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We have spent many long hours researching this topic, looking for information, reading carpet cleaners reviews online from manufacturers and customers, etc. But what is more important is that we have tested the most popular products and the best-buys. In the very end of our experiment, we have shortened the list to the ten best ones for further estimation.

Keep in mind that we have tested not only those goods from the household units but also those from the commercial ones, understanding that a lot of people would go toward them.

We should say that their features and characteristics turned out to be quite impressive compared to some of the household units.

However, every product is different and the renting costs also rise on a regular basis. Therefore, if you are used to taking care of your carpets often then it makes sense to think of buying a machine. This is will 100% minimize the expenses and will definitely make the process much simpler.

The Testing Process

Before starting our detailed and precise review, we made sure we have 10 machines for each kind of a cleaner we have purchased. Additionally to that we have taken a carpet of a beige color and have placed potting soil into it as we wanted to see how much time it will take every machine to get rid of the dirt.

We also used a special tool called spectrometer to see how clean the floors have got. The amount of light from the spots was also taken into account when making conclusions. To sum up, some spots were still left a little dirty while others were perfectly cleaned with chosen top carpet cleaners and as a result, got the highest scores.

Apart from estimation of dirt cleaning, we paid a special attention to such a factor as suction. For this, we took carpeting sections of the same size and measured how much dirty water was extracted while cleaning them. And of course, the more water was extracted, the higher score they received.

All machines were also tested for maintenance and extra features they offer, such as for instance, the time for cleaning them and emptying, etc. The ones that are the easiest at usage with great cleaning results- have got the best scores.

  1. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

Carpet Washer FH50150

Would you like to keep your carpets super clean from dirt, mud, pet hair, etc? Then the best solution would be to opt for a Hoover carpet cleaner. It is not only in great demand by customers worldwide due to its unique design but also thanks to its excellent performance and exclusive features.

At first, it should be mentioned that this device has an amazing brushing system. Second of all, it is capable of getting to the toughest places and perfectly wash there with water and detergent. Third, when the washing stage is over, a machine uses heated air to dry the area faster. Fourth, if you live in a flat or house with stairs, then there is an additional 8 foot hose and a special tool for cleaning. Fifth, this model from Hoover is one of the lightest ones which makes the carrying process in all floors very easy.

Checking customers’ feedbacks, you will see that almost all of them are positive. Some people are happy because they were able to clean a carpet that wasn’t washed for more than 10 years (in the end, it looked like a new one). Pet owners are also happy with the results they see: urine, pet hair, etc are easily removable.

Speaking of negative feedbacks, there are very few of them. Some reported water leaking or breaking up of parts after several years of usage.

To sum up, this is a highly-recommended purchase whatever dirt you have to deal with!


  1. Hoover Steamvac with Clean Surge F5914-900

Hoover Steamvac with Clean Surge F5914-900

This particular model is very popular among customers worldwide due to its beneficial features and additional options. First of all, it is should be noticed that it is affordable for absolutely everyone without exceptions. Second of all it is easy to use and doesn’t require any specific knowledge. Third, it demonstrates only high performance.

Thousands of users state that this machine can be easily compared to professional models. However, the price never goes sky-rocket.

Additionally to a reasonable cost, it can also boast of cleaning literally everything. For example: pet hair, stains, whole rooms, furniture, stairs, urine, old spots and so on and so forth.

More beneficial characteristics include:

  • brushes that rotate;
  • clean surge feature or the so-called extra detergent for hard-to-remove spots or areas;
  • short dry time thanks to a heated option and a powerful suction;


To cut a long story short, we can say that this Hoover carpet cleaner is one of the most successful in its line. Thousands of customers have already rated it with 5 stars which is a great sign of its excellent performance. So, buy this machine and great cleaning outcomes won’t take long in coming!


  1. Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4

Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4

Do you know the best home carpet cleaner for pet owners? Or have you been struggling with pets’ messes for a long time and can’t find the right device to finally clean it all to its perfect condition? Well, in this situation, we would highly recommend a 17N4 model from a Bissell brand.

With this device, you can forget about irremovable dirt or any other accidents that happen with pets and not only. The majority of models are aimed at getting rid of stains from pets. Whereas, speaking of this particular machine, it doesn’t only remove stains but also has an odor-removal technology. Furthermore, it comes with a hair collection basket, dual brushes that rotate, an extra tough brush and a special tool for reaching deep places.

