Commercial Roofing

Here at, we work with every kind of request a customer may have for their job. Are you spending too much on utility bills because your roof is not energy efficient? Do you need roofs installed on a freshly-built apartment complex? Do you have a storage warehouse that needs the roof replaced with newer, more durable materials? Perhaps your office’s roof has been worn down by time, and you want a new TPO roof? Our experienced roofing crews at have done it all and done it well. 

We are a team of experts in the roofing business, committed to delivering the best possible customer experience to you and your business. Whether it be touching up a few damaged shingles on your office building or replacing an old industrial metal roof, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our professional craftsmen use only the best materials while paying strict attention to all details in their work. 

Affordable commercial roofing contractor

Roof inspections come free of charge, designed to aid you in finding the source of your roof issue before it turns into a disaster. Our roof preservation and maintenance services act quickly to remedy the problem before it adversely affects your business. We offer consultation on the best type of material to suit your needs.

We at understand that necessity and financing don’t always agree with one another. Even when a roof is in dire need of replacement after extensive damage, not every business can shell out the funding for a brand new coating of TPO or replace the roof outright. We will work with you and our partners to find the best alternative to best suit your specific roofing needs and budgeting constraints. Our countless roofing restoration and repair services adapt to your template to deliver the best bang for buck to your organization. Best of all, we are dedicated to finding the lowest price for your building materials, saving you money! 

All of our teams are fully trained, licensed, and insured. Our seasoned experts are very flexible, taking on projects in a range of environments. We offer retrofits, maintenance, replacements, emergency repair services, roof coatings, and more to a wide variety of building types. Some projects our crews can service are:

  • Malls, Retail Centers, Office Buildings: No size is too big and no form is too complex. Every conventional material and slope is in our area of expertise, leaving your business to continue flourishing.
  • Medical Building Roofing: When it comes to our health, we look to hospitals and doctor’s clinics for help. Their operations must continue day in, day out, no matter the weather. That is why it is paramount to keep these places safe, reliable, and dry with a durable roof. 
  • Residential Apartment Structures and Townhouses: Working with a wide range of materials (shingles, flat roofing systems, metal roofs, and more) our roofing crews are the most reliable — whether it be roof installations on a newly constructed project or repair services after wind, hail, or tree damage.
  • Agriculture Roofing Systems: Grain silos, barns, livestock pens, horse stables, and shed roofs all require the same care as any residential roof. No shape or size is out of the question, as our crews have extensive experience in servicing all kinds of metal roofing.
  • Places of Worship: Our diverse team will repair or replace the roof of your church, mosque, synagogue, and any other place of worship. We understand the sanctuary these places provide for many, and will work diligently to ensure it stays that way.
  • Government buildings: Ensuring that our most important infrastructure component stays within the range of operation is very important to us, both as a company and as citizens. Our crews operate swiftly to minimize or negate any delays in day to day operations in any of our government agencies.
  • Schools: Industrial roof repair and installation in educational centers is not something we take lightly. Nothing should get in the way of our children’s education, which is why our commercial roofing specialists are the best for the job.

Regardless of the nature of your industry, our roofing contractors can get the job done without a hitch. Your most important infrastructure will stay protected long after our work is done, because we are committed to doing the best quality job that we can, to make sure it stays in top shape throughout the warranty period. We make it a point to meet and work within any reasonable budget. 

Commercial Roof Contractors

If the roof of your business is leaking, a local commercial roof contractor that can dispatch a commercial roofing specialist swiftly to identify and repair the leak is crucial to halting any damage that may occur.

Industrial Roof Repairs

Noticing deterioration on your roof as soon as possible is important. When damage is fresh, it can be remedied more easily and less damage will occur to the interior. Adopting a predetermined inspection and maintenance plan for your business can save you from more expensive repairs farther down the line that come with a leak getting out of hand. Being a phone call away from a local commercial roof installation crew can mean the difference between a small touch up on your existing roof, or extensive repairs throughout the building.

Roof Waterproofing

The new standard is going green, and your roof should be no different. Your roof’s energy efficiency helps to save the environment in the long run. We are committed to that idea, which is why our commercial roofers are well versed in working with energy star white roofs.


How is commercial roofing different from residential roofing?

