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What is the best hair straightener?

You are a clever girl, and you adore that clean look given to you by your straight hair. To get such a look, you are to have a good hair straightener. The point is – these days you can hardly say when you pay for quality and when you just waste your money. That’s why I’ve created this website.

Here you can find the fullest information about all things in the world of hair straighteners. An all-inclusive guide will help you to find the best hair straightener both for your hair and your pocket.

Since I was a judge on hair styling competitions for over five years, I am a connoisseur in this field. So, that’s why you may think of me as a personal guide in this sphere.

Enough talking, it’s a work time.

Primary guide to the best flat iron:

So, give me a moment and I’ll explain to you what exactly I am looking for while making my hair straightener reviews.

I’ll try to do my best to make it as simple as possible.

I know a plenty of these babies from my personal experience, also I have seen a lot of people who used different brands, types of handles, types of plates. I know for sure what should you purchase to get that smooth, silky look.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll understand what type of hair straighter you need so that you can pay for quality and avoid spending a lot of money at salons ever after.

Positive Digest Flat Iron Reviews

GHD Candy Collection

GHD Candy CollectionThis GHD baby really holds high standard, especially when it concerns looks. But the quality it provides also meets the expectations.

So, why it is so:

Its design is so great that you might be eager to buy it at the very moment you see and touch it. It can have three beautiful colors: classic mint, purple and classic lemon (or one may say bright yellow).

The word “professional” stands in its name, but it’s available for home use due to its price, especially if there is a discount on it.

So, why is it one of the best hair straightener?

As it has been mentioned, it is plates that benefit or spoil a product. The ceramic/tourmaline combination of this GHD is of high quality so that it works extremely fast causing almost no damage to your hair. It’s very practical when you travel because any voltage is acceptable for it.

Since it automatically turns off if you’re not using for more than half an hour, it’s very safe and won’t burn your house down. You’ll feel pretty free while making you perfect hair style as it has a long cord that can be in hair straightener (9.5 feet). GHD doesn’t button up its pocket as it uses only high-quality materials. Thus, there are no problems with backing this appliance as it has a full warranty for 2 years.

But I’d like to simplify things a bit so that you can clearly see why it can be named one of the best hair straightener.

Consider this:

The static is removed effectively due to the quality materials; moreover they supply your hair with moisture. You need less time to cope with the task because of a bigger amount of active ions released by the materials, so you’ll need to torture your hair with less heat for less time. That’s the secret of the unique silkiness your hair gets with this one of the best flat irons. Simple.

What is more – I have some colleagues who have already used it for a long period, and they say it practically can’t be destroyed.


Iso Turbo Pro

Iso Turbo ProYou may consider it George Clooney in the world of hair straighteners, this item is a real beauty. So smooth and fantastic, you may think that it can’t be real when things get serious.

But there is no mistake. Having a great look, this appliance packs some serious punch. I consider it an art to balancing quality and design, and ISO is a real professional in it.

It’s ultra-weight, ultra-modern, ultra everything…

Being a part of the Turbo Series, it possesses a great big LED screen, due to which you can be in control all the time. With a wide range adjustment of temperatures, a 1-year warranty, and a pretty good price, this baby is regarded as one of the best flat irons.

It is in my top 3 best price/value balance in the market currently.


Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle Styler

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle StylerIt is one of my favorites. I am loving every second of using it. I haven’t experienced such shiny end results and speed with any other flat iron I’ve used.

The secret of its awesomeness is behind something they really love boasting about. It is called Express Ion Complex. Without mentioning technical side here, it’s enough to say that the material used in this appliance releases more ions than the other models do, and due to this the straightening is speeded up. The plates are made of ceramic.

The static is eliminated better because of the AIC system and beveled plate edges helps it to “sail” smoother along the hair. And as more moisture gets into your strands, the result is healthy-looking, shiny hair.

What is more, that makes this appliance one of the best flat irons is that the plates are implanted with silicone grips. That also influences smooth moving of the straightener through your hair.

By the way, the product is of the USA production, “head to toe”.


CHI Air Expert Tourmaline Classic

CHI Air Expert Tourmaline Classic“CHI” is a rather fun word, don’t you agree?  “CHI.” However, the producers of this CHI didn’t joke around when creating this straightener.

Sturdy and strong, this piece is created to last. It is even provided with a water resistance that prolongs its lifespan (still it doesn’t mean that it can be used on wet hair, I mean that water doesn’t cause damage to the material).

It provides a great combination of the price and quality, making it the best hair straightener for your pocket.

As you can see from all these best hair straightener reviews, each of them uses a unique technique to make the iron go along hair as softly as possible with minimal damage. The creators of CHI hair straightener have through about it as well. You may even say that the plates are “floating”. When you catch a forelock, they give in a bit.

It can be ordered in one of four modern colors: deep black, fire red, purple and pink.

The design of the handle:

  1. Allows a better hair grip;
  2. Makes the grip softer.

And still these two points do not conflict as when the plates reach a thicker lock spot, they give in a bit, which is very clever.

CHI is among the best hair straightener’s brands for me. They boast of having “15 Hour Humidity Protection”. In other words, your hair will not get frizzy.

