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Bissell 1940 Power Fresh Steam Mop

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Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Steam MopThe presence of a steam mop at home is a great advantage as it can clean not only pets’ paws, dirt, dust, spilled drinks, etc but also do it very fast and effectively. Therefore, if you don’t have one, start searching now. Start from the simple, yet efficient model – Bissell 1940 PewerFresh steam mop. It will 100 percent fit into your budget and you will be very happy with this product.

When cleaning with the Bissell 1940, you will not need any cleaning solutions/ chemicals and the mop is amazingly easy to assemble. The whole assembling process will take you not longer than 2 minutes.

This mop  DOES really clean the floor to the point where you can see the sheen at the ceramic tiles. Meanwhile, it doesn’t overwet the floor as well as doesn’t leave water residue behind. The pads go on without putting much effort and stay in place; the water reservoir holds a lot of water, consequently you will not have refill the water tank constantly. The mop maneuvers against baseboards and into every corner; it also fits well behind toilets and under most furniture as well. The manufacturers also propose a little scrub brush that can be activated with you foot for those “stubborn” spots that don’t wish to be removed in a simple way.


Bissell 1940 Review

Another its advantage is that it comes with a scent discs for that you can place in a pouch on the cleaning pad. There is also available a huge variety of steam settings, for instance, you don’t have to press the button all the time to produce steam. The steam mop will be heated up in just 30 seconds, so you are ready to clean almost immediately. The weight of this machine is very light (less than 8 pounds when the tank is empty) and the cord is long enough to use the mop properly without searching for outlets when cleaning a big area. No longer as you end mopping, the mop pad can be washed in the washing machine (rewashable) and later air-dried reducing cost by allowing you to reuse the same pad until it wears out.

Overall this 1940 Steam Mop cleans the floors great with a minimum effort. Therefore, this is a must have for hardwood or tile floor house.

Smartset steam settings

The SmartSet Steam feature is a grand name but in simple words it means that you have a choice and can select any of three steam settings: high, medium or low.

Of course, the best and the most useful is the hot setting as it produces the biggest amount of hot steam, which makes the cleaning process faster and easier. Moreover when you are planning to do sanitizing, then of course you should select the high steam setting, that will kill all the germs and bad elements. Whereas the lower steam might leave some water behind and it means that you will have to remake those parts.

In case when cleaning large areas, it is advisable to have additional mop pads. Because if you have only one and use the steam mop at the high steam setting, the pad becomes wetter and wetter as it absorbs the dirt. That’s why if you don’t want to have any residue, once in a while change the wet pad with a dry one. It is easier to replace the wet pad rather than later remake the whole area where residue is left.

The only minor con is that sometimes this steam mop leaves some streaks but again it doesn’t happen all the time and, therefore, this little problem shouldn’t scare you and stop from purchasing this great steam mop.

Easy scrubber feature

This is the second pro that is going to be mentioned. The Bissell 1940 PowerFresh is equipped with a special scrub pad, which you can attach with the help of your foot only. This scrub pad works thanks to the steam and its main aim is to get rid of the spots that are hard to remove, for example, something sticky and dry or grooves in the flooring etc.

Most of its competitors don’t have such an amazing feature and using them might be much harder especially if it is time to cope with some difficult spots. You will not have to remove them manually anymore. The scrub brush is really very powerful and will manage to clean even old spots.

Types of pads, water tank and other advanced features

One more good thing about 1940 is – presence of the removable tank. You shouldn’t buy any measuring cup to fill or refill it, when draining the tank you should not lift the whole unit for that – you will simply remove the water tank and fill it with the water (preferably distilled).

This particular steam mop also comes with 2 mop pads, but they are different, as one of them is counted for usual regular cleaning and another for scrubbing purposes. The presence of two pads doesn’t mean that you can’t use them both while cleaning, on the contrary, you can switch them without any difficulties. The process of changing the mop pads is very simple comparing with other steam mops. Therefore, it as a really great plus as you would not have to spend additional money for new mop pads every time you clean, just because they are disposable.

When you are ready to clean: fill the tank, select a mop pad you wish, attach it to the steam mop head and plug the cord in. Then wait for about 30 seconds during which the water will be heated producing steam. Also as soon as 30 seconds pass, you will see a special light on the device, meaning that the job can be started.


Concerning maintenance aspect, this steam mop is one of the most not “required”. The only thing, you will need to do is to replace the filter. As you know, the filter serves as a little mechanism that collects all the harmful elements together with debris and doesn’t let them come to the surface, in this way protecting it. The filter does its job greatly and you should put a bit of an effort too by changing it when the beads start changing the color.

Compact steam mops: good or bad?

Buying a compact steam mop, there are always certain pros and cons. Speaking about advantages: it is easy to carry around, easy to lift it when you go up or down the stairs, easy to move on any surface even when using a high steam setting, it doesn’t require much place for storing.

But on the other side of the story, there are some disadvantages, which you should also take into consideration. For example, you HAVE TO be very careful when the device is hot because it can fall or tip over as it is light, whereas with heavy steam mops such accidents will not happen. Also, the water tank in a bigger steam mops are capable of holding more water, and you will need to refill it fewer times while cleaning. But again all these factors depend on what kind of property you have, therefore, the choice if after you.

Some larger steam mops have more “massive” or “powerful” body. But it doesn’t mean that compact steam mops are worse at cleaning even though their body isn’t so “developed”. Those “strong” mops simply belong to a different class and different price category.

All in all everything depends on you, your wishes, desires, property size and so on. If you don’t need any advanced technologies, then there is no point wasting money for some super-technological steam mop unless you want it. In case of simple regular cleaning, consumers choose the lightweight unit that are easy to use and maintain. On the other side of the story – if you have to deal with difficult spots very often, then of course your choice is a large advanced steam mop.


  • lightweight (an ability to carry it all around the house)
  • gets assembled in less than 2 minutes
  • Bissell is the world known brand, consequently there will never be problems with finding filters, mop pads, and scent discs
  • Removable tank
  • Portability – its dimensions are really great for storing it in the smallest room
  • Warranty – 2 years from manufacturers, whereas other models have only 1 year
  • Long enough cord, to be precise 23 inches long
  • 2 absolutely different microfiber pads – one for scrubbing purposes, another for regular cleaning, plus they can be washed in the washing machine and used until they break
  • No need to push the trigger down all the time as the mop has enough weight for it
  • Even though the steam mop produces steam and the water in a tank heats up, it is still cold to touch – no burns
  • Built-in brush scrubber


  • The filter should be changed because of hard water, for a longer life of the filter, try to use distilled water.
  • When wishing to have a break, the steam mop will keep producing steam and you can turn it off only by unplugging it. This is not very convenient as then you will have to turn it on again and wait for another 30 seconds etc.
  • Sometimes the medium and low steam setting leave water behind.
  • The low steam setting isn’t capable of cleaning some surfaces, you will have to use hot steam settings

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