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Car carpet cleaning machines

Cleaning Car CarpetsThe video below will demonstrate you how to clean your auto effectively and with minimal effort. This guy explains and shows the whole process stepwise. He has removed the car seats because he wanted to do the really thorough cleaning. However, this step is optional.

This variation of auto detailing is often used by drivers who are on a budget. The cleaning tools this guy has used cost less than $100. He worked with fizzing carpet cleaner, a scrub brush and a vacuum cleaner (you can use both dry and wet ones). You can make such cleaning even cheaper if, instead of using a brush with a drill, you rub your carpets manually.

The method offered in this video is effective, but not convenient. As an alternative to using so many tools, we would rather recommend you to purchase a good car carpet cleaning appliance. It comes with all the devices you need for detailed auto detailing and can perform many other functions around the house. You won’t have to spray, scrub and vacuum separately. An effective carpet washer can do it for you. The job will be done in less time and more efficiently. For example, the Rug Doctor Portable is equipped with the brush tool that has a motorized head. This tool will help you clean difficult-to-access places. You won’t even need to take off the car seats like the man in the video did.

If you like to get more detailed instructions on auto detailing, you may want to watch the video about Auto Detailing with the Bissell Little Green. The author of this video used to work at a car wash and knows everything about washing auto carpets. He has used an inexpensive extractor, as the main cleaning tool.