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Roofing Contractors in Roswell, GA

Has your roof come to the end of its lifetime? Are you in need of quality roofing work? Regardless of whether you need a whole roof replacement, a new roof installation, or something as simple as leaks that need patching up, our Roswell roofing experts will accomplish it. If you are not sure what needs fixing, or are looking for general guidance, we will send a specialist to inspect your current roofing system FREE of charge. Once the examination is finished, we are able to provide you with a detailed outline of our proposed course of action regarding your roof, working with you closely to fit your budget. Our number one priority is to create a quality roof, installed per manufacturer specifications, to leave you with the confidence that your new roof will last well into its warranty! We take pride in our work, and that means getting the job done right the first time, on time, and leaving a clean yard and exterior. Our customer support staff is always on standby to resolve any questions or concerns the homeowner may have.

Roof Replacement Roswell

Over time, roofs get worn down. What was installed 15-20 years ago may be long past due for a renewal. If an inspector from our Roswell roofing company notices rot, overall stripped shingles (granules falling off), or widespread damage to existing shingles or roofing systems, then you may be due for a roof replacement. Our residential and commercial roofers in Roswell work with a wide variety of residential GAF and CertainTeed roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal, tile, and slate. In addition, our commercial material expertise covers all thermoplastic TPO and PVC installations, EPDM membrane, modified bitumen, low slope metal roofing, and coatings. From stripping down and replacing the old underlayment to putting the finishing touches on a new gutter system, the entire process will be done by trained professionals adhering to exact manufacturer specifications. 

Roof Repair Roswell, GA

Has your roof sprung a leak? Were you hit hard by a storm? Our team works quickly to remedy any hail, wind, and debris damage to your roof to prevent any interior damage. As with our other services, an inspector will come out to check for any broken shingles, punctured underlayment or membrane, bent gutters, missing granules, and other signs of damage. In the case of poorly installed chimneys, pipe boots, valleys, and flashing, our inspector will consult you on the recommended course of action to remedy your roof problems quickly and painlessly.

Our emergency repair jobs typically are done within the same day — weather permitting — or covered with a tarp to prevent interior damage during bad weather. Our customer service team can also aid you in filing insurance claims to get your roof back to its former glory. Entrust your roof repair in Roswell to us!