Common Roofing Questions- Tips On Roof Repair Cost And Service

When it comes to getting your roofing questions answered, nothing beats turning to the experts.
But with more roofing contractors and companies charging potential customers for the privilege of asking common roofing questions, it’s no wonder more people are determined to keep their roofing problems and dilemmas to themselves.  After all, you want to save your budget for actually repairing or replacing your home’s roof…

…You don’t want to spend it on consultation after consultation!

Let’s face it: you need a resource that answers the most common roofing questions with no strings attached.  You need a resource that won’t charge you for asking questions about your roof.  And you need to find the answers so you can start that roofing project now.

Consider today your lucky day – because you’ve just found that resource for all of your common roofing questions!

•    Can My Roof Be Repaired? No matter what problem your roof is experiencing, the answer is almost always yes.  Whether you need new shingles or your roof has sprung a leak, an experienced contractor can make your roof look like new again.  And if your roof can’t be repaired, your contractor can provide you with a roof replacement.

•    How Much Does it Cost for a Roof Replacement? The answer will always depend on the roofing contractor who’s providing the service.  As a general guideline, replacing a roof on a home can cost anywhere between $10K and $25K; however, this is a smart long-term investment, as your new roof should last for upwards of 20 years.  Be sure to ask your roofing contractors if they have any warranties for their roofs.

•    Should I Have my Chimney Looked at When I Get Roof Repairs? Yes.  Having your chimney looked at will help prevent any major damage from occurring down the road, as discoloration and rusting from the chimney can turn your roof into a nightmare.

•    How Long Does It Take to Replace My Roof? Again, this depends on the roofing contractor or company in question, not to mention the size of your home.  As a rule, most contractors can build up to 1,500 square feet per day.  However, weather will play a significant role in the progress of your roof replacement, as rain or snow can severely delay work.

•    How to Choose a Good Roofer? If you’re ready to choose a good roofer, then it’s important to take the time to review that roofer’s customer history.  Do they have a long history of satisfying their clients?  Have they worked on homes like yours before?  Are they a well-known name in your area?  The more you dig up about your potential roofing company, the more you’ll know about how they approach their projects.  So don’t be afraid to ask previous clients for their opinions – it just might help you choose a good roofer!

Now that you’ve discovered the answers to these common roofing questions, isn’t it time you made your home look like new again with a strong and flawless roof?

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How to Choose a Trustworthy and Affordable Handyman

When it comes to getting your home renovations and business repairs done, you want to make sure that you’re hiring a trustworthy and reputable professional contractor.

But with so many companies promising to provide their customers with the very best service possible, how can you look through the claims and determine if a potential handyman is worth your time and business?

Not to worry – we at the Home Finishers Company have the ultimate checklist for choosing a trustworthy and affordable professional contractor for all of your project needs!

• It’s important to look at a professional contractor’s customer service history before making any big decisions. For example, many companies will post their best reviews on their websites – but what about on third-party review sites? Head to a third-party site that features reviews on Atlanta, GA contractors; you should get a more accurate view of a handyman there.

• It’s often better to hire a handyman who’s affiliated with a company, rather than one who works on his own. There are exceptions to this rule; however, a professional contracting company will typically provide you with a better level of customer service, in addition to completing projects faster.

• Watch out for a handyman who makes promises that are too good to be true. Some phrases to look out for include: “I need an upfront cash payment”; “This deal is only good for today;” and “I just happened to be driving around in your neighborhood.” These are usually signs of a handyman who’s more determined to make a quick buck than take a real look at your project needs.

Why struggle to find the perfect professional contractor when you can make a single phone call to the Home Finishers Company at (404) 590-1644? We’re confident that when it comes to your Atlanta business repairs and renovations, we’ll provide you with the ultimate experience!