches (at the widest part of the mop head)

Depth: Approx 7 inches from the tip of the mop head to the back

Weight: 6 pounds

Cord length: 18 ft – which is pretty short comparing with some other models. And if while cleaning you like to hold the cord then it makes it even shorter.


–    beautiful color

–    high cleaning power

–    though it is made of plastic, it is strong and easy to manipulate mop handle

–    lightweight – easy to move

–    portable and visible water tank

–    suitable for any water tap

–    not loud while working

–    has an antimicrobial technology


–    lack of buttons

–    no filter – you will have to use clean or distilled water, might be some expenses

–    short power cord, if you are an owner of a big house that’s 100 percent not a plus as it will get on your nerves all the time

–    doesn’t work with vertical surfaces (only horizontal ones)

–    some reviews included problems connected with the efficiency of the steam produces (but this problem can be solved by clearing the vents)

–    doesn’t clean rugs or carpets

–    nothing to put the mop in, e.g cooling tray or any other substitute.


If we look at different online sites where you can order the Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T we will see that it has good ratings and customers’ comments. The only problem which still does exist is the blocking of the vents. But among pros we can name its light weight and easy use. This device also surprised with the point that it uses a little water for cleaning and that floors dry very quickly after tidying up.


From my point of view, the Bissell is a very good and also solid choice. First of all because of all its advantages and second because of its price, which is very affordable. I strongly consider that it is very similar to the Hoover TwinTank in the way it works but at the same time it is 30 dollars less. The main difference is that Bissell’s cord is shorter and there is no twin tank that’s why it can’t use any chemicals for cleaning purposes. Also, it can’t clean the carpets and there are no filters. So maybe here 30 dollars do play its role.

It should be emphasized that 94E9T is an updated version of Bissell’s 80K6 – this model you can still find in some online shops. This model is a bit different – it has the rectangular mop head as well as pads. The mop head can be fully covered, which enables the person to use 2 sides of the head during the process. But it has the same length of cleaning path – 13.4 inches but the mop head is shorter and the pads don’t have the antimicrobial protection technology. So which one to choose? Again if it comes to the distance between your toilet and bathtub or kitchen cabinets and floor, then maybe you should have a look at an old version Bissell’s 80K6 with the rectangular mop head. The 2 models are almost of the same price.

However, the Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 94E9T will do the job in a short period of time with perfect performance, good price and low rate of complaints.


I believe that this mop is worth buying as it really does a great job and has good features.  So thinking if it is the right steam mop for you or not you should take into consideration these 3 factors: if you are satisfied with a short power cord, absence of filters and the mop head shape (triangular or rectangular).  If you are not an owner of a huge house or apartment and you don’t mind to plug and unplug it while the cleaning process, then I think it is a good choice for you. A basic steam mop which is able to clean almost any kind of a hard floor without using any chemicals.

But thinking about fast clogging of the vents, makes us also think about spending money on distilled water in case if we have a very hard water at home.

But if all these minor cons don’t effect you, then I would advise you to purchase the Bissell 94E9T, I’m sure you will be very happy with its performance for a long time.

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