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Bissell BG10 Big Green

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Bissell BG10 Big Green Commercial Carpet ExtractorFirst of all, the Bissell B10 draws customers’ attention due to its affordable price and the reliable mechanical parts. If you ask about the brand itself, one should say it has a 100-years history of manufacturing the cleaning tools and is worldwide known nowadays. This particular model of a carpet cleaner can be regarded as a culmination of their long-time working experience. To avoid confusion, we should note that the Bissell 10N2 and the Big Green BG10 are one and the same. Just the 10N2 is its older label for the product.

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Two separate water tanks

People, who used the single tank machines, know how annoying they might be when you work with a large area. You need to go to the sink and back all the time to empty the tank before proceeding. The two separate tanks (1.75 gallons each), however, easily solve the matter. Most users agree that using two tanks is a much more efficient way of cleaning. There’s no need to change water that often.

  • Two motors

One of the motors is used to turn the brushes, the other runs the suction. This way you get more power for cleaning procedure.

  • Water flow indicator

You don’t need to guess how much water is left in a tank with the flow indicator feature. Meaning, there won’t be running out of water and solution in the middle of a cleaning. In addition, the BG 10 uses less water than other devices.

  • Easy to store with adjustable handle

The handle folds down, making the model easy to transport and store.

  • Edge-to-edge cleaning capabilities

The BG10 doesn’t have any hose attachments included. But thanks to edge-to-edge feature, it provides a thorough cleaning of your carpet and faster drying due to a separate suction motor.

  • Dirt-Lifter Brushes

A Dirt-Lifter Brushes cleaning technology is provided to loosen dirt and stubborn stains from the carpet. As we mentioned before, there is a dedicated motor, used to drive the brushes.

  • Back and forward cleaning

With this appliance you can combine suction with shampooing process in a single cleaning procedure.

  • Extended cord

The BG 10 comes with one feedback cord and an additional 25-feet yellow cord extension. Thus, you acquire 50-feet cleaning radius, which is more than enough to deal with any room in a house.

  • 1-year warranty

This warranty provides no rental or commercial exclusions. It is convenient for those who use the product outside their household.

  • Sufficient cleaning power

You’ll be amazed at how easily this device deals with vast areas of carpet. With the Bissell’s approved solution, you just go once to clean the carpet stretch and one to remove excess water. No need to go round in circles.

  • Friendly for environment

The unit uses a surprisingly small amount of water despite the fact it has two tanks. This means less dampness for your carpet, which allows it to dry quickly.

  • Easy to operate

Just feel the tank with water and solution, and you are ready to start the cleaning. You won’t have to bother with all sorts of attachments the other models may include.

Comparison with the Bissell 86T3 Deep Cleaner

The Bissell 86T3 Deep cleaner is absolutely the same machine, just packaged for commercial users. You’ll only find differences in packaging, attachments, and warranty. The 86T3 comes with the hose accessories and stain tool. Besides, this model has a 5-years warranty, compared to a 1-year warranty of the BG 10. Though, there is a condition under which a long-term warranty is provided – it is for home use only. But most users take it exactly for household needs, so this can’t be regarded as a problem for them. With nearly the same price value, the 86T3 might appear to be a more interesting product to purchase. However, the BG 10 has no home use restrictions in its warranty, which makes it more suitable for a particular category of customers.

Some things to keep in mind

It is large

The name “Big Green” speaks of itself, it is large in size.  The machine weights 42 pounds and may seem to be heavy when moving it at first. But the ABS design of the body is performed to reduce the weight involved and once you move the cleaner it will feel very light.

No accessories

There are no attachments included, but if you feel the need in those, you can obtain some from a local store at any time.

The Bissell Cleaning Solution

The manufacturers recommend using only the Bissell cleaning solution with their products to avoid any harm to a machine. It is also meant for a fast and efficient cleaning of any sort of carpets.

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