As for customers’ experience with this product, they note excellent performance. Some compare it with professional models, underlining that it works much better. Some are happy about seeing their old carpets turning into new ones. Others are delighted of easy and quick pet hair removal, etc.

The only critical thing was about suction. Yet, of course, it is a great choice that would make your life easier.


  1. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412-900

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412-900This carpet cleaner has high ratings and shares the first place on cleaning abilities with  the number one rated Hoover SteamVac F5914-900. The wide cleaning path of this machine is bigger than usually Hoover cleaners have, which means that the work will be done easier and faster. The rinse-only mode is an extremely useful feature of this wonderful machine. When you want to do an extra rinsing in order to delete the rest of chemicals that are left after shampooing, with this carpet cleaner you don’t have to wash the water tank and refill it. Pet owners and customers that have small children highly appreciate the rinse-only mode, because they want the carpet to be not only clean but also free from the detergent remnants.

The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V is probably the best cleaner machine for you if you wish to acquire highly effective, quickly cleaning, easily rinsing carpet cleaner with the best cleaning abilities.


  1. Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep Cleaner FH50220

Hoover MaxExtract 60 PressurePro Carpet Deep Cleaner FH50220This Hoover carpet cleaner model has upgraded cleaning properties. It contains the Pressure Pro feature that directs the pressurized water unto the carpet lifting up the dirt and removing it, which allows to clean out the most difficult stains. Hoover’s excellent SpinScrub counter rotating brush heads together with powerful suction perform amazing cleaning job, and many users have approved it in their feedback. They also liked that this machine is solid and well designed to work successfully for many years.

The best features of this cleaner include pressurized jet-powered cleaning, wide cleaning path and minimal dry time. It also gives you a useful option of a rinse-only mode, and, of course, the counter rotating brush heads make the cleaning work excellent.


  1. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer F7452900

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer F7452900

Do you have wood floors/ carpets and need to wash both at the same time? Well, then this Hoover carpet cleaner should be considered as the best option. The main ground for that is that it doesn’t only deal with carpets but is also safe for hardwood floors. What can be better than that? There is no more need to buy 2 different things for mopping and deep cleaning because this machine combines them both.

Other beneficial features this product has include:

  • dual tank for detergent and water;
  • clean water rinse;
  • extra attachments for furniture, upholstery, stairs, certain parts of a bathroom, etc;


People who have purchased this device do advise to buy it as it performs multiple tasks at the highest level without any problems.


  1. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

This is the best carpet cleaning machine, especially for those who need to deep clean different kinds of dirt regularly. Comparing this model to other of a similar kind and about the same price, one immediately sees its advantages. It has a great suction that is about 75% more than those of other brands. Also, it has a special lifting feature, using which you can quickly get rid of all stains, no matter how deep they are or how long they have been on a carpet.

The only negative thing about this product can be its weight – 37 pounds. It is one of the heaviest options. Yet, at the same time it can boast of other things. For example: dual brushes that reach absolutely any place. Dry feature makes carpets dry within just a couple of hours. An upholstery tool lets owners clean all stains.

To put it simply, it is a great choice for those who have pets or other reasons for often deep cleaning.


  1. Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9

Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 36Z9This effective carpet cleaner is a premium Bissell’s machine for homes with pets. Many effective features are added to this cleaner which are intended to fight pet stains and to collect the hair they shed. The advantages of this product include a CleanShot feature and a Pet Stain Trapper tool for removing difficult stains, a big Pet hair collector to catch hair before it jams the insides of the cleaner, and a Heatwave technology that keeps the water in the cleaner warm. This machine is well equipped to easily remove all kinds of dirt that your pets may bring to your house

Compared to  Bissell Pet Premier 17N4 this model has more useful cleaning features, but for a higher price. Nevertheless, many users choose this model knowing that they pay for a wonderful product, one of the best helpers in dealing with fur and tough stains and can easily maintain the house clean.


  1. Hoover MaxExtract 77 Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240

Hoover MaxExtract 77 Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner FH50240This is Hoover’s well equipped carpet cleaner model for home use. The machine is relatively large but it is because this widepath shampooer contains all the features you need for excellent home cleaning. The advantages include Clean Surge feature, pressurized jet spray to remove stains, rinse/wash feature and auto-rinsing mode. The package contains a squeegee that allows this carpet cleaner to be transformed easily into a hard floor cleaning machine.

The Hoover MaxExtract 77 Multi-Surface cleaner is loved and appreciated by users who value its many premium features, convenience and super power to clean. If you chose this machine your carpets and floors will always be perfectly clean and refreshed.


