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Bissell SpotClean Professional 3624 Portable Carpet Cleaner

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Bissell SpotClean Professional 3624What is the top selling portable spot cleaning carpet cleaner from Bissell? Well, it’s obviously the SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner 3624. Why? Because it is a super powerful washing and vacuuming tool that enables you easily remove any dirt, dust or stains from carpets and home textiles. This machine is also a must-have for people who like having their cars clean and spotless. Plus, it is a surprisingly compact device, which can fit even the smallest flat.

Thanks to these and many other remarkable features, the SpotClean Pro has been highly esteemed by our buyers. They extremely loved the long cord, 5-feet flexible hose, and many hand tools that make even the most difficult-to-reach areas clean in no time. But, does this machine have only positive features? Let’s have a closer look at its strengths and weaknesses. Based on our customers’ reviews, we will reveal all the secrets of this carpet cleaner.

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Bissell SpotClean 3624 Review

1066409Compact and Lightweight

This model’s dimensions are only 14X14X10 inches. Folded up this device can fit almost any closet even is the smallest room. It is also very light. When empty, the Bissell Pro SpotClean weighs just 13.2 pounds. That is why it is so easy to operate with.

1066409Tanks with Large Capacity

The bigger tank is, the less it needs to be refilled. Why should you spend time going back and forth to your bathroom filling up the container? This 96 oz (or ¾ gallon) tank can comprise enough water needed to clean your whole house.

1066409Two-Tank System

To ensure the best cleaning quality, the Bissell SpotClean Pro is equipped with the two-tank system. It consists of two independent tanks – for the clean water, and for the dirty one. The two liquids can never be mixed, so you can be sure that all the dirt stays beyond your carpets and textile.

1066409Superior Suction Power

The improved suction power is produced by the 5.7-ampere motor. It is even more powerful than some larger Bissell models. According to our customers’ reviews, this Bissell Pro SpotClean eliminates all kinds of spots and spills, as well as dust and dirt. It works as proficiently as big carpet cleaners or even professional carpet & floor cleaning equipment.

1066409Cleaning Tools

Together with the device you will get two spray-and-brush tools. For broad areas like carpets and stairs, you can use the 6″ Stair Tool. Its large brushes allow you to clean big surfaces in no time. And for slammer items or difficult-to-reach places you should use the 3″ Tough Stain Brush. You can order many other tools such as Flexi crevice tool, which can help clean the smallest areas like between the cabinets and behind radiators.

Some users stated their disappointment by the fact that the brushing tools are not motorized. However, this particular model does not require motorized brushheads. The tools work perfectly the way they are, but if a customer wants to get more advanced spray-and-brush tools, he or she can always buy them separately and adjust to the carpet cleaner. Still, according to buyers’ comments, such tools have little effect on the quality of cleaning, so we do not recommend purchasing them. The Bissell Pro SpotClean has everything you need for efficient housework.


The manufacturer offers the 2-year limited warranty on the SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner 3624.

Outstanding Cleaning Effect

It ‘s hard to believe, but this compact device shows excellent results when it comes to cleaning fabrics and carpets. Many users have confirmed that the SpotClean Professional 3624 is even more efficient than commercial cleaners. The reason this carpet cleaner works so well is its profound design. Thanks to the limited hose length, the suction power produced by the motor is not diminished in the brushing tool. That is why each scrubbing move you make with this machine is highly effective.

The Bissell SpotClean has the most powerful motor among all Bissell models, but it still cannot beat the new Rug Doctor Portable cleaner, which engine has 10 amperes.

Comfortable to Move Around

If you have stairs to clean, then the Bissell 3624 will become your best friend. Unlike heavy and large rental cleaners, this machine can be easily moved around. Its small weight and carrying handle are the reason why users, especially women, love it so much. Just imagine that you have a big and weighty carpet cleaner, and every time you need to clean a few small stains you have to pull out the machine, drag it to the bathroom to fill up, and then move it to another room. After cleaning, you will need to take this device to the bathroom again, and then to its storage place. I bet that only thinking about all these operations would make you want to leave the stains, or clean them with some simpler tools. But the lightweight SpotClean Pro is from the entirely different story. It is very light and portable. Its cord can be extended up to 22 feet, so you won’t have to plug and unplug it in every room. This long cord is also very useful for cleaning objects outside your house, like in a gazebo or car.

Simple to Operate

Together with the device you will get a useful manual that contains relevant information and uncomplicated instructions on how to use this appliance. It is also worth mentioning that the machine will be already assembled. That is why you can start the cleaning process almost right after unpacking it. All you should do is to fill up the tank with water and cleaning formula, adjust the needed tool and choose simple settings. Turn on the power, and push the trigger down. The water with formula will be sprayed on the surface. Then, release the trigger and make back-and-forth moves over the same area until all the water is sucked away.