The types of buildings serviced by commercial roofing vary widely compared to the ones serviced by residential roofing. Among the types covered are schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, office buildings, factories, warehouses, barns, stables, livestock pens, and churches. Residential roofs, in contrast to commercial roofs, generally use asphalt shingles, metal, and sometimes tile. Although these materials may also be used in commercial roofing projects, many commercial roofs are flat and require different roofing technologies to compose their water tight, weatherproof barrier. Most commercial roofs are composed of a range of materials including thermoplastic TPO and PVC, modified bitumen, or thermoset EPDM membrane. With this wider range of materials comes a wider range of installation and repair service options, one of these practices involves supplementing the current commercial roof with a spray foam barrier or roof coating to improve its energy efficiency and increase its durability.

How do commercial roofers differ from residential roofers?

There are many similarities in the jobs of commercial roofers and residential ones, such as roof installation and repair. However, the types of materials they work with, as well as the shape and slope of the roof are different. For instance, a residential roofer may install shingles, tile, or metal sheeting on a medium or high-sloped roof. A residential roofer typically works on a flat roof made of modified bitumen, Built-Up Roofing (BUR) membrane, thermoplastic TPO, PVC, or EPDM with waterways instead of gutters, or a low-sloped metal roof. The type of material used depends on the roof shape and its locale. For example, metal roofs are very common in farmland or industrial commercial roofs. Commercial roofing projects also take longer than residential ones due to the size of the roof being much bigger in most cases, which means installation or repair require more material and more crew members. Spray coating is also more popular with commercial roofers. Spray foam, acrylic, or silicone barriers can be applied to existing roofs to enhance durability and prevent leaks. 

Which commercial roofing material is most popular?

There is no real answer to this, since every commercial roof type is different and requires a different approach. However, as manufacturing processes become more refined, our contractors notice a gravitation towards certain materials throughout their many projects. More and more clients are opting for single ply thermoplastic materials like TPO and PVC for their flat and low-pitched roofs due to their durability. They are puncture resistant, tear resistant, and their light color helps save on energy costs in warm climates by reflecting more of the sun’s rays than a dark modified bitumen covering. In agricultural settings, metal sheeting is very popular due to its superbly low maintenance and high durability, lasting an average of 50 years or more.

Do commercial roofs last longer than residential ones?

Many factors come into play to answer this question, the short answer is yes. How long your commercial roof lasts depends on which material was chosen, how it was installed, the frequency and quality of maintenance, and the typical weather patterns for your part of the world. Thermoplastic roof installations (TPO and PVC) have an average lifespan of 20-30 years, and metal ones can last anywhere from 40-50 years and up.

Our guarantee

We take pride in our projects and adhere to very high standards. All of our roofers are trained, knowledgeable, trustworthy professionals. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, your investment in the health of your roof is backed by our roofing installation warranty. Our highest priorities are the safety of our workers and the quality of their work, which are done by sticking to the industry standards for safety regulations and building code. 

Emergency Commercial Roof Repairs

Weather can be unpredictable sometimes, which is why we are on call for emergency repairs in the event of storm damage to your roof. We understand that in the aftermath of a massive storm, you can’t afford to waste any time risking your infrastructure becoming damaged by a sprung leak. For commercial roofing repair jobs in the Metro Atlanta area, we are ready to repair within 24 hours of the instance of damage. We make it a priority to minimize any expenses incurred. The professionals within our ranks have extensive experience patching up all major commercial roofing installation materials, such as:

  • Thermoplastic TPO or PVC
  • Metal roofs
  • Modified bitumen roofs
  • Shingle roofs
  • Duro-Last installations
  • Thermoset (EPDM) Roof Membrane

Commercial Roofing Code Violation Services

Roof inspection failures can mean you quickly start incurring penalties and fines. When you fail a roofing inspection, we will work with you to help understand which codes were violated, and help you remedy them with the highest efficiency and smallest dent in your pocket. Your business or housing unit will quickly be outfitted to pass the next inspection so you can hold the safety of the people under their roofs in the highest regard.

Hassle-free Contractor

When we take on a project, we make it a point to leave our customers headache-free. That means that we completely manage all aspects of the job, leaving your hands free and your mind at peace. Planning, permitting, delivery, and installation are all undertaken by our company to maintain accountability for our high standards of work.