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How to clean berber carpet stains

An advice on how to clean Berber CarpetBerber carpets can be exceptionally beautiful, but cleaning them is an exceptionally difficult task too. Sometimes stains on your berber carpet can look like a tragedy, and it might seem that it’s impossible to get rid of them. However, with due care and using safe and proven methods, you will be able to remedy the problem.

Prior to taking up the challenge of stain removal right away, it’s vitally important to identify which material your carpet is made from. Depending on the type of fabric of your berber carpet, you will be able to choose the best suitable cleaning method without running a risk of ruining it. That’s why it’s always strongly recommended to ask the manufacturer what type of fabric was used in your carpet and what is the best way to clean it. The manufacturer will be able to advise you on the most efficient cleaner for your carpet and all necessary precautions to be taken.

Wool carpets look gorgeous and are expensive. They have outstanding properties, but they also readily absorb water. At the same time, natural wool is known to repel dirt and soil and it isn’t too sensitive to oils.

Carpets made from nylon are the most durable ones when it comes to cleaning as they are stain-resistant.

One of the most popular materials for berber carpets is olefin. This material is quite affordable, and it’s also stain-resistant, but as it comes to oils, the tragedy begins. Cooking oil, any oils that can get on your shoes and even sebum will be stuck to olefin carpets for eternity. The only way to get rid of oil stains on an olefin carpet is professional cleaning.

Since your efforts will be aimed at a particular stain, it’s also important to know what you are dealing with. Having identified the type of a stain, you will be able to choose the best remedy against it.

While oil stains will require the use of special cleaners, water-soluble spots can be remedied at once. Most food and beverage stains will go off after applying some cold water and delicate scrubbing.

Generally, it’s always easier to remove a stain as soon as it appears than over time, so it’s better to start cleaning right away. Baking soda does miracles at removing fresh stains and absorbing liquid. Sprinkle it on your carpet and vacuum clean it after several minutes, moisture and dirt will be removed. To make sure that no moisture has been left in your carpet, you can repeat this procedure several times. White vinegar diluted with water is another excellent homemade decision for cleaning stains from a berber carpet though caution should be taken not to over-wet it. Of course, older and deeper stains will require special cleaners, which are luckily available on the market in abundance.An advice on how to clean Berber Carpet

There are also certain fundamental rules that should be strictly adhered to if you want to make your berber carpet clean and preserve its beautiful looks. First, you should never leave your berber carpet wet, as it can result in mold formation. To avoid it, always wipe off and vacuum clean any excess moisture. Secondly, you should refrain from intensive scrubbing and going over the same stain again and again as you might damage the fiber and only deepen the stain. Sometimes it’s better to try another cleaner or turn for professional cleaning. Thirdly, any cleaning liquid should be applied in small quantities and cleared off thoroughly. If you try too hard, in the end you might be unpleasantly surprised to get a spot that is a good deal lighter than all the rest of your carpet.

And, of course, it goes without saying that it’s always easier to keep a carpet clean than to toil and moil over stains. You need to remember that any oils are capable of ruining a beautiful fabric of your berber carpet, so do not give them a single chance to get on it. Always clean your hands and clothes after work with any kinds of oils before getting anywhere near your berber carpet. A doormat at the entrance can also become a reliable guard against the dirt on the way to your carpet. Take off your shoes and ask your guests to do the same prior to stepping on it. Surely, food and beverages should not be taken to the carpet too. It’s also important to explain to children that the carpet should be kept clean, as their games often tend to have catastrophic consequences for it. Regular vacuum cleaning is a must. Dirt and dust being easily removed at once, settle deep over time and it will be harder to remove them later.

As you can see, maintaining a berber carpet clean is not all that difficult as it might seem. Following the above simple recommendations you will be able to enjoy your beautiful berber carpet for years to come.