If there aren’t many spots on your carpet, and you don’t want to wash the whole surface, you can always use a spray bottle to spread the cleaning liquid. Then, use the SpotClean Pro, which will suck all the dirt and make the area dry again. For the set-in stains, we highly recommend pre-treating because it will help you remove the spots faster. All you need to do is to apply the formula on the spots, wait for some time for the dirt to soften, and only after that switch on the appliance.

Perfect Tank

This model is equipped with the ideal water tank. It is big enough to comprise all the water and formula you need to clean an average room, but not too big to make the device heavy and unmovable. The tank’s size is 96 oz or 3/4 gallons. No other Bissell model can impress customers with the water container of the similar volume. Even the famous Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner can comprise only 64 oz in its tank. Why is this aspect important? Since the SpotClean Professional has such a big tank, you will not need to refill the clean water and get rid of dirty water too often. Instead of going back and forth to your bathroom, you can concentrate your energy on cleaning.

In case you need to clean some small surface, you can fill half of the tank and put just one capful of cleaning formula. However, the Bissell SpotClean 3624 is very economical. You will be surprised by the amount of work it can do with only one filled tank.

Another important feature of the container is that its bottom is flat. So, when you fill it with the water, this bottom plays the role of the stable platform that ensures that the machine will not roll over. As the SpotClean Professional is a lightweight and compact device, you can refill the tank or wash away the dirt right in the sink.

Perfect for Cleaning Pet Messes

This model is often purchased by pet lovers, who need to deal with smell-causing stains or any kind of messes that cats and dogs usually make. Soil and food, oils, and different drinks – anything that your pet may spill can be removed by the Bissell 3624, as well as the stinky spots that our beloved animals leave everywhere.

Ideal for Cleaning Car Interior

The SpotClean 3624 is the perfect machine for those who like to have their cars clean, but don’t want to spend money on rental cleaners. The dimensions of this model are just right to fit a car, and the powerful motor ensures thorough and professional auto detailing. You can even clean your Hunter Douglas blinds with this appliance. There is no need to take them away and send for washing; with the SpotClean Pro you can do this work yourself.

Short Drying Time

You cannot avoid such thing as drying time. No carpet cleaner, including the professional ones, can suck all the water out of the textile. That is why the cleaned area should be left untouched for some time. The better cleaner you have, the less time your carpet needs for drying. With the Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624, your drying time will last only an hour or two. If the room is well ventilated, the drying time can be decreased.


The Bissell 3624 is loved by our customers for the hose that is tidily wrapped on the side of the appliance. This feature and a small footprint make this model very compact and neat. There is no need for you to detach the hose or store it separately from the device. Small and convenient, this machine will easily find its place even in a little apartment.

w256h2561339252558DeleteRedWeaknesses of The SpotClean 3624

No “Automatic Cleaning” Feature

Unlike the Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner, which has an automatic hands-free carpet cleaning system, the SpotClean Professional 3624 can work only with the user’s help.

Cleaning Small Areas Only

The SpotClean Professional 3624 is constructed for cleaning only small areas. It is handy for dealing with spots and stains, especially those made by pets. You can also successfully use it for cleaning smaller rooms like a corridor, or objects like a sofa. However, this model is not intended for use in large rooms. For this purpose, it is more convenient to use a standard home upright carpet cleaning machine or a lightweight carpet cleaner.

Vacuum Before Using the SpotClean

This cleaning device is designed to wash coffee, tea, wine and other kinds of stains, but it is not intended to clean hair or any other stuff that is bigger than sand. That is why, before using the SpotClean 3624, you need to vacuum a carpet to remove all the large particles that may clog the hose. Of course, the machine can deal with small dirt and pet hair, but you need to pay attention to its sensitive drainage system.

No Wheels

The engineers of the Bissell SpotClean 3624 have created this device without wheels. At first sight, this feature may seem inconvenient. Nevertheless, the lack of wheels resulted in machine’s weight and size decrease, which made it easier to carry around. But if you presume that wheels are the necessary feature for comfortable cleaning, you should consider buying the Rug Doctor Portable Cleaner. Its technical characteristics are very close to this Bissell model, but it also has the built-in wheels.

Use Bissell Branded Formulas

If you don’t want the warranty to be canceled, you have to use cleaning solutions produced by Bissell all the time. We cannot guaranty that the company representatives make any investigation about the cleaning formula you use, but these are the rules. Bissell’s formulas are produced especially for their devices. Together with this carpet cleaner you will get a trial bottle. Users, who want to buy the Bissell SpotClean Pro, usually purchase the Bissell 2x Professional Deep Cleaning Detergent as well.

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