  1. Bissell ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Upright Deep Cleaner, 66Q4

Bissell ProHeat 2X Healthy Home Upright Deep Cleaner, 66Q4This well-constructed machine does excellent cleaning job. What differentiates it from similar models is the built-in water heater that helps the water in the tank stay warm over time. It performs nice deep cleaning and easily removes all types of difficult stains.

Key features include rinse/customer clean control settings, a water heater,  fast dry time, the Clean Shot feature that is used for removing stains, and a 12 amps motor. According to the users feedback the cleaning results that this machine gives can compete with those from professional grade carpet shampooers.



How many types of carpet cleaners do you know?

Indeed, there exist so many places where carpets are either a must-have or an accessory that makes the design of a place more stylish, unique, cozy and beautiful. For example, you can see them at authentic restaurants, offices, shops, etc and of course, have one or a few at home. They are one of the very first things people pay attention to. That’s the main ground, why it is so important to take care of them regularly and with a right machine. This will let them stay in a perfect condition, hence serve you many years.

In fact, carpets can be easily compared to any other thing we like, e.g. clothes, shoes, devices, etc we take great care of. Even a little step on a carpet brings lots of dust and mud, not already speaking of pet owners. Consequently, if your aim is to keep carpets clean for durability and longevity reasons, then make sure you provide correct maintenance. Maintenance includes hiring of professional services in case you have no time, no experience/skills or no desire to do it on your own. Another alternative is to try to do it on your own, since all you need for that is a carpet cleaning machine that will do all the job. It is way less expensive rather than hiring professionals.

If you don’t have such a device as yet, then we would highly-recommend to purchase one. You can look through different types of home carpet cleaners aimed at those with or without pets, commercial or industrial purposes and choose the one that suits your criteria the most.

Finally, the current market is really full of various carpet cleaners, varying in characteristics, options, functions, features, extra attachments, warranties, etc. That’s why to get the best deal, try to spend a bit of time, checking these details. In the end, you will definitely buy what you need.


When researching a topic of carpet cleaners, you will find out that there are 3 main types: for home, industrial and commercial purposes. Here is more information about each of these categories:


  1. Home– machines that belong to this particular category are usually portable and small in size, thus they don’t take much space. Carpet cleaner models of this type are manufactured only for houses or flats and are not recommended to be used at other places. They are simply perfect for residential places as they are small, yet are powerful enough to clean absolutely everything. Furthermore, they are lightweight, hence can be easily moved around. Finally, they can be hidden at the tiniest storages which makes them ideal.
  2. Industrial – unlike machines for homes, these are really heavy-duty devices designed to clean the heaviest dirt, mud, stains, etc. Other benefits include: long warranty, durability, ability to clean surfaces for hours long and many others. These devices are usually bought and used for large surfaces and hard-to-remove dirt at large areas. So, if you are searching for a device that would work for many hours in a row non-stop, cleaning all possible and impossible spots, then an industrial model is exactly what you need.
  3. Commercial – models of machines that belong to this type are the most suitable for basically all commercial places. For example, it can be schools, hostels, restaurants, cafes, malls, business areas, offices, hotels and many others. They are considered to be the best-buy for all busy spaces. The grounds for that are more than clear. First of all, commercial carpet cleaning models provide excellent performance, the deepest cleaning, long working hours, long warranties, etc. Of course, all beneficial features these models include would cost more money. But this is an investment that is 100% worth it!

More information: home carpet cleaners

 Some information regarding home carpet cleaning products has already been mentioned above. Yet, it should also be known that this category is divided into 4 classes. They are:


