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Bissell Little Green ProHeat 14259

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Bissell Little Green ProHeat Carpet Cleaner 14259The Bissell Little Green ProHeat 1425 collection carpet cleaner shines as the most widely recognized spot cleaner product with an integrated internal heating unit. The item will heat up the water around 25° F (degrees Fahrenheit) more than its initial temperature. For a lot of customers, this is certainly an excellent option because warmed water frequently helps make cleaning considerably more efficient. General, the Little Green ProHeat is a good compact cleaner for washing carpeting stains as well as furniture, together with auto interiors. The device is included with a bendable hose pipe and a pair of hand tools, a hard stain brush and also a spraying deep-crevice tool.

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1066409Integrated Water Heater. The Bissell Little Green Compact ProHeat 14259 deep washer is the number one best-selling compact spot cleaner product designed with a water heating unit. It raises the temperature of the water up to 25 °F hotter. Heating up the water to a bigger temperature is optionally available, yet doing this will give the most useful results. Water will be heated to the highest potential cleaning temperature in just thirty secs. A light shows when the proper water temperature is achieved.

1066409Two Tanks. Individual easy-to-remove or put in water tanks are offered for clear and dirty waters. The sizeable volume, 48-ounce dirty water tank indicates fewer visits to the sink for draining. Both hot (not boiling), as well as fresh faucet water, can be applied to load the tank.

1066409Light and Portable. The Bissell Little Green Cleaner weighs about 13 pounds with no water added in. Its measurements are 8.2 inches by 17.25 inches by 12.5 inches. The cable wrap fixture enables the 15-foot power wire to be wrapped next to the side of the device, while the flexible hose pipe wraps all around the bottom part of the product and is tacked down by a clip to offer a compact storage area.

10664099 Amperes Power – Having 9 amps of electric power, this cleaner possesses the maximum motor power in comparison to all other Bissell products. Part of the substantial amperage is intended to power up the water heating unit.

10664092 Handtools Bundled – This Bissell Little Green Proheat bundle includes a stain brush tool with a 3-in cleaning path, that is perfect for spot washing purposes. A crevice tool is provided for narrow, difficult to reach spots. A prior Amazon listing might have contained a turbo brush, however, to be clear, the recent ProHeat bundle includes the crevice tool instead of a turbo brush.

106640912 months Guaranty – In the majority of occasions, Bissell will fix or change damaged and also broken parts on the device totally free within the guaranty period, in case the problems appear not because of carelessness or improper usage. This Little Green Proheat appliance has an excellent reputation for appearing pretty sturdy, and numerous consumers have claimed it holds up very well under regular use.

Bissell Little Green Proheat Multi-Purpose Deep Washer Total Evaluation

Cleans Fast and Efficiently

The Bissell Little Green Proheat efficiently eliminates leaks and soiling out of rugs, which include stains existing for many weeks, and even 12 months or more. The point that the suction minimizes nearly all wetness is an entirely beneficial feature. That guarantees that watermarks will certainly not be remaining when textile furniture, as well as microsuede covers, has been washed.

The brush head is not motor-driven (turbo-powered), however consumers can order an optionally available turbo brush tool to work with the device. It seems nice, yet it’s not essential for the majority of customers. The bundled brush tool is more than enough for cleaning as well as scrubbing stains. For truly difficult stains, you can additionally apply a separate hand held carpet brush and also detergent to pre-treat and then scrub the stain prior to working with the Bissell Little Green Proheat to perform one final circle of scrubbing and drawing out the unclean water mixture. This method can be quite useful.

Ideal for Washing Small Spots

Because this Bissell carpet cleaner is designed for cleaning up stains and smaller spots, several customers may perhaps find the brush not to be as broad as they may like while washing larger areas of carpeting. The sizeable volume tanks are an advantage, and the device is compact sufficient to be simple to carry and also to store.

It is likewise known as a multi-functional cleaner, because other than cleaning rugs, it can be applied on furniture and car interior. Several users name this product a wet vacuum, or wet vac because it draws the dirty water out of the rugs.

Excellent Option for Pet Keepers, Families with Little Kids

The mixture of cleaning strength and mobility make the device a perfect cleaning equipment for families that regularly experience leakages or house animals messes. Not just because the stains get taken care of prior to they have any chance to set in, it is very handy as well. It is an undertaking to carry out a large upright cleaner, as well as to go to a shop to lease a Rug Doctor.

Right Choice for Auto and Furniture Cleaning

Many consumers find the small Little Green Proheat device useful for cleaning car interior, including the rugs and covers, and also home upholstery and furnishings. The Crevice hand tool is handy for washing the crevice spots of the auto interior as well as automobile seats. Consumers find the benefit at this point because the price of this Little Green appliance more than compensates cost benefits from car detailing expenses.

Simple to Set Up and Handle

Putting the unit together is an easy, 3 step procedure. The bend hose pipe clip is connected by slipping it into an opening in the front side of the device. The flex hose pipe bracket glides into a slot and is tacked down with a pair of head screws. The tool clip container easily slips into a slot on the bent hose pipe bracket. Instructions for running this multi-functional deep cleaner are simple to read and carry out, and contain directions for cleaning the device after usage along with repairing tips.

Simple Take out/ Change Water Tank

The tanks are taken out by raising them from their platform. The caps are next taken off for filling up or draining. As soon as the caps are brought back, every tank glides just back on the base.

Issues to Consider

9 Amperes Power May Not Equivalent Best Cleanup Strength

Even though the Bissell Little Green ProHeat Compact MultiPurpose Carpet Cleaner 14259 possesses a high 9 amperes in electric motor power, the higher power is probably necessary because of to the inner heater. For comparing, the standard Bissell Little Green 1400 model features 3 amperes of motor power. In accordance to Bissell, the SpotClean Pro 3624 is, however, their “most strong cleaner,” possessing “exceptional suction”, although it features only 5.7 amperes of power on paper.

Consumers searching for high power characteristics may as well want to take into account the RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner having 10 amperes of power and no integrated heating unit.

Not A Vapor Cleaner

Be aware that this is not a vapor cleaner that heats water up to steaming levels. Home carpet deep cleaners usually do not include built-in water heaters. To get better heated up cleaning, consumers can fill the tank with hot water to get started.

Drain And Wash The Tanks Right After Use

Empty and then rinse out the tanks following using the device, particularly the dirty waters tank. Even though the tanks are specially designed not to leak during use, it’s less obvious while being kept when the tanks aren’t empty. The guidance booklet advises that it’s okay to keep water blended with formula in the clear water tank for the future use; however based on the experience of other users, you may want to be careful about this.

Study Instructions, Try Hidden Spot

No matter if you are cleaning rugs or covers using this device or any other compact carpet cleaner, it is at all times a good thought to have a look at the cleanup directions from the carpet/ furniture supplier and also test out in a hidden spot at first. The guidance info for this cleaner offers plenty of useful tips and suggestions to achieve the best outcomes.

Spray and Suction Tips

The stain hand tool features a broad spray, even so this is very good. When placed against the carpet correctly, too much spray won’t be a trouble. Consumers can cover spots that they don’t wish the spray to access. The hand tool additionally requires to be kept against the carpet to get the most efficient suction.

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