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5 top things you should never do with your steam mop

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Steam mops seem to be so easy to use, but nevertheless people DID and KEEP DOING mistakes. And if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any need in discussing it. The majority of users suppose that there is nothing hard in filling the tank, selecting the features or settings, waiting for the heating up etc, but even during these simple processes mistakes happen. Your steam mop helps you in dealing with all possible dirt, dust, germs, grout, spots and many others, therefore, to prolong your “helper’s” life, you should not mess up.


Different people, use different ways of cleaning. In this situation, looks like people have divided into groups. The first group uses the steam mop on the floors with great pleasure and admits its great and excellent results, whereas the second group doesn’t use a steam machine on any hardwood floor under no circumstances. But who is right? That already depends on the flowing:

1066409how old the floor is

1066409its condition

1066409type of wood

1066409whether it is sealed or not

Before buying any steam mop, you should always read the manual carefully and also talk to the manufacturers. In case if you have sealed hardwood floors then you will be able to find some specially designed mop for this particular type of wood. Meanwhile when the floor is new and in a good condition, there won’t be any issues with it. But with the time, it gets older and repairing it, the floor installer might not mention or see some spots, so the floor is left exposed. And when the wet (from the steam) traps to those spots, result is obvious – the exposed wood swells up and warps.


There are steam mops for cleaning different surfaces, such as floors, tub, couches etc. But there are also limits within every material. Speaking about delicate ones, like leather, for example, on your sofa, you should be 100 percent sure that it is safe to mop it. Because if you do a mistake, you will ruin an expensive leather couch. Always read the manual carefully.

When riding it, pay attention to the mentioned fabrics where the steam mop can be used and will not cause any danger. But despite the facts that are written in the manual, try it on a little sample for the first time, to be entirely sure. If everything is fine, you can go on with the sofa, but if the result is unsatisfactory then find other cleaning solutions for the sofa. Also, some steam mops leave water behind, consequently knowing this fact, avoid mopping expensive furniture with it.


Let’s imagine the situation where your floor is just perfect, all shiny and waxed. And of course, you want to maintain that beauty, but no way should you do it. Wax is an element that is easily melted under hot steam produced thanks to the steam mop, and if you do it, you will damage the floor. The best option is to wait for some time and then check it on a sample. Choose some area that is hidden and even if the result is bad, nobody will found out. Make the steam mop go and then let it dry, only in this case you will see real result upon which you can base a decision.


Sanitizing and cleaning are two different processes. First of all sanitizing takes longer time than cleaning. You should hold the steam mop at the same place for about 10-15 seconds and then move further and again hold for 10-15 seconds and like this all over the surface. It takes really a lot of time but comparing with fast mopping, it kills germs, harmful elements, cleans the grout etc.

Nevertheless, the sanitizing process can be a nice and fast time spending too. For example if you want to sanitize some sticky spot it will take you less than a minute, but if you are planning to clean the room where the ill person was for some time that is already a few hours.


When you are sanitizing or trying to get rid of some really hard to remove spots, don’t take a risk and don’t hold the steam mop at the same place for more than 20 seconds, though 15 is better. If the spot isn’t removed after 15 seconds then give it a few seconds break and try again. In this way, you will remove it in a safe way. Also, this information is written in every manual and by every manufacturer, therefore, read it attentively and carefully before using the mop.

Having a steam mop at home is a great advantage to those who use traditional ones. But there are limits which shouldn’t be stepped over. For doing right, always read the included manual and instructions. In this way, you will prolong two lives at the same time – the life of your floors and steam mop.

Note** different mops have different ways of using.