  1. Professional – no one would expect but these are heavy duty machines for home. They are the best sellers for those customers who are looking for light commercial carpet cleaning devices. And no wonder why, as they are suitable for homes. They are durable, have long warranties, cope with all spots, dust, dirt, mud, etc on any surface, etc. Speaking of their cons, one should note its cost which is about $400-$500. If this is an investment you can afford, then you should definitely go for it. We do recommend Bissell Big Green and Rug Doctor. Check out their characteristics and opt for the best.
  2. Regular – have you ever heard of Hoover SteamVac or Bissell upright cleaners? Well, these are considered to be the best sellers in terms of regular carpet cleaner models. They are mostly purchased for usage at home. They show super work, excellent cleaning power and which is more important, an affordable price. Unlike professional machines that cost around $450, these come at $150-$250. It would be also interesting to know that lots of customers claim they have experienced better results with a regular type of a device rather than with a professional one. Therefore, it is already a matter of personal choice which product to opt for in the end.
  3. Lightweight– thinking of buying a lightweight cleaner? Well, then you should know it has less power than for instance, a regular one. Nonetheless, their performance is still rated as excellent by clients worldwide. The main pro of this kind of a machine is that it has a very light weight and can be easily maneuvered. Also, it deals greatly and super quickly with small areas of carpets. When you finish cleaning with this device, it can be easily hidden in a storage, as it takes very little space. The price varies from $90 up to $130. The most well-known models are from Bissell. However, we also advise checking Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe carpet washer. It is known for its lightweight feature but is very powerful.
  4. Portable – these home carpet cleaners are very similar to previous ones. They specialize in cleaning small areas of floors, carpets, furniture and even car interiors. NOTE* they are not designed to clean the whole carpets but only sports, small areas, etc. They cost about 100-130 dollars and can be easily found in stores as well as online where you can get the best deals. Many people hesitate buying it, wondering what is better: a portable or upright machine? In case of any doubts, you can always opt for a hybrid from Bissell called “LiftOff”. It is portable and can deal with large areas (whole rooms). If you need to do some little cleaning then simply lift off a portable unit and get rid of a dirty area with its help.

Per carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners for pets are very popular among owners of dogs, cats and other pets because they remove all messes, urine, poop, hair, etc. All aforementioned classes of machines can clean pet stains.

Very often, when shopping for these products, it is not labeled as “pet” models. It is understood that if a person buys this device, he/she wishes to get rid of spots, dirt, messes, odors, pet hair or other things. And a good machine should be able to do that. Do a profound research, read the guides and reviews of portable, spot, upright and combination cleaners to find the best.

Carpet cleaner as a must-have at every home: how to opt for the best one

Lots of people across the globe have carpets at home and sooner or later they have to be cleaned. That’s exactly when people start thinking how to choose a carpet cleaner depending on availability of pets and other circumstances. Of course, it is not something we do very often, yet if you have a big house/ flat along with carpets then they should undeniably be taken care of. Having a good product of such a kind will save you a lot of time and won’t make your stand on your knees and hands with a sponge, washing and scrubbing dirty spots.

Remember, these cleaners are manufactured to not only get rid of simple stains but also long-lasting and old dirt as well as animal hair. Yet if you vacuum-clean your floors regularly then you might not see that great results. Nonetheless, if you haven’t washed your carpet for a long time and have some dirty spots, mud or wish to remove animal hair then the outcome won’t take it long to be noticed.

NOTE* At first, don’t keep your floors dirty for weeks or even months – the sooner you clean the better it will remove unpleasant smells and dirt. Second, if you have cats, dogs or any other animals with fur then it is highly recommended to use the best carpet cleaner for pets.

Finally, there are really lots of manufacturers that produce this product, yet only several of them are worth buying. For example, the ones that we would like to advise are the Rug Doctor, Bissel and Vax. They have a great selection of models as well as additional features required for different occasions.

Consequently, when making a choice, consider your personal needs, preferences and desires.

Strong & Powerful or other features machines should have

It is a well-known fact that machines with stronger and more powerful motors are capable of coping with dirt easier and quicker. That’s why when opting for one, pay attention to full-sized models with quality motors.

From our side, we would like to advise Bissell or Hoover. These are 2 huge manufacturers known all over the world due to their durability, quality, longevity, benefits and fantastic results. Due to usage of one of these best carpet cleaners, you can forget about mud, dirt, pets’ hair, etc forever and for good.


If you have decided to clean the carpet then the very first thing to do is to check its warranty. In addition, check out the manufacturer’s site for more tips and suggestions on how to wash your particular carpet from dirt. This should be done to gain experience and do things right to not ruin the goods.

Apart from that, it would be of a great importance to learn the following tips and tricks:

  1. Significant features – as the water should be refilled more often, consider a machine with separate tanks. This will greatly save the time as bigger tanks are much better than small ones as they shouldn’t be refilled very often. Also, when buying a machine, test it for maneuverability, pushing and carrying it from one place to another one. It is necessary if you are going to carry a device from one floor to another one. Finally, don’t forget about accessories or the so-called attachments for stairs, upholstery, etc. Perhaps, you can think of buying a portable carpet cleaner;
  2. Correct usage – the work with water and electricity is quite dangerous. Therefore, one should always use an outlet with a ground-fault circuit interrupter. If you are planning to make a machine work for a long time then use hearing protection. When the process is over, let the carpet dry and only then place furniture or other things on it;
  3. The best of the best – when shopping online or in a physical store, always opt for a certified company. This means long warranties, experienced and educated technicians and many other benefits in case of any troubles. Check previous customers’ feedbacks, references and obtain an invoice;
  4. Ventilation point – some top rated carpet cleaners produce fumes. That’s why always open windows or turn on fans. This is extremely necessary especially if someone at your place is suffering from respiratory issues, e.g. asthma, etc.

Renting & Hiring options

Those who have carpets at home, yet no time or desire to clean them can easily hire or rent a professional who will do it at a high level, reasonable price and quickest time. However, if you are used to doing things on your own, then you can think of buying a machine that will literally do all the job for you.

So, just consider what criteria are more important for you and hence, choose a type of cleaning that is suitable for you:

  1. Rent – all nearby supermarkets and home centers offer to rent a machine for just 20-30 dollars a day. These machines have 2 tanks: one for holding dirty solution and another one for dispensing cleaning solution. They also feature a brush that moves and a vacuum which is always of a great convenience. When choosing a place, always prefer those that are the cleanest, with quality brushes and affordable fees;
  2. Full-size – it is a lightweight carpet cleaner that is not so big as any rental machine. The way it works is very simple: water and detergent scrubbing and vacuuming up the dirt. These goods demonstrate really amazing results, yet have some minor cons too. They are more expensive but will serve you a long time. Our tests showed mixed results of performance and very often they require the usage of a special detergent from the manufacturer that is not always cost efficient.

The Steaming Process

The power of steam is one of the most significant features when it comes to the carpet cleaning process. The main grounds for that are more than clear: first of all, steam is very hot and has all chances to kill all harmful bacteria. Moreover, killing of little bugs and tiniest bacteria guarantees no allergy, asthma or any respiratory problems. You can easily forget about them!

Second of all, cleaners with a steam feature automatically mean reduction of drying time. There is no more need to use water and wait while carpets, rugs, etc get dry.

Features to take into account before purchasing

We, as many other manufacturers recommend to clean carpets minimum twice a year. But as the practice shows, nobody likes doing it much as it requires time. That’s why when shopping, have a look at the following carpet cleaner features:

  1. Are your carpets heavy? – this point is especially important for those people, who have some difficulties with moving around the house. Take into account the height of a cleaner and its ability move from one place to another one, thus cleaning everything you need;
  2. Are water tanks big enough?- large tanks are the best-buys when it comes to cleaning of large spaces. This means you will not have to refill them with water many times, thus wasting time;
  3. Are there any attachments? – additional attachments and the length of a cord are important too. As you can see in our reviews, there are many models and each of them is different, varying in power cords, functions, etc. Long cords play its positive role, so having one, you won’t need to bend down at all;

More useful features

As the market is full of carpet cleaners, all of them have a wide range of features that make the process faster and easier at the same time. Of course, these features require a bit more of an investment, so it is necessary to understand which ones you really need and which ones can be avoided.

The features that are most-commonly used and required by homeowners are:

  • automatic mixing of water and detergent which saves a lot of time;
  • crevice device that is great for cleaning thin or narrow spots and corners;
  • spray – detergent spray is used when dealing with hard-to-remove stains. It is used before washing;
  • dry vacuum- as it was mentioned above, before the washing starts, a carpet should be dry vacuumed;
  • brush – handheld quality brush is very convenient when dealing with stairs, upholstery and other places;
  • turbo device – this tool is similar to a handheld brush. The difference is that it can rotate, thus cleaning in hard-to-reach places;
  • water tank heater – when the water is kept warm, it improves the quality of washing as well as its effectiveness;

The Bottom Line

It is no secret that the current market offers its customers lots of carpet cleaner models. Nonetheless, before making the final choice and buying the product because it looks stylish, modern and which is more important, has a low price, make sure it has all necessary for you functions and characteristics.

Every product of such a kind is aimed at certain functionality, hence not all of them are the same. Lots of things should be considered and taken into account before the purchase. At first, think what kind of a carpet you have, what does its manufacturer advise in terms of cleaning, what model will suit it, what kind of a cleaning is the best, etc.

Furthermore, don’t forget about availability of kids, pets and other circumstances that play their role. There are dozens of options to choose from at online as well as land-based stores. We do really hope that our extended review has helped you to understand what exactly you are looking for and what will suit your carpet the most.

Keep in mind all this information. There is no need to rush and fuss. Take your time for researching and you will 100% make the best choice.