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Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner 1719

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Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner 1719If you are looking for a portable cleaning appliance that can work without being plugged in, you are in the right place. This overview will be devoted to the Bissell 1719 Spotlifter 2x Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner, known as one of the most compact portable cleaners. Even though it is cordless, it can thoroughly clean your home textile, carpets or car interior for almost fifteen minutes. Our customers usually keep it for emergencies like spills and messes made by children or pets or take it into their vehicle in case some extra cleaning is needed.

The buyers confirm that this cleaning appliance is very handy.  If you need to get rid of any remains, dust from furniture, rubbish around a cage with pets, chips or seeds, this machine is irreplaceable. It’s not only lightweight and comfortable to hold, but also has a beautiful design, so you don’t have to hide it from visitors.

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Powerful Dirt Remover

The current model works according to the same algorithm as larger home carpet cleaning machines. You will need to fill it up with the water and formula. The machine will spray the cleaning liquid with the sprayer, brush out the mud and spots and suck out the dirty water from the carpet or textile.

Portable, Cordless, and Lightweight

This compact little device measures only in 17 3/4″ by 7′ by 10′.  Nevertheless, you will be pleasantly surprised with its high efficiency and elegant design. It is ideal for a quick cleaning session before the guests come, or liquidation of the messes left by children, who like to make spots and spills. Cleaning with the Spotlifter 2x takes much less effort and doesn’t cause as much trouble as using large carpet cleaners. This model is often used for cleaning lounge furniture from pet hair or car detailing.

9.6 Volt Battery

Thanks to a powerful 9.6-volt battery, this appliance works almost as well as larger models.

Weighs 6.25 lbs

This model is known to be the Bissell most comfortable to use portable cleaner. One of the main features that make it so handy is its small weight.

7 Inch Cleaning Jet

The cleaning line measures 7 inches wide. The device is also equipped with an unmotorized scrubbing brush. It can be detached or replaced. The cleaning process requires a user to move the appliance back and forth to make the brush scrub away the dirt.

Two-Tank System

This model can comprise only 12 oz of water, but it is more than enough for quick cleaning. The two-tank system consists of two containers – one for filling up the clean water with formula, and another for the dirty water that is sucked up from the carpet.

Battery Charging

According to manufacturer’s recommendations, the device must be charged no less than 12 hours before using. In case the battery was completely discharged, the machine needs to be charged for 12 hours as well.

Clear Instructions

The manual with instruction is user-friendly and well-defined. It provides users with simple, yet thorough advice on getting the Spotlifter 2x ready for use, the cleaning process, maintenance, and storing.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Bissell ensures the 1-year limited warranty on the device. During this period, you can ask for a free repair or replacement of any detail or the whole machine, as long as it was used strictly according to the instructions in the manual.

General Bissell SpotLifter 2X 1719 Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner Overview

When There Is No Time for Big Cleaning

This cordless cleaner is designed to help you get rid of stains even before they set in. If charged, it can be grabbed right after the spill and remove the dirt in no time. Just pour the water and add some formula from the trial bottle, which comes with the device, and the machine is ready to be used. It works pretty simply. There are only three buttons – one for turning on the power, another is a spraying trigger, and the last one is to clean away the dirty water.

Good Suction for Better Cleaning

For those of you who still use the old-fashioned brush-and-towel method of spot cleaning, we recommend trying out this appliance just for a single time. You will definitely notice the difference. The 1719 Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner sucks away more dirty particles and, as a result, makes your carpet much cleaner. Plus, you don’t have to worry about stains that are difficult to remove (like wine or coffee). Instead of spending a half an hour trying to wash away those liquids, use the SpotLifter 2X and have your textile cleaned in a few minutes.

Another pleasant benefit of this model is its reasonable price. You will probably spend more on your towels and cleaning tools, than on this cleaner.

Clean Your Textile Anywhere

Thanks to its compact size, light weight and portability, the 1719 Portable Cleaner is often used for cleaning stairs and difficult-to-reach places. This device is also very handy outside the house. You can clean pillows and sofas on your veranda, or make auto detailing.

Get Rid of Pet Messes

Pet owners will highly appreciate this model. Its ability to clean all kinds of stains, including pet peeing and other types of messes the animals may cause, makes the 1719 Carpet Cleaner a lifesaver. Imagine the situation when you are in a hurry and your cat or dog has made you some  “present.” You can either start washing it with a cloth and be late, or use the SpotLifter 2X, which will save your time and nerves. The best part is that this appliance perfectly cleans both fresh spills, spots and stains as well as the old ones.

Cleaning Time

The fully charged battery ensures 15 minutes of active cleaning. At first sight, this period seems to be too short. However, the Bissell SpotLifter 2X 1719 is designed for quick spot scrubbing, and a quarter of an hour is more than enough for that. One of our buyers has commented that he was able to clean four car seats during this time. Even if you are a slower worker, you definitely will be able to get rid of ten or fifteen stains before the battery recharges completely.

Cleans All Kinds of Surfaces

Bissell engineers have constructed this device in a way that enables it to clean solid surfaces as well. Our users highly rated this feature, because the 1719 Carpet Cleaner helps them to clean floor, wooden furniture and even tiles.

Simple to Use and Take Care Of

Thanks to convenient design and portability, this appliance is extremely comfortable to use. It also comes with the manual that contains detailed and uncomplicated instructions. The only feature mentioned by some of our customers as the one that needed improvement was the tank cleaning system. A few buyers seemed to find it difficult to wash the container for dirty water.

Reasonably Priced

You can hardly find the carpet cleaner for such a reasonable price. The Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner costs only around $50.

Pay Attention

Battery Cannot Be Replaced

The device is equipped with a nickel cadmium battery. It is long-lasting but non-removable. The battery should serve you from five to seven years. After it “dies,” the appliance may as well be thrown away. You will not be able to replace the battery. Therefore, the whole device will become useless. Some users complained that they had problems with battery charging after a year of using the device. The problem could be caused by recharging cord. However, in case it was the battery that broke down, the whole machine should be replaced.

Less Powerful Motor

Some buyers complain that 15 minutes is not enough for them to do all the cleaning. However, the limited operation time is a major disadvantage of all cordless appliances. You need to choose between the possibility of using a cleaner anywhere or its ability to work for a long time.

Another factor that may be considered as a negative feature is the low motor power. In terms of quick stains cleaning, this power is sufficient, but, if you need a device for regular carpet washing, you should check the list of portable carpet cleaners.

The Piece of Advice from Users

Always check if your textile can by cleaned by appliances like this one. You should look at the tag and see if it has “W” or “WS” signs on it. If it says “S” or “Dry Clean Only,” do not wash it with carpet cleaners.

Always control the level of dirty water in the appliance. If the tank is too full, it will spill away.

Do not use the brush without spraying the water with formula. You will only get the dirt deeper into the textile or carpet.

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