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Bissell 8852 Pro Heat

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Bissell 8852 Pro Heat Deep Clean Carpet CleanerThe Dirt Lifter Power Brush technology is the most remarkable feature of the entire Bissell brand. It is known for its deep and effective cleaning of carpets and removing all kinds of stains. Being the newest representative of the brand’s product line, the Bissell 8852 Pro Cleaner possesses all the latest technologies and features that make it an efficient eliminator of stubborn stains. To add more, the price policy makes the product one of the best-selling cleaners on the market. Today’s review will touch its major advantages, same as some of the weaker points. Let’s get a closer view of the device.

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The primary features and benefits

  • Dirt Lifter Power Brush

It is a proprietary and proven technology that completely removes the stains and dirt from the carpet. The six cleaning rows of stiff bristles rotate deep into the carpet, gradually removing all the dirt between the fibers.

  • Heat-wave technology

As you probably know, the warm water provides more effective cleaning compared to the cold one. The introduced technology helps the water to stay warm as long as the cleaning process continues. The majority of carpet cleaners don’t support the temperature their tanks. But, as referred to the Bissell 8852, the hot air from the engine exhausts passes around the tank and keeps the water warm.

  • Strong suction abilities and excellent reach

For most devices cleaning in the corners and places located beneath or behind the furniture can become a real hardship and a pure test of their working capacities. The model we view today comes with the Edge-Sweep Brushes and Surround Suction feature that allow the appliance to reach the edges and corners, extracting all the dirt in the area.

  • 1-gallon water tank

The clean and the dirty water share the same volume, but they never mix together due to a large 1-gallon tank.

  • Ready-tools feature

You can turn your appliance from floor cleaner to an upholstery cleaner by redirecting the water spray flow. Thus, it may go both ways, either to or from the hose. It might become a useful feature for a stair carpet cleaning.

  • Three attachments in a standard packaging

You can see the two stair/upholstery tools included. There is an attachment to the base that is used for hard floors. The Turbo Brush Tool is meant for areas where the power suction is required. The additional/optional tools include the Pet-Stain Tool and the Stain Trapper Tool that are used in specific cases. It should be noted that the device comes with a convenient storage on board the cleaner to choose the right tool at the right moment.

  • Extended power cord

The extra-long 22-inches power cord makes it possible to reach any corner in a house.

  • 2-years warranty

You can apply for service with any defective part during the 2-year time period.

Excellent working results

Some of the users were shocked with how dirty the water was after cleaning their carpets. Meaning, the appliance absorbed all the dirt, making their favorite home decorations look bright and smell fresh. The fact is, the device can handle with any type of stains, even those that can’t be removed manually. Though, the model wasn’t initially supposed for pet owners, lots of customers’ reviews say it catches the hair that all the other cleaners miss. Many of users liked the Bissell shampooer (included to packaging) that helped a lot with their old furniture restoration. All in all, the reviews say it is powerful enough to its job.

“Bladder” tank system

The use of 2-in-1 tank system helps a lot in reducing the carpet cleaner’s overall size, however, you need to get used to it first. The clean and the dirty water are there side by side all the time and it is hard to see if the tank is empty or not.

There is another thing that you should always keep in mind. The device comes with a lever that will release all the dirty water when pressed. Press it only when you’ve reached the sink. Otherwise, you are risking to create a large dirty stain on your favorite carpet.

The design limitations

Some owners complain that the appliance could have been a bit sturdier than it is. Others don’t like the storage on board the device as the attachments get knocked off easily. What can we say about that, for the price it costs (which is around 150$) the machine can’t be regarded as a heavy-duty unit. Thus, you should treat it with a proper care and the cleaner won’t cause you any troubles or inconveniences.

Informative manual and a quick start guide

There are step-by-step instructions of how to use the device and how to maintain it the proper way. Tips and pictures will help you adapt and get to the work quickly.


  • Sufficient power

No matter which type of stains you are dealing with, pet urine or coffee spills, the result will be

  • The introduced Heat-wave technology
  • The newest production line
  • Affordable price
  • A2-years warranty of a world-known brand


  • Less powerful than the Pro Heat 2X Home Cleaner

The Pro Heat 2X 66Q4 comes with 12 amps of power while 8852 comes with 6 amps.

  • The lack of a “Pet” feature

Though, many users are pet owners, there are models that possess extra pet features, which are not included to the one we are reviewing. They come with hair collection basket, more rows of brushes and other mechanisms, allowing more efficient cleaning.

  • No builtin heater

The model can’t heat up cold water, it can only support the temperature of the warm water that you pour in the tank.

  • One tank for clean and dirty water

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