One friend of mine uses this iron every day, and according to her words, it’s about 10-12 hours. Though they have exaggerated about 15 hours, but 10-12 hours is cool, far above average.

Best investment of money, without any doubt – high-standard quality and the price of a usual home use flat iron.


What is the best flat iron – what is the best model for your pocket and what’s a complete waste of money

Criterion 1: Using of plate materials in the iron

The point is in the technology and the materials. It may seem that a salon worker makes some kind of magic on your hair, but the matter is in the technologies that are being used.

Why is it so?

Because the thing that straightens your hair is the negative ions produced by the plates’ materials. The more quality materials are, the more efficient they are at these ions production and over the more prolonged period they can do so.

The plates can be made from titanium, tourmaline, ceramic or their combination.

But here you must be careful – by “ceramic” some sellers may mean “ceramic coated”, that’s why it’s important to read the fine print. Though the look of these two differs, still it’s not the main thing you should worry about.

The point is that when the plates are just coated with ceramics, they will damage and chip your hair, and the solid ceramic plates are softer to your hair. This is the issue I am very strict about when making hair straightener reviews and rating an iron. The reason is I know the kind of damage it may do to your hair, as your hair is affected by 100% aluminum after thinning of the ceramic.

Look for solid plates

Since it is clear with solidness, next thing is a choice between ceramic and titanium plates.

When is a ceramic straightener a better choice?

Very simple – unless you have a healthy, thick hair, always choose ceramics. They keep high temperatures and distribute heat very well so it will cause minimal damage to your hair.

Though the solid ceramic plates cost more than the coated ones, still just believe that the difference in price is nothing when you see what’s going on with your hair while using the coated plates.

Solid ceramic plates are also good if you have thick and undamaged hair, and titanium is a bad idea for weak and fine hair.

When should you choose titanium plates?

It’s better to use a flat iron with titanium plates if you have a healthy, thick hair so that it’s difficult to straighten it. Titanium is more aggressive and does a better jo since it releases more ions.

And for those who have damaged or fine hair, it is not an option to use titanium plates. Still if you have an old titanium plates iron and it’s just hard for you to give it up, then just try to use it at as low setting as possible.

What’s the situation with tourmaline?

Tourmaline, a semi-precious stone, is crushed and added to ceramics or titanium to make the process of straightening easier.

Therefore, tourmaline plates are a good idea for coarse hair. And you’ll get those sleek locks due to the reduced friction.

Criterion 2: Plate Size

If you have strong, long hair, you’d better use a wider plate (1.5 inches or more). If your hair is light and silky, you can use the irons of 1 inch and below.

Criterion 3: Temperature control

A hair iron with adjustable temperature levels is the thing that you should be looking for. If you have damaged or weak hair, it’s the first thing you are to bear in mind. If the temperature is uncontrolled, it can split your ends.

Thus, these are the three essential criteria. Considering more details you may just be confused and after all, I made my website to give the basic information for you to know what to look for.

Criterion 4: What’s the difference in ions’ creation

So, we’ve come to our basics straight. It is ions that doing the straightening. Still things are a bit complicated than this.

All irons release different amounts of passive vs. active ions. That’s why the results with different products differ though they seem to be manufactured equally. The number of released active ions depends on the titanium and ceramics used in irons, and the very active ions get to the hair strand and diminish static. The more active ions are produced, the more moisture gets back into your hair and makes it silky and shiny.

Let’s repeat it again to make it clear– the best hair straightener provides the most active ions.

But how to know which iron provides more active ions?

It’s hard to say. Of course, you can read the instruction, and there can even be some information about the active ions, but it’s hard to say when the information is correct and when it’s just an advertisement. To know exactly, you have to see these items in action or to be able to tell reliable hair straightener reviews from those that are not.

That’s exactly the reason my website has been created, to clear up this puzzle. I make the flat iron reviews mostly on the products I’ve either seen in action or worked with personally. Even if it’s about ones that I haven’t, I phone and ask my colleagues who have. If it doesn’t help, I can search for some hair straightener reviews and look for some specific features that can tell me whether the product is good enough in the active ions arena.

If it isn’t, I don’t make a review on it. That’s it. The main thing is that, if you find flat iron reviews on my website, be sure to get the trustful information, not just the advertisement written on the label.

Moving on to some other frequently asked questions about flat irons.

Can a straightener be used on a damp or wet hair?

No, unless you find such information on the box. You will simply fry your hair. When you are using a flat iron, your hair should be completely dry.

You can hardly find hair straighteners that you can use on damp or wet hair, and this thing is always stressed in the product specifications and on the box. If there is any doubt, it’s better not to do it.

By now, I hope you understand pretty well, what this website is about. It is created to help you to choose a good product. And “good” doesn’t just mean a product of high quality, but one that is the best hair straightener for your hair.

But it’s not the end of the story. It’s only one facet.

Besides the detailed hair straightener reviews, you’ll find comprehensive information on issues like:

prosBest creams for hair straightening;

prosHow to curl your hair using a straightener;

prosBest brands;

prosWhat to do to keep your hair straight for a longer time;

prosBest oils for hair straightening;

prosAnd many others…

That’s enough for this basic guide, gals. This page is always freshly updated for you to be sure to get only fresh info. Take care of yourself